10 Wealthy People Who Never Worked A Day In Their Life

There seems to be an ever increasing number of billionaires in the world today. Many people are curious about whether these billionaires have created their own wealth or if they have inherited it from

There seems to be an ever increasing number of billionaires in the world today. Many people are curious about whether these billionaires have created their own wealth or if they have inherited it from their families. The answer is actually quite complicated, since no two people have the same exact life story. But learning a bit about their background can tell us a lot about what these billionaires have done to earn their wealth. There are some who were simply lucky enough to be in the right place, at the right time. Many others inherited quite a bit of money, but have since built on that wealth as well.

10 Athina Onassis ($1 Billion)

This is actually the youngest billionaire in the entire world as of now. She has inherited her wealth from her late grandfather, Aristotle Onassis. Athina Onassis She was named the heir to his estate when she was just three, though she could not officially claim the fortune until she reached adulthood in 2003. Among the many components of her inheritance, she was able to claim ownership over a Greek island known as Skorpios.

9 Lily Safra ($1.2 Billion)

Lily Safra is a Monaco resident who had inherited her wealth from her late husband, Edmond Safra. Edmond actually died in an apartment fire back in 1999 and left his wealth to his wife. She has been notable for her many charitable activities. In 2012, she auctioned off jewelry for charities important to her. This auction is estimated to have generated over $38 million for these charities.

8 Yvonne Bauer ($2 Billion)

Though she acquired her wealth by inheriting the Bauer Media Group, she has taken steps towards making her presence felt. Yvonne Bauer currently works on the executive board of directors for the company. Since the company has had better than expected earnings lately, she will likely be set to build on this wealth soon. The Bauer Media Group was originally founded back in 1875. Notably, it has recently acquired the Australian founded ACP Magazines company.

7 Eduardo Hochschild ($2.1 Billion)

This is Peru's 4th richest man, though he has inherited the money from his uncle. His uncle helped to establish a successful mining operation in the country, which quickly generated a substantial amount of wealth. Eduardo Hochschild actually escaped a kidnapping at a young age. Unfortunately his father was not so lucky, being gunned down by the kidnapper. Since he has inherited a stake in the mining company, he has rapidly taken on a more active role.

6 Scott Duncan ($4.7 Billion)

Though only 30 years old, he has already inherited an enormous amount of wealth and influence. He has recently obtained a Texas oil company, which has proven to be a very lucrative business. Because of a loophole in the estate taxation law for 2010, Scott Duncan became the first person to inherit this much without paying estate taxes since their inception. Some wonder where the young billionaire will take the company next.

5 Finn Rausing ($5.1 Billion)

Finn Rausing inherited quite a bit of wealth from the Tetra Pak company founded by his grandfather. This is a company based in Sweden that has cultivated a name for itself. This company has been dedicated to producing goods in the country for decades now. He is actually the 5th richest man in the country, just behind his brother.

4 Jorn Rausing ($5.2 Billion)

Jorn inherited his wealth from his mother when she passed away. Though he did not spend much time working before her passing, he has since become active on the board for the company. The company makes the Tetra Pak, which is a specialized container that can store juice or milk without refrigeration.

3 Elaine Tettemer Marshall ($8 Billion)

Elaine Tettemer Marshall inherited her wealth after the passing of her late husband, J. Pierce Marshall. This inherited wealth actually made her the 4th richest woman in the United States. The bulk of her wealth is derived from a 14.6% stake in Koch Industries. Though she is 70, she was briefly the daughter in law of the late Anna Nicole Smith.

2 David de Rothschild ($10 Billion)

As the 35 year old inheritor of the fabled Rothschild family, David de Rothschild is slated to receive a substantial amount of money. He is best known for many of his adventurous activities around the world. He is also committed to helping many environmentalist movements as well. He is passionate about raising awareness of the plight of many different impoverished people around the world.

1 Jacqueline Mars ($20.5 Billion)

She is the granddaughter of Frank C. Mars, who was the founder of the Mars candy bar company in America. Jacqueline Mars is currently the third richest woman in the United States. Though she inherited this wealth, she does spend quite a bit of time with charitable activities. She is a strong supporter of the National Symphony Orchestra and operates as Vice President of the U.S. Equestrian Team.

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10 Wealthy People Who Never Worked A Day In Their Life