The World's 10 Biggest Hotels

The Richest is counting down the top ten biggest hotels in the world as of 2014. We will count them down based on the number of guest rooms available. Let's get the records straight. Different sites report different numbers of rooms. This count is based on the most recent statistics to be found on these hotels. These hotels are prodigious examples of human construction, greater than some of the natural wonders of the world. They contain thousands of rooms, observatories, lounges, restaurants, malls, theatres, and other fanciful attractions to keep guests from ever wanting to go outside. These picks are from all over the world. You may have visited a few of these hotels yourself, but don't think your travels are over yet! New hotel openings are just around the corner!

Honorable Mention:

Honourable mention goes to The Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel in Saudi Arabia, opened in 2010. Various Canadian newspapers recorded this hotel as the largest, having 8,000 rooms, but in actuality, the specs for this building only list 1,005, and since then the booking site has changed the number of rooms to 1,299. This hotel does get some credit for its size. The hotel itself boasts 3,200 square feet of space. The hotel is part of the Abraj al-Bait shopping center complex which contains other guest rooms. This part of the complex has an estimated value of three billion dollars US. The tower itself stands 1,970 feet tall, making it the tallest clock tower in the world, and the clock face itself is the largest clock in the world, at 151 feet in diameter, much taller than the Big Ben clock tower in London. This luxury hotel seems to be in an ideal location, but people have criticized it for commercializing the Islamic pilgrimage site.



10 Excalibur, Las Vegas:

The Excalibur hotel opened in 1990, and has since undergone renovations as recently as 2008; however this hotel may still be in need of some updating according to traveler reviews. Ideally located on the Las Vegas strip, you can get rooms at the Excalibur for as low as thirty two dollars a night. The Excalibur contains 3,981 rooms, in 2 towers, containing 28 floors. The Excalibur has several theatres, an arena where they hold medieval style tournaments, restaurants, stores, a wedding chapel, pool, and of course, a casino.

9 The Venetian, Las Vegas


It should come as no surprise that the majority of hotels on our countdown are in Las Vegas. It is a popular tourist site, and it seems like hotels are in constant competition to have more desirable attractions. The Venetian is a ways down from the Excalibur, and has an entirely different theme and feeling. The Venetian has 4,027 guest rooms available, many of them being suites which exceed the size of those in other hotels. The Venetian is a 5-star hotel, with prices starting at $163 per night. The Venetian was opened in 1999, where the Sands hotel formerly stood. The Venetian contains a shopping area full of stores selling designer labels, and an indoor waterway, meant to mimic Venice's Grand Canal, complete with Gondoliers. Beside the Venetian sits it's little sister hotel, the Palazzo, which when combined with the Venetian, makes a hotel complex with over 7,000 rooms.

8 Ambassador City, Jomtien, Thailand

Ambassador City is a massive 40 acre hotel in Pattaya, Thailand. It has a huge elaborate pool deck, as well as being located on the beach. This hotel features four wings with different styles of room in each wing. Overall, Ambassador city offers 4,210 rooms. The hotel is rated four stars, but is one of the older hotels in the area, so room rates start at only $38 per night.

7 Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas


Surprise, surprise, yet another one of the world's biggest is in Las Vegas, Nevada. This one is kind of cheating. Much like many hotels in Las Vegas, the Original Hotel, Mandalay Bay, had a sister hotel added later on. They are in very close proximity to one another, so they can probably be counted as one unit. THEhotel has 1,117 rooms, while Mandalay Bay has 3,220 contained in 43 stories-adding up to an overall 4,337 rooms. Rooms in Mandalay bay start at $77 a night, while THEhotel is a few dollars more expensive. THEhotel has some of the largest suites in Las Vegas. Mandalay Bay opened in 1999, while THEhotel opened in 2003. Mandalay Bay has one of the largest convention centers in the Unites States. The hotels have all the usual features of a Vegas hotel including a shopping area, pool, spa, chapel, and extensive casino. These hotels are part of the group of MGM Resorts, the same group to which the Excalibur Belongs.

6 The Luxor, Las Vegas

Yet ANOTHER record holder sits in the Nevada desert, and this one is once again, a member of the MGM Resorts group, who apparently make hotels bigger and better. The Luxor is located in close proximity to the Excalibur. It is an Egyptian-style hotel complete with a pyramid, and replica Sphinx. The hotel has two 22 story towers, as well as rooms in the pyramid, adding up to a total of 4,400 guest rooms. The Luxor was built in 1993, just a few years after the Excalibur, though it has a much more modern appearance. The Luxor has rooms starting at $40 a night, and rates at three and a half stars.

5 The Wynn and Encore, Las Vegas


This Vegas hotel is the only one on our top ten list that is not a part of the MGM group. The Wynn is located on the opposite side of the Las Vegas strip from Mandalay Bay. The Wynn and its sister, the Encore have the luxury market pretty well cornered. The Wynn Resorts group has won more Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star awards than any other hotel group. The Wynn was opened in 2005, and the Encore in 2008, and they have as an extremely posh, modern appearance, sure to wow all those who enter. The Wynn contains 2,714 suites, while the encore has 2.034, making a total of 4,748 “Gold List” suites. The Wynn has all of the usual Vegas Hotel features, with a luxury spin. The Wynn also has an eighteen hole golf course, and a Ferrari dealership. Due to it's luxe appearance, The film “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,” a sequel to the first movie, where Paul must stop an art heist, will be filmed in the two hotels. A room there will cost you a minimum of $120.

4 Disney All-Star Resort, Orlando

The only Disney resort on our list, The Disney All-Star resort in Orlando, Florida, comes in at number four on our countdown. Disney All-Star Resort is broken down into three resorts- Disney's All-star Sports Resort, Disney's All-Star Music Resort, and Disney's All-Star Movies Resort, each with its own theme and décor. Although treated separately, these hotels are all close together, and owned by the same company. The Sports resort has 1,920 rooms, The Music Resort has 1,818, and the Movies Resort has 1,920, adding up tp 5,658 rooms in total. This hotel is family friendly, and in close proximity to the Disney theme parks including Disney Blizzard Beach Water park. At just under three starts, this hotel starts at $120 a night, but is super kid-friendly.


3 First World Hotel Genting Highlands, Malaysia


This Three-star hotel in Pahang, Malaysia looks super colorful and fun. It is located within walking distance of Genting theme-park. Although many countdowns consider the First World the largest hotel, it comes in at number three on our list. Although under renovation, the hotel currently has 6,118 rooms, and was recorded as a record holder by Ripley's Believe it or Not and Guinness World Records. Genting Malaysia is a city unto itself of resorts and casinos, and the resort on the whole has 10,000 hotel rooms.

2 The MGM Grand and The Signature, Las Vegas

If the countdown were largest Las Vegas Hotels, The MGM Grand, of course, owned by the MGM Resort Group would take the top spot. Completed in 1993, the MGM Grand has 5,044 guest rooms, contained in four 30 story towers. The sister hotel to the MGM grand is The Signature, which houses 576 rooms in each of its three towers. The MGM also has SKYLOFTS-51 two-story lofts for rent. Excluding SKYLOFTS, the MGM has 6,772 rooms. The MGM has won several awards, including The Signature winning Forbes Four-Star Award. And the AAA Four Diamond Award. This Signature is a more recent addition to the complex. The MGM was named the World's Leading Casino Resort for 2013.

1 Izmailovo, Moscow


This gargantuan hotel may take a while to surpass in size. The complex was built in 1979 originally, and consists of four hotels with 30 floors each, all within a close proximity to each other. Built on former Romanov land, the hotel housed athletes during the 1980 Moscow Olympics. The four sections are named Alfa, Beta, Vega, and Gamma-Delta, and together they have 7,500 rooms. This hotel rates at three stars, and is located close to many tourist attractions.


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