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The Richest Chinese Women in the World

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The Richest Chinese Women in the World

Talking about wealth, China constantly ranks among the countries with the most wealth. Owing to availability of natural resources, prosperous industries, huge capital and thriving economy, China has managed to stay ahead than most other countries of the World even though it is restrained by its communist policies and political scandals. Of late, a research has shown that half of the World’s richest women are Chinese. This clearly puts the spotlight on rich Chinese women, who are constantly moving ahead of men in the billionaire list and making their presence known. Here is a look on the 10 richest Chinese women in the World.

10. Tan Li


Tan Li is the tenth richest Chinese woman in the World. She is the vice president as well as the director of Shenzhen Hepalink, a pharmaceutical company that she co-owns with her husband Li Li with a 70 percent share (30% of Tan and 40 % of Li). They together pose as the richest Chinese couple of the country. The estimated net worth of Tan Li is around $770 millions.

9. Jufang Lei


Jufang Lei’s net worth is estimated at a staggering $1 billion. She is known as one of the most influential persons of the country and heads Cheezhang Tibetan Medicine. Her company works in the field of Tibetan medicine and has alone a line up of new products for launch in the near future.

8. Xi Huang


Xi Huang joined Good Life in the year 1989 and since then has paved her way to the top of the ladder. Currently she holds 96 percent of shares of the company. She became a force that fostered the growth and expansion of the business along with Chen Zhanghui. The billionaire has an estimated net worth of 1 billion Dollar. Even though Xi started as a math teacher in middle school, she is rapidly making her presence felt in the World as she holds shares of Minsheng Bank.

7. Chun Yuan Wu


With a net worth of more than $1.3 billion, Chun Yuan Wu is the seventh richest woman of the country in the World. She is currently heading the operations of AAC technology group and has been co-founding various other companies like AAC Acoustic Group, Changzhou AAC, AAC U.S, YEC and Shenzhen Meiou.

6. Xiuli Hawken


With a net worth of $1.8 billion, Xiuli Hawken started her career as a reporter before working her way to create an underground mall. Xiuli Hawken slowly and steadily made her way up as a tycoon of real estate.

5. Qiaonv He


With a net worth of $2.1 billion, Qiaonv He ranks fifth in our list. She is the chairman of Beijing Orient Landscape and owns 54 percent shares of the company.

4. Yin Zhang

Zhang Yin

Even though she started with a capital of $3,800 Dollars, Yin Zhang worked hard to start Nine Dragons Paper Holding. The company is currently the largest paper making company of the country and is growing rapidly year after year. The net worth of the billionaire is estimated at $1.6 billion.

3. Lihua Chen


The philanthropist is a living example of a life of hardship and success. Lihua Chen has been nominated as the most influential persons of the country and even though she was born and brought up in a poor family, she struggled hard and founded the Fu Han international Group. With $2.7 billion net worth she is third in our list.

2. Xin Zhang


The SOHO china head was a cofounder of the company along with Pan Shiyi, her husband. Xin Zhang studied abroad and later returned to China to become an independent entrepreneur. Currently, her net worth is estimated close to 3.4 billion Dollars.

1. Huiyan Yang


With an estimated net worth of more than $6.3 billion, Huiyan Yang tops the list. She is currently heading Country Garden Holding started by her father Yang Guoqiang and has learned the tricks of the trade while studying in high school. She started young and is now looking forward to expanding her business.

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