The 10 Richest Actors With Amazing Singing Talents

Hollywood is home to some amazing singers and incredible actors; most of the stars who made have the elusive 'triple threat' - they act, they sing and they dance. But generally, actors who are known for their dramatic skills stay tucked in nice and neatly in their own industry, rarely crossing over to the musical realm. Should the two areas ever combine, the fan base seems to break for impact. Some actors have unfortunately put themselves in a position where they had to sing, only to leave themselves open to heavy ridicule and a panning from critics - notably, some of the male cast members of Mama Mia... But there are many actors out there who have been blessed with the talent of some powerful vocal pipes, who've shocked the world with their musical capabilities.

Last Christmas, Anne Hathaway shocked us all with her acting and singing as Fantine in the film adaptation of the musical, “Les Miserables”. And Amy Adams has quite the set of pipes herself, which she first presented on a wide scale in the movie, “Enchanted”, and later in The Muppets Movie. One of the more surprising Hollywood actors who sing may very well be Jeremy Renner. When he’s not starring in actions films, the actor has quite a impressive musical range! Other surprisingly good singers have included Zachary Levi, Zooey Deschanel, and Scott Bakula.

But who are the richest actors who have a set of secretly singing vocal chords? Here's a list of the top ten, and some may surprise you - however, what's actually most surprising is the fact that these actors have been more open with their singing voices than most mainstream audiences are aware of, and there are plenty of examples of their singing around if you know where to look. After checking out this list, make sure you hit YouTube and Google to hear these voices for yourself!

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10 Chris Pine: $15 Million

Chris Pine has kept that singing voice of his under a bush for the longest time. He shocked fans around the world when he serenaded Jimmy Kimmel with “Fly Me to the Moon” last month and sounded incredible. He's about to go official with his musical talent, playing one of the princes in the upcoming film adaptation of “Into the Woods”, a Broadway musical written by Stephen Sondheim. But “Into the Woods” won’t be his first attempt at singing on screen, he also provided his own singing in a film called “Small Town Saturday Night” where he played a country music singer.

9 Jonathan Rhys Meyers: $18 Million

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is probably best known as the actor from show, “The Tudors”, where he played the heartthrob Henry VIII. Many of his fans didn't know that he had singing and musical talents until the film “August Rush” where he played his own instruments and provided his own singing vocals. What’s even more remarkable about the actor is that he is a self-taught singer and musician. Meyers performs live with his band or solo, and he maintains a consistent fan base for his music. No doubt that as his singing abilities become more well known and popular, we may see more from him along with his acting career.

8 Joseph Gordon-Levitt: $25 Million

Joseph Gordon-Levitt can certainly lip-sync well, but did you know he’s also a popular singer, building a fanbase online? The actor has made it almost a second career, recording and posting his covers of popular songs with his fans shouting for more on a regular basis. When Joseph Gordon-Levitt has his guitar out, there’s no telling what song or genre he may pull out. He has covered everything from Brad Paisley, Lady GaGa, Sesame Street, Nirvana, and even movies like  Hedwig and the Angry Itch. He performs in public quite often so fans might even have a chance to catch his vocal talent in person.

7 Scarlett Johansson: $35 Million

While Scarlett Johansson is primarily an actress, occasionally she will treat the world to her singing voice - whether it’s for promotion for a movie, or just for fun. In 2012, she sang the song, “Before My Time” for the Sundance-hit documentary, “Chasing Ice”, about climate change. We're not talking light and airy pop music or Broadway-style vocalizations: Johansson certainly has pipes that could give singers like Lorde and Adele a run for their money, and the song was nominated for a 2013 Oscar for Best Original Song. Johansson's deep voice and musical stylizations are truly unique and could very well be a success in the music industry should she decide to shift her career.

6 Ewan McGregor: $35 Million

Ever since the movie, “Moulin Rouge” came out in 2001, Ewan McGregor has been highly regarded for his singing abilities - although he doesn't think highly of his own singing voice. There have been interviews with the actor where he states that he was pressured to sing in the ever popular Baz Luhrmann film, but his timidity hasn't stop McGregor from continuing with his singing career. Today, there are recordings of him singing covers of U2 songs, and even sharing the stage with Robbie Williams for a few numbers.

5 Ryan Gosling: $36 Million

Not only is Ryan Gosling an exceedingly handsome hit with the girls, but he has quite the singing voice too. He's the lead singer of a band called Dead Man’s Bones, and has also showed off his singing voice in movies such as “Lars and the Real Girl”. Gosling doesn't keep his singing abilities a secret, and in fact he often sings during interviews, and even played a ukulele as part of his interview on Jimmy Kimmel.

4 4.Vin Diesel: $60 Million

3 Hugh Jackman: $65 Million

Perhaps it’s not a secret anymore that the Wolverine can sing. But his vocal pipes are much to be marveled at. Hugh Jackman has his roots in musical theatre, but we're sure that the fan base wants to hear more than just “Les Miserables”, "Australia" and other musical-theatre-like tunes from the Australian actor. Perhaps it’s time to petition a full-length album of Jackman singing? Fans are certainly hoping that Les Miz isn't the last time that Jackman shows off his pipes in a film.

2 Robert Downey, Jr.: $85 Million

The Iron Man actor is much more than good looks and a suave personality. Not only is Downey Jr. an indisputably talented actor, but he also has quite the set of vocal pipes that he likes to show off whenever possible - including at various comic-cons and during other high-profile public appearances. He also sang a cover of “Smile” for the movie soundtrack of “Chaplin” that received much praise. Between him, Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson, maybe it’s time for the cast of  “The Avengers" to get together to do a musical adaptation of the Marvel comic book characters? Recently, Robert Downey, Jr. also announced that he’s working on an album and you can find an impressive video of the actor singing with the legendary Sting.

1 Nicole Kidman: $120 Million

The world really got to know Nicole Kidman’s singing voice during “Moulin Rouge”, and music is clearly  passion of this star - after all, she's married to country singer, Keith Urban. When it comes to her singing career, the Australian actress has showcased her pipes in movies such as “Happy Feet” where she sang Norma Jean’s “Heartsong” and even did a short cover of Prince’s “Kiss” for the movie. In the movie adaptation of the musical, “Nine”, Kidman utilized her singing abilities as well. The famous duet from Moulin Rouge, “Come What May”, was one of the most popular songs of the year when it was released in 2001.

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