The 10 Richest Music Industry Moms

Being a celebrity is certainly a glamorous profession, but it also requires a lot of time and energy; as does being a mom. While most of us can’t afford to have a live in nanny and chef, at least we d

Being a celebrity is certainly a glamorous profession, but it also requires a lot of time and energy; as does being a mom. While most of us can’t afford to have a live in nanny and chef, at least we don’t have to worry about the paparazzi harassing us wherever we go. The attention seems to become even more magnified once a celebrity has kids. Everything they do becomes fodder for the tabloids. They are constantly scrutinized over how they dress their children, how their children behave, and even what they eat. It doesn’t matter what kind of celebrity it is, either. No one is safe from the media spotlight. Power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were called out in the tabloids, after it was reported that all their kids ever ate was junk food. Even celebrities aren’t immune to the occasional lapses in parental judgment.

Imagine having money beyond your wildest dreams, and being able to indulge your child’s every whim. While some may see this as spoiling your child, it would be nice to have that kind of money where it could at least be an option. Some of these kids travel the world before they’re a toddler. From the most fashionable clothes, to gourmet meals, to blow out birthday parties and expensive private schools….the life a celebrity kid does have some perks.

These 10 moms are amazingly talented singers; successful, strong and brilliant entertainers. Most of the women on this list have been in the music industry for decades. Some of them have only recently become a mom in the past year or so. They all have fame, fortune, and now….their own families. The demands of being a celebrity songstress can only be matched – and perhaps even surpassed – by the demands of being a mom.

10 Adele - Net Worth: $41 Million

At only 25 years old, this British singer-songwriter has achieved an amazing amount of fame in a shockingly short amount of time. While her first debut album, '19', gained the star modest commercial success, it was Adele's second album '21' that really shot her into the superstar stratosphere. The seven-time Grammy winner has sold over well over 23 million copies of '21' worldwide. And in October 2012, she topped off her career success with the personal achievement of becoming a proud first-time mom to baby boy, Angelo.

Adele shares parenting duties with her boyfriend of a few years, Simon Konecki. And even with a toddler around, she's managed to maintain her dazzling career. In January 2013, she came out with her third album Skyfall, which featured the theme song for the James Bond movie of the same name. She went on to win a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for “Best Original Song”. This incredibly busy baby mama is expected to release another album sometime this year.

9 Pink - Net Worth: $70 million

A true performer in every sense of the word, Alecia Moore – more commonly known as Pink – began her path to stardom after releasing her solo album Can’t Take Me Home, back in 2000. Her album went double-platinum in the US. She then went on to win her first Grammy Award for her cover of “Lady Marmalade”, in which she collaborated with Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, and Mya. Since then she has released five more albums, won two more Grammy Awards, and married motocross racer, Carey Hart. Pink and Hart separated in 2008, but reonciled in 2010 and in June 2011, she gave birth to their first child - a daughter named Willow.

8 Christina Aguilera Net Worth: $100 Million

The sultry singer who now shares judge duty on The Voice has been in the music business since the release of her first solo album Christina Aguilera, in 1999. Although it may seem that she spent most of her early career living in the shadow of fellow Mouseketeer Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera became a successful singer in her own right. This four-time Grammy Award winner has released seven albums – including one in Spanish – and was also honoured as one of the most influential people of 2013, by Time magazine. She was previously married, but divorced Jordan Bratman in 2011. They have one child together, their now 6 year old son, Max.

7 Shakira - Net Worth: $140 Million

This Columbian beauty started her music career at the tender age of 13. Shakira has since sold over 15 million albums worldwide and won two Grammy Awards. She has released nine albums; seven in Spanish, one in English, and one in English and Spanish. She’s a well-known philanthropist, and is currently is a UNICEF ambassador. She also founded the Barefoot Foundation, which helps to provide early education for children in countries worldwide. She has been in a relationship with FC Barcelona’s Gerard Piqué since 2010, and in January 2013 she gave birth to their adorable son, Milan.

6 Britney Spears - Net Worth $200 Million

Britney’s career took off in 1999 when her debut album 'Baby One More Time' became an overnight sensation. Then came a very high profile relationship with singer and actor, Justin Timberlake for a couple of years, which ended in 2002. In January 2004 she had a scandalous quickie Vegas wedding to her long-time friend, Jason Alexander - quickly annulled within 3 days. In March of that same year, she went on tour and started a relationship with one of her backup dancers, Kevin Federline. They were officially married in October of 2004 and Spears gave birth to the couple’s first child, Sean Preston in September 2005 and had their second child, Jayden James, in September 2006. In July 2007, the couple divorced.

By that time, Britney's parenting abilities had been called into question as she experienced some very public emotional problems. However, the amazingly resilient Ms. Spears received professional help and slowly got her life back in order. She’s released a total of eight albums and has won one Grammy Award. In January 2014, she won Favorite Pop Artist at the 40th People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles. If ever there was ever a true comeback story - 'it’s Britney bitch.'

5 Jennifer Lopez - Net Worth: $250 Million

This Latina songstress and occasional actress got her first big debut as a dancer on the comedy show 'In Living Color', back in 1991. Since then, J Lo has been busy releasing records, starring in movies and starting her own clothing and perfume line. She married singer Marc Anthony in 2004 and in February 2008 they welcomed twins Emme and Maximilian. Although their divorce has been long and drawn out, they still seemingly manage to keep an amicable relationship for their kids. This powerhouse mom and businesswoman has released seven albums – one of which was in Spanish – and continues to collaborate with big name stars. She was a judge on American Idol from 2011 and 2012, then left to go on tour. She is expected to release her 8th album this year, and will also return as a judge for the 13th season of American Idol - impressive, for a mom of two young twins!

4 Beyonce - Net Worth: $350 Million

No longer a ‘single lady’, this soulful singer began her successful career as the lead singer of the 90s girl group, Destiny’s Child. They were hugely popular throughout the late 90s, but in 2003 Beyonce struck out on her own and released her first solo album, Dangerously in Love. That album sold over 11 million albums and solidified her position as a major solo artist. She has won an astounding 17 Grammy Awards and has been nominated 46 times. In April 2008, she married rapper and music mogul Jay-Z. The two became a celebrity power couple and made a huge impact on the music industry. In January 2012, the couple of the decade gave birth to their first child, Blue Ivy, amidst a media storm. Beyonce hasn't been slowed down by the birth, making public appearances soon after and even brining Baby Blue on tour.

3 Celine Dion - Net Worth: $400 Million

This Queen of Quebec is a true international superstar. Known for her music in both English and French, the already well-loved Canadian Celine Dion won the whole world over with her unforgettable rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” from the 1997 James Cameron movie, Titanic. She has released an incredible 25 albums – 14 in French and 11 in English – and is a five-time Grammy Award winner. She is also linked to an additional five Grammy wins, as the performer of songs from movie soundtracks. In 2008, she won a world music award for “World’s Best-Selling Female Recording Artist".

Although she first met her manager and now husband René Angélil when she was just 12 years old, they didn’t become romantically involved until 1987, when she was 19. Initially, the couple had problems conceiving a child. Their first child, son René-Charles was born in January 2001, just over a year after they had started IVF treatments. After more treatments, they welcomed twin sons Eddy and Nelson in October 2010. Celine has toured all over the world and has headlined live shows at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas. And just last November, she released her 25th album Loved Me Back To Life. Celine's bank balance is as big as her CV, meaning these kids are set for life and then some.

2 Mariah Carey - Net Worth: $500 Million

With an incredible five-octave vocal range, this singing sensation has been the envy of many and the darling diva of pop for decades. Mariah Carey has even been dubbed ‘Songbird Supreme’ by the Guiness Book of World Records thanks to her unique voice. Though mainly known for music, she has also dabbled in movies - with less success, it must be said. In the course of a fruitful music career spanning two decades, Carey has won five Grammy Awards and sold over 200 million albums making her one of the best-selling artists of all time. In April 2008, she married actor and comedian Nick Cannon. In April 2011, the couple welcomed twins Monroe and Moroccan  - 'roc and roe', adorable - into the world. With 13 albums under her belt and a 14th album, The Art of Letting Go, scheduled for release in February 2014, Mariah Carey is proof that babies needn't slow down the trajectory of the career woman - though we suspect $500 million probably buys some pretty reliable childcare.

1 Madonna - Net Worth: $650 - $1 Billion

A music industry icon, Madonna takes the top spo on our list with some media outlets reporting her net worth at almost $1 billion! She's been a major player in the music game since her debut album in 1983. And in over 30 years of making music, Madonna has amassed a fortune of well over half a billion dollars and several high-profile relationships. This sometimes controversial performer came from very humble beginnings and originally wanted to be a dancer. She shot to fame with the release of her second album, Like a Virgin, in 1984. In 2008, she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Madonna has released 12 albums over three decades. has won seven Grammy Awards, and has had moderate success in the acting world. She had a high profile marriage to actor Sean Penn in the 80s and although the marriage didn’t last, they remained good friends. In October 1996, she became a mom for the first time to her daughter Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon. Her father, Carlos Leon, was previously involved in a relationship with Madonna. In 1999, she met British film director Guy Ritchie and the two started a relationship and in August 2000 the couple had a son together, Rocco Ritchie. After participating in a fund raising events for Raising Malawi in October 2006, Madonna and her husband filed for adoption of their second son, David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie. In November 2008, the couple divorced though - they agreed to raise their children together. In June 2009, Madonna adopted her second daughter Mercy James from Malawi. This incredibly busy mom of four started a clothing line with her enterprising eldest daughter Lourdes in 2010 - and she still has time to stay looking great; at 55, she still often looks more like Lourdes' sister than her mother in photos!

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