Huiyan Yang: The Richest Woman in China at the Age of 32

Huiyan Yang is the largest shareholder of the Country Garden Holdings, a privately held property development company that is based in the province of Guangdong, China. At the young age of 32, Huiyan Yang is not only one of the wealthiest people in China, she is the richest woman in the country. She is the daughter of Guoqiang Yang, the owner of Country Garden Holdings.

As of 2009, the estimated net worth of the 32-year old Country Garden Holdings shareholder is U.S. $7.4 billion. Her total net worth overcomes that of Donald Trump, who is already one of the richest developers in the United States.

4 A Brief Overview on Country Garden Holdings Company Limited

The Country Garden Holdings Company Limited, as mentioned previously, is a property development and investment holding company headquartered in the province of Guangdong, China. The company is owned by the Yang family, with the owner being Huiyan Yang’s father, Guoqiang Yang.

The subsidiaries of the company are engaged and involved in not only property development, but also in fitting, decoration, construction, hotel operation, and in property management. The company’s project portfolio include large-scale developments in the residential sector, such as apartment buildings, townhouses, as well as retail shops and car-parks.

The Country Garden Holdings Company Limited focuses on four segments: first is property development, second is construction, third is fitting and decoration, and the fourth is property management and hotel operation. The company, in addition to developing hotels, also manages these establishments within some of its own projects, with the aim of enhancing the potential of the properties for value appreciation. Some of the hotels that the company develops are independent of property developments.

As of the 31st of December 2011, the Country Garden Holding Company Limited operates five five-star hotels, twenty one five-star standard hotels, and one four-star hotel. The total number of guest rooms that the company has in ownership is 8,352. Also, as of January of 2012, the subsidiaries of the company include the Zengcheng Country Garden Property Development Company Limited, the Guangzhou Huadou Country Garden Property Development Company Limited, and many others.

3 A Closer Look on Huiyan Yang

Huiyan Yang was born in the year 1981 in Shunde, Guangdong Province. She is also a graduate of The Ohio State University. Today, she is known to be the richest woman in Mainland China, with her being the largest shareholder of the privately held property development and investment holding company.

Before becoming Mainland China’s richest woman, Huiyan Yang attended and studied at the Country Garden’s very own school. After this, she was sent to the UK so that she could pursue further studies. She came back to China to continue her education. Later on, she transferred to the United States to become a student of the Ohio State University. She took up marketing and logistics at the university. Even when she was still a student, Huiyan was already very diligent and hard working, an ingrown characteristic that eventually helped her become the successful woman she is right now.

2 How Huiyan Yang came to be Mainland China’s Wealthiest Woman

2007 is the year that marks the stock listing of the Country Garden Holdings Company Limited on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In the same year, Guoqiang Yang, the leader of the privately held property development and investment holding company, decided to transfer and move 70 percent of the total wealth and shares of the company to his daughter, Yang Huiyan. This decision to move and transfer a major percentage of the company’s shares took place before the initial public offering (IPO) of the Country Garden Holdings.

Along with the move came the arousal of public speculation as to whether the company’s helmsman also had intentions of handing over the power of operating, running, and handling the company to his second daughter.

Before Huiyan Yang became the majority shareholder of the Country Garden Holdings Company Limited, she was actually playing a low-key role. She only joined the company of her father in the year 2005, after she came home from abroad. It was only two years after that she came under the spotlight, when her father decided to give her the control over 70 percent of the company’s shares.

When Guoqiang was asked why he decided to give the power to his second daughter, he simply said that Huiyan “is a woman of fine character, hard working, and has good corporate leadership qualities”. It can be noted that Huiyan Yang, at the age of 13, was already attending and observing meetings that was held in her father’s company conference room.

As employees of the Country Garden Holdings Company Limited recalled the presence of Huiyan Yang in these meetings, they remembered her to be a calm and quiet girl. According to these employees, Huiyan only observed how her father made great company decisions from her position on the sidelines.

Now that Huiyan Yang steers the Country Garden Holdings, the company has seen great transformation. From the simple policies and strategies that the company was implementing, it was transformed into something that had a more personalized approach. These changes are reflected on the overall culture of the company.

1 Huiyan Yang – Ending the Day A Lot Richer than She was the Day Before

Mainland China’s richest woman Huiyan Yang ends her day a lot richer than she was the day before. This year, the Country Gardens Holdings Company Limited’s Hong-Kong traded shares increased by 2.6 percent. This was after the company said that its last year’s net profit increased by 18 percent from the year earlier. This increase is approximately 6.85 billion yuan, which when converted, is equal to $1.1 billion in U.S. dollars. The sales that the company generated climbed by 21 percent, which totals to a whopping 41.9 billion yuan. It seems like brighter days are ahead for Huiyan Yang and her company.

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