Golden Oldies: 10 Richest People Over 90

There is nothing sweeter than the lifestyle of the rich. From vacations, mansions, parties, and connections to keep almost anyone afloat, it’s a bit depressing to think that the wealth is only temporary, as is human life. Many a millionaire and billionaire die young, making the enjoyment of the fruits of their labor short-lived. But sometimes having all that money means you can be more efficient at maintaining your health thanks to paying a team of nutritionists, chefs, trainers, and doctors to be there to keep you in tip top shape.

When you’re making millions of dollars, there’s a good chance that you’re going to enjoy that money, and will invest it to make it grow. For many rich people, that would require long work hours and stressful situations, which can affect overall health quite a bit. But if one is lucky enough to  strike billions early on in life and they’re wise with their money, they can retire early and just enjoy living the dream.

Below is a list of ten rich people around the world that are still alive and kicking even though they’re all in their 90’s. Why should only young billionaires get all the fun and attention? Whether we're talking old money or new money, the people on this list should definitely get a round of applause and then maybe an interrogation on how they have been able to preserve their lives so well. Of course, living a healthy lifestyle, taking care of yourself, and staying out of danger as much as one can control are probably some of the more effective ways to achieve a longer life.

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10 Marcel Adams – 93 Years Old

The Canadian real estate owner has a fortune of $1.1 billion and is one of the largest landlords in Quebec. Even at the age of 93 years old, he still manages and owns over 100 properties, spanning over 8 million square feet, which include industrial, residential and office assets, as well as retail shopping centers. What is even more significant about Adams’ life is that he survived the labor camps of World War II and then immigrated to Canada after his release.

9 William Moncrief, Jr. – 93 Years Old

With a wealth of $1 billion, William “Tex” Moncrief, Jr. is 93 years old and hails from Fort Worth, Texas. Moncrief got his start into the rich life when he was 10 years old after his father discovered an East Texas oilfield that had over 6 billion barrels of oil. Talk about striking oil and making it rich! Moncrief, Jr. tried to quit school to become a pro golfer, but his father Monty wouldn’t stand for it and talked him out of it. Tex made one of the biggest finds in his life with the offshore field known as “Davy Jones” which holds 6 trillion cubic feet of gas.

8 Karl Albrecht – 94 Years Old

Karl Albrecht has a whopping fortune of $26 billion and hails from Germany. He owns a discount supermarket chain called Aldi Sud, which he gets most of his wealth from, boasting 4,900 stores worldwide (with 1,200 in the United States alone). Albrecht got his start in the grocery industry after World War II, when he and  his brother Theo started working at their mother’s corner grocery store. Together, they turned it around into a large retail chain. Aldi Sud has been able to keep their prices so low by do not accepting credit cards.

7 Anne Cox Chambers – 94 Years Old

With a wealth of over $13 billion, Anne Cox Chambers is the daughter of James M. Cox, who founded Cox Enterprises in 1898. Now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Chambers sits on the board of directors for the company, where her nephew is chairman. Cox Enterprises is a part of Cox Communications and Cox Media Group along with owning several other companies such as AutoTrader.com and Manheim. AutoTrader.com accounts for the jump in Chambers’ wealth since the website has boomed in popularity recently.

6 Sulaiman Al Rajhi – 94 Years Old

The 94-year old Saudi Arabian has a wealth of over $6 billion, which he made through banking and self-made endeavors. He started one of the biggest banks in Saudi Arabia known as the Al Rajhi bank (which he started with his brothers) and also has 23 children. Al Rajhi made headlines in May of 2011 when he announced that he would be donating the majority of his fortune to charity. Nowadays, he is focusing on the SAAR Foundation, which is dedicated to education in Saudi Arabia and fight hunger.

5 George P. Mitchell – 94 Years Old

Unfortunately, since July of 2013, George Mitchell has since passed away, but it doesn’t mean that he is excluded from the list! From Galveston, Texas, Mitchell was a philanthropist, a real estate developer, and businessman. He is remembered as the “Father of Shale” and had a wealth of $2 billion. The reason why he got the title was due to his risk-taking in digging thousands of feet below the earth’s surface seeking natural gas and oil while using hydraulic fracking. When Hurricane Ike came to Galveston, Texas in 2008, Mitchell gave $24 million dollars to repair and renovate three hotels.

4 Henry Hillman – 95 Years Old

The 95-year old Henry Hillman has made his $2.5 billion fortune from investments, which he got his start from his father, J.H. Hillman, Jr. who owned the Pittsburgh Coke and Chemical Company. Hillman then used his investment company, called The Hillman Company, to invest in venture capital, real estate, and private equity. But Hillman hasn’t kept all that money to himself. He has given $17 million in grants through the Hillman Family Foundations, which also included $1.2 million to a scholarship program called Pittsburgh Promise, which strives to help improve the quality of education in the city and raise enrollment in schools.

3 Karl Wlascheck – 96 Years Old

The 96-year old Austrian billionaire is worth a whopping $4.8 billion, which he got from being a self-made man who founded Billa, a retail chain. He sold the chain in 1996 for $1 billion, and afterward, began to invest into real estate. Wlascheck became the largest owner of real estate in Austria, with a wealth including 8 palaces, 250 properties, and 10 hotels. With all of that investing and hard work, he still finds time to maintain his personal life and in April 2012, he got married for the fifth time to a 65-year old woman.

2 Kirk Kerkorian – 96 Years Old

If you have ever stayed at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, then you are familiar with Kirk Kerkorian. With a wealth of $3.3 billion, he has stretched his dollar for personal and business growth. He invested $700 million into Delta Petroleum, and despite it not turning out the way he wanted it, he is shifting his gears back to growing MGM International Resorts with Tracinda, a private investment firm. Perhaps he’s starting to regret selling his $750 million worth of shares in MGM. Kerkorian actually dropped out of school in eighth grade, became a World War II fighter pilot as well as a boxer, which led him to Las Vegas in 1962 where he purchased some land, which eventually became the MGM Grand.

1 David Rockefeller, Sr. – 98 Years Old

David Rockefeller, Sr. has a wealth of over $2.7 billion and he is the senior member of the Rockefeller family.Being the beneficiary of the family fortune and grandson to John D. Rockefeller definitely has its perks, as he became the CEO and chairman of Chase National Bank in 1946 and then retired in 1981. But he didn’t stop working! He shifted his gears to real estate, international business, the arts, and philanthropy. He also donated over $100 million to Harvard University (his alma mater) and Rockefeller University.

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