First Jobs of 10 Wealthy Billionaires

Today, the world has seen a number of billionaires who rose above with regards to their economy from the bottom level to a great height. With their progress, hard work and dedication they put in their

Today, the world has seen a number of billionaires who rose above with regards to their economy from the bottom level to a great height. With their progress, hard work and dedication they put in their task, they made great achievements that many people today dream to have. These billionaires were just like ordinary people doing some simple work before finding their own path to success. As life is not just about finding yourself but creating yourself, these people carved themselves differently from what other people did not do in their lives. Successful people don't do different things but they do things differently.

For every people who now earn a lot of money, move to different places in their own private jets and boats, have their own business empire; this was just a distant dream before they started their first job through the scratch. Most of the successful people today started with small works before paving their own entrepreneurial ladder to the top. Almost all of them started small on the road by performing several entry-level tasks like parking cars, delivering newspapers, bagging groceries, or cleaning floors. We might all be familiar with these billionaires and the way they changed their fortunes with a new entrepreneurship idea. They worked hard since their childhood and had a strong will power to perform their task that helped in changing their lives and amass great fortune. The passion they had for their work and the dedication, effort and the determination soon turned themselves into one of the richest person in the world and enjoy their life with all the commodities they can have.

However, have you ever wondered, how these successful people made their starts? Well, here is a list of 10 billionaires and their first jobs they ever had.

10 Kevin Plank $1.7 Billion: Lawn Mower

Kevin Plank runs the Under Armour which is regarded as a leading producer of several sports accessories throughout the world. Plank started his first job as a lawn mower at the age of 10 when he was in Maryland. His work would give him $15 to $30 per lawn he mowed in summer. He used to earn around $150 per week but he left mowing lawns before starting to sell bracelets at the Dead Show. Soon he had the idea about the Under Armour that went popular quickly making him a billionaire with his sport accessories business.

9 Giorgio Armani $8.5 Billion: Assistant Photographer

Giorgio Armani wanted to start his career in medicine but moved to armies because of his weak studies. However, he first worked in the Milan department Store, as an Assistant Photographer where he was assigned to display windows. He was soon promoted to the style office in the store as a buyer where he learnt different fashion house ideas for starting his own multi-billionaire Italian brand.

8 Michael Bloomberg $31 Billion: Parking Attendant

The mayor of the New York, Michael Bloomberg was from a poor family and his father worked as a bookkeeper. He first worked as a parking lot attendant at Harvard and John Hopkins while he was studying at the same college. He then started a wall street job before starting the Bloomberg L.P, which is said to have created revolution in the data security system throughout the world. Today, he is one of the richest citizens in the nation.

7 Oprah Winfrey $2.7 Billion: Grocery Clerk

One of the richest women today, Oprah Winfrey started working at a grocery shop which was just next to her father's barber shop. She worked there when she was on a full scholarship at the Tennessee University. During that time, she was not even allowed to talk to people who came to the retail store. She then moved into broadcasting when she turned 16 where she read news for a local radio station on the way of being a nations best media powerhouse.

6 Charles Schwab $5.1 Billion: Walnut Picking and Selling

Regarded as the steel magnate in today's world, Charles Schwab runs one of the largest steel manufacturing company in U.S. which is named as the Bethlehem Steels. He first started making money by picking and selling walnuts in the market which he found from the woods in the neighborhoods at the price of $5 for a 100 pound sack. He later started selling eggs by raising chickens when he was 13. At 14, he turned himself to golf and soon became a caddie.

5 Warren Buffett $47 Billion: Delivering Newspapers

Warren Buffett is the most successful investor as well as the CEO and chairman of Berkshire Hathway which is regarded as the 9th popular company in the entire world. He first started working to deliver newspapers to locals on his bicycle when he was 13. He later started his pinball machine business during his high school years. He is now the world's richest man and this entrepreneur already had around $10,000 from his business right after he completed his graduation in college.

4 George Lucas $4.2 Billion: Assistant Teacher

George Lucas, who is regarded as the iconic film maker for his finest film series called Star Wars first worked as an assistant teacher where he assisted navy students who were studying film making for documentaries. Lucas started his film career together with Francis Coppola and soon developed his name in the list of the richest billionaires in the Hollywood industry with his enthralling movies that revolutionized the movie industry with amazing features that he put in cinema.

3 Steve Jobs $11 Billion: Summer Hire at HP

Steve Jobs high got a summer job at the pioneering Hewlett-Packard (HP) at the Silicon Valley while he was a high school student where he got a chance to meet the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. He also started a 'blue box' business which helped people make free distant calls. He soon revolutionized the world with his iPhone, iPad products that became famous throughout the world making a large number of sales. Further, Jobs also sold his digital animation company to Walt Disney that also helped him change his economic fortune.

2 Bill Gates $72 Billion: Computer Programmer

Bill Gates, who now owns Microsoft, was a Harvard dropout as he wanted to fulfill his passion that he had for technology. He first worked as a simple computer programmer for the TRW when he was a senior student in high school. Further, this billionaire started a firm to help poor people from developing countries together with his wife Melinda Gates to help them from hunger and several epidemic diseases. He also was the world's richest man for over a decade long before Warren Buffett replaced him at the top spot.

1 Michael Dell $15.9 Billion: Dish Washer

Michael Dell is the co-founder and the CEO of one of the most popular personal computer company of the World, Dell. He initially started working by washing dishes when he was 12 in a Chinese restaurant. He was then promoted to a water boy in the same restaurant and later was promoted to the assistant maitre d', soon before he moved to a Mexican restaurant. He then started selling subscriptions to the Houston Post through phone calls. He also bought old computers, repaired them and started selling them door to door before starting his own company that made great business throughout the computing world.

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First Jobs of 10 Wealthy Billionaires