Carlos Slim Helu Biography: The Richest Man In The World

Considered by many to be without question the richest man in the world Carlos Slim Helu is an interesting individual that has a remarkable history and background. As a true native of Mexico bo

Considered by many to be without question the richest man in the world Carlos Slim Helu is an interesting individual that has a remarkable history and background. As a true native of Mexico born in populous Mexico City, Carlos Slim was born in the year 1940 to parents with a Lebanese background. His father actually emigrated from Lebanon to Mexico as a teenager in the early 1900s. His mother was also of Lebanese descent whose parents immigrated from Lebanon to Mexico around the turn of the 19th century. Carlos Slim Helu's parents were married in the mid-1920s and eventually had six children. Introduced early in life to business strategies and practices by his astute father, Carlos quickly became skilled in all aspects of business. Barely a teenager, Carlos purchased shares in a national bank and was earning money by working at his father's business. Carlos continued to move ahead in life by studying engineering at one of Mexico's top universities.


5 Acquiring and Purchasing Businesses and Expanding Into More Industries

As Carlos Slim Helu continued to refine his business acumen he began working as an equity trader and would eventually become the owner of his own brokerage business. During the early years Carlos focused on real estate investments, construction businesses and a variety of mining interests. Other interests that became an integral part of Carlos's empire included the tobacco industry, the food industry and a host of other interests all held under the umbrella of Grupo Galas, a company that featured a conglomeration of all Carlos's businesses. Carlos Slim Helu continued to expand his reach into all aspects of investment and the business world.

Acquiring and purchasing businesses and expanding into more industries was a regular pastime for Carlos. At one point he even expanded into the United States with Telmex USA and became part owner in the well-known cellular company Tracfone. Carlos clearly thinks on a global scale and acts locally.


4 A Fortune Well In Excess of $75 Billion Dollars

Countless articles have appeared over the years in such well-known publications as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Fortune magazine regarding Carlos Slim Helu and his incredible amassed fortune. In fact, in past decades his total net worth has been reported at well over $50 billion dollars. Today and in more recent times Forbes and other financial publications have reported that Carlos Slim Helu has a fortune well in excess of $75 billion. This puts Carlos in a tight race with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates as the richest man alive. Most would agree that Carlos Slim Helu the richest man in the world is indeed wealthier than Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. This is quite impressive considering the fact that Warren Buffett is a highly respected investor and that Bill Gates introduced the world to computers. Carlos has been noted in major publications as being one of the world's most generous individuals donating in excess of $4 billion to causes around the world. Helping people of the world and the environment seems to be what Carlos enjoys most.


3 Philanthropy and Humanitarian Assistance

Carlos Slim Helu the richest man in the world is at heart a true family man with six children and a loving wife that he was faithfully married to for over 30 years. Until her untimely death in 1999, Carlos's wife Soumaya Domit was actively involved in a number of charitable projects. One of her primary interest involved various aspects of organ donor activities designed to help patients in urgent need of organs.

Between Carlos and his wife they are well known around the world for their philanthropy and humanitarian assistance. Carlos Slim Helu has earned world renowned respect, honors and awards for his exemplary contribution to the world and society at large. From a life achievement award in 2006 to recognition by the world education and development fund, Carlos has proven time and again his commitment to helping those in need. He is a respected businessman and family man with a long history of successes and generosity.


2 Helping as Many People Around the Globe as Possible

Carlos Slim Helu is well known for his great interest in all aspects of art as well as history and the beauty of nature. Without question one of his favorite sports has always been baseball. In fact, Carlos Slim Helu has written several well-informed articles about baseball. Carlos regularly lectures for a wide range of organizations both public and private. But perhaps his most enjoyable activities include being involved in the business and investment world as well as helping as many people around the globe as possible through his generous philanthropy. This may have indeed arisen from having been raised in a close and loving family during his early childhood years. Carlos Slim Helu has clearly risen to the occasion with regard to social responsibility. With a variety of foundations and companies designed specifically to help people throughout the world, Carlos has left an indelible mark on the planet.


1 An Alliance With the Well-Known Online Educational Outlet Known as Khan Academy

As a well-spoken lecturer Carlos Slim Helu the richest man in the world shows great comfort and confidence when speaking in public. He has given numerous speeches around the world regarding a wide range of subjects. From speeches on technology to speeches on running a successful business organization, Carlos has given talks that have inspired people in a wide range of industries. Most recently, Carlos Slim Helu has entered into an alliance with the well-known online educational outlet known as Khan Academy. The Khan Academy offers free online videos that cover a wide variety of subjects for children of all ages. Carlos Slim Helu has been interviewed on virtually all the major networks including CNN and CNBC. Being the richest man in the world can mean different things to different people, but in the case of Carlos Slim Helu it is about improving the quality of life for each and every person on the planet. Carlos seems most at home meeting with other bright minds to discuss ways of improving the quality of life for everyone in the world.


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Carlos Slim Helu Biography: The Richest Man In The World