Billionaire Bachelors: World's Ten Richest Eligible Men

The Beatles taught us that money can’t buy you love but - although many of us may be reluctant to admit it - wealth and financial status consistently crop up as significant factors in relationships. E

The Beatles taught us that money can’t buy you love but - although many of us may be reluctant to admit it - wealth and financial status consistently crop up as significant factors in relationships. Even popular dating websites match users based on their socio-economic brackets, not to mention the plethora of sites flagrantly aimed at matching beauty with wealth. Whether we like it or not, relative wealth is a notable feature in the world of romance.

With the gender wage gap still an unfortunate reality in most sectors of employment, men invariably feature more dominantly on our favourite billionaire rich lists - but even some of these well-heeled, powerful men have been unlucky in love. So while money can definitely help your chances of finding love, the bachelors on our list are evidence that you really can't buy it.

Whether you're earning thousands, millions or billions, the struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance is universal and sometimes romance takes a back seat in the life of the career-focused individual. Indeed, last year a fascinating study by a leading wealth journal pointed out that while there isn't exactly shortage of eligible billionaire bachelors in the world, finding one that doesn't come with hefty personal baggage is a little trickier: of the 1226 wealthy bachelors the study looked at, only 3% had never been married. So for those of us willing and able to pursue billionaire bachelors, be prepared to follow up in the footsteps of some ill-fated exes. For those brave souls who'd like a guide to the top picks for their next romantic adventure, we've compiled a list of the top ten wealthiest men still on the market. Prince charming may be but a prenup away…

10 Nathaniel Rothschild $1 billion

British born Nathaniel Rothschild is the billionaire descendent of the revered banking dynasty the Rothschilds, who have been experts in the profession since the eighteenth century and whose name is now synonymous with wealth. A budding Princess could live out her dream if she managed to nab this bachelor; with castles in the UK, the Greek island of Corfu and numerous other properties around the world, this family is old-school wealthy. Nat is the main man when it comes to running the family business, and the divorced 40 year old is known for his luxurious lifestyle an opulent parties. Equally, Nat is a bit of a rebel; known for his close dealings with senior British politicians and businessmen, his esteemed family often publicly criticise their son’s flamboyant lifestyle. It seems fair to say that a life with a Rothschild would be anything but boring.

9 Albert von Thurn und Taxis, $1.5 billion

The next European on our list hails from the glorious German countryside where his family estate ranks as being one of the largest forest holdings in Europe at a sprawling 36,000 hectares. At the tender age of 28, the brainy economics and theology graduate is as yet unmarried. Albert's tragic claim to fame is that after his father’s death at the age of 8, Albert became one of the youngest billionaires in the world -  gaining independent control of his inheritance at the age of 18. Aside from a penchant for race car driving however, it would appear that Albert adheres to the old adage “with great power comes great responsibility" - he aspires to build the world’s largest solar generators in southern Germany. Lettered smarts, unfathomable wealth, a touchingly tragic back story AND a social conscience - worth learning German for?

8 Teddy Sagi, $1.8 billion

If a jet-setting playboy is what you are after, then look no further than Israel’s Teddy Sagi. The self-made billionaire came into his huge wealth after founding the gaming group Playtech in 1999. Sagi currently has a 50% stake in the company, with the stock price of the group on the rise. As well as his professional investments, Sagi is also the owner of Israel’s most expensive house, shelling out a reported $35 million for a place he can call home. Singleton Sagi is rumoured to have something of a wandering eye, with an interest in Leonardo di Caprio’s ex, Israeli model Bar Rafaeli, amongst others.

7 Yoshikazu Tanaka, $1.9 billion

Japan’s fifteenth richest citizen, Yoshikazu Tanaka is a 36 year old billionaire with an appetite for technology. Tanaka self-made billions were, like Sagi’s, generated from his own lucrative online ventures - namely social media gaming site 'Gree' which Tanaka founded in 2004. Although there's stiff competition in the industry, Gree now employs around 700 people and was ranked by Deloitte as Japan’s fastest growing technology company in 2009 and 2010. We can only imagine he's a busy man, so we'd advise any interested parties that the best place to hook up with this attractive billionaire is probably at the office.

6 Robert Pera, $1.95 billion

This 35 year old billionaire is not exactly the shy and retiring type: when he’s not floating his disruptive tech company on the NASDAQ, or making tongue in cheek remarks about his former employer Apple, Pera can be found tweeting controversially about Jay-Z and other high-profile celebs. Pera began as a hardware engineer for Apple but left after a short period of time to found his own company 'Ubiquiti' - a digital communications platform focused on developing markets. Alongside this project, Pera has tapped into a must for any billionaire entrepreneur - the purchase of a major league sports team. In 2012 he bought the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies, so perhaps if you attend their matches, you may be lucky enough to nab the Kanye West of tech.

5 Eduardo Saverin, $2.65 billion

The Facebook co-founder Eduardo was immortalised in the David Fincher film 'The Social Network', chronicling the creation and development of (and subsequent power struggle for) the social media giant. Since then he's been a busy bee. This Brazilian-born billionaire now resides in Singapore where he's 7th richest person in the country. Aside from stock in Facebook, Sarverin is an angel investor in a number of start-up technology firms from which he now makes his primary living. Last year Yahoo! paid in the region of $50 million for Qwiki, a Saverin-backed iOS app that transforms pictures into video clips. At 31 the single Singaporean appears to have the magic entrepreneurial touch.

4 Xavier Niel, $6.6 billion

If ever you pictured a glorious fantasy life in for yourself in Paris - known by turns as the romantic capital of the world and the city of lights - then Xavier Niel may well be your ideal man. The 46 year old Parisian is an entrepreneur- he's even been dubbed the European Steve Jobs. The mogul started out in technology during the early days of cyber age, developing the internet service provider Free who have since expanded into telecommunications and mobile data. Displaying entrepreneurial spirit from an early age, Niel’s first company 'Minitel', a French erotic chat site, was developed when he was only a teenager. Niel's also part of a consortium that helped save the French national newspaper Le Monde from near bankruptcy in 2010. If you like a bad boy, Niel has that covered. His shadier side was revealed when he served a month in prison as a result of his connections to a chain of sex shops; a chain which had been connected to a prostitution ring in both Paris and the French city region of Alsace. However, Niel does maintain that the prison sentence related to undeclared income stemming from the shops. If that doesn't discourage you, there's also the fact that Niel’s two children are poised to inherit his entire empire. Approach this bad boy with caution, perhaps.

3 Elon Musk, $6.7 billion

With a rake of success in entrepreneurship, it seems incredible that Elon Musk has time to have a personal life at all, but this billionaire seems to have that all figured out. The self-made man started out as a co-founder of PayPal before moving to, if you can believe it, bigger and better things. Born in South Africa, but now living in the United States, Musk heads up the ground-breaking electronic car company Tesla. Not only that; Musk also owns Space X, a private firm who are pioneering new technologies for space travel and whose clients, naturally, include NASA. A billionaire life with Musk cannot be all bliss, and we should warn you that Musk does come with some personal baggage. The divorced father of 5 has been linked to Cameron Diaz as well as former fiancée, Talulah Riley. We wonder if he would fly you to the moon for your anniversary...

2 Alejandro Santo Domingo, $11.7 billion

Alejandro Santo Domingo is a name that often appears on the world’s most eligible bachelors list - and for good reason. The 35 year old Colombian native now resides in Manhattan, living a lifestyle that would fit in well with the likes of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. He's been linked to many beautiful women but has yet to be tied down, it seems. Like many New York socialites, Domingo inherited his wealth from his father’s business - in this case, the brewing business - but since his father's death Domingo has built on the empire, taking out stakes in SABMiller - the brewers of Miller and Blue Moon, amongst others - as well as in Caracol, Colombia’s largest television station. A graduate of history from Harvard, Domingo is also a patron of the arts with the family heavily involved in philanthropic work in New York City as well as in Colombia. When not working, Domingo can most likely be found on the family’s private Caribbean island off the coast of Colombia, suggesting that unless you actually are Blair Waldorf, this guy may be a hard one to pin down.

1 Mikhail Prokhorov, $13 billion

Mikhail Prokhorov’s profile reads like how-to guide for any budding billionaire mogul. Prokhorov ranks as the 10th richest person in Russia, but his assets are most definitely global, including the basketball team the Brooklyn Nets which he purchased in 2010. Prokhorov made his fortune the old fashioned way- in mining- with gold, copper and other metals just some of his many sources of income. Prokhorov is most definitely known as something of a ladies' man (he joked that if the Brooklyn Nets didn’t win the league in 5 years, he would get married) but his real claim to fame is the niche he's carving out for himself in Russian politics. In the 2012 presidential elections Prokhorov ran against Vladimir Putin, and won 8% of the vote - a small but significant number in such a politically conservative state. Since then the billionaire has founded Russian political party, The Civic Platform - so perhaps politics is the way to this mogul’s heart.


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Billionaire Bachelors: World's Ten Richest Eligible Men