Bank Balance of $4 Trillion Appears in Womans Account

Molly Layes became the only trillionaire on the globe this week after her bank balance increased by $4 trillion. Molly, a resident of Fort Smith in Arkansas and a client of Bancorp South, found a deposit of $4,040,404,040,404.04 in her bank account caused by a computer system hitch.

Molly’s wealth was more, by a large margin, than the combined wealth of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett and the Wal-Mart family. Her wealth was sufficient to purchase a few countries. However, she opted to alert the bank manager at the local branch.

Though the error was corrected, Molly told the Times Record that she was happy to be a trillionaire albeit for a short duration of time. The humorous lady said that maybe that day would prove to be her luckiest or someone else’s worst.

Bancorp South blamed the error on a system display issue that showed overstated balance totals in customer’s online banking deposit accounts. The hitch lasted for a short duration of time.

Molly could not withdraw the money but at least she became the only person to have an account balance of more than $1 trillion. The amount exceeded Bancorp South’s assets worth $13.2 billion. This means that the bank’s 292 branches could not raise such a sum.

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Bank Balance of $4 Trillion Appears in Womans Account