7 Sexiest Soon-to-be Billionaires

It’s not enough for some people to have billions of dollars at their fingertips – some people also happen to be blessed with the looks of a Greek God (or Goddess) and the charisma of a Hollywood movie star. Oh yeah, and most happen to be Ivy League educated, too.

For most of us, when a parent or grandparent dies, it means a few weeks of mourning, arrangements and some awkward family togetherness. We’re not saying the people on this list are necessarily waiting for Gramps to kick the bucket, but when he does, they'll be cashing in on an inheritance the tune of billions. And for these select few young, beautiful future billionaires, their futures are particularly attractive in every sense of the word.

Most of us are resigned to never even dreaming of the league in which these heirs and heiresses reside. But just in case you are holding out hope for snagging a billionaire-to-be – or if you're just in the mood for some hotshot eye candy - here are 7 of the sexiest people in the world who are just one heartbeat away from billions.

7 Amanda Hearst

You can totally become a world-class supermodel even if you're only 5’3 – as long as your great-grandfather was the inventor of the largest newspaper and magazine business in world history.

Amanda Hearst is an heiress to the Hearst fortune, founded by legendary publisher William Randolph Hearst. After a brief stint at Boston College, she dropped out to pursue modeling and has been featured on the covers of Town & Country, Cosmo, and – oh yeah,  a little magazine called Vanity Fair.

But she’s certainly not all looks; the 30 year old Hearst spends the majority of her time working as an activist and promoting charities. Rather than apply the typical “throw money at it and call yourself a philanthropist,” Amanda prefers a much more hands-on approach and often travels to less desirable locations, working side by side with fellow activists. Humble, independent, charitable and gorgeous – and next in line to inherit billions from the family business.

6 Vanisha Mittal

The daughter of India’s richest man, Vanisha Mittal is set to inherit $45 billion from her father’s estate. But she’s not just waiting in line to inherit her father’s billions – she’s earning her own keep, too.

With impressive degrees from the European Business School and the University of London, she’s holding her own in the business world as the Director of the holding company for her the Mittal group (her father’s business). Her annual salary is estimated around $2 million.

That’s not to say she doesn't let loose and enjoy her wealth every now and then. Vanisha and her wealthy banker husband Amit Bhatia famously tied the knot in one of the most lavish and expensive weddings ever. Estimated at $78 million, the ceremony was held in Paris and lasted an entire week. Unfortunately, it seems Vanisha couldn’t buy love – she filed for divorce less than a decade after the extravagant affair.

5 Sid Mallya

Vijay Mallya is one of India’s wealthiest business tycoons, with one of the world’s largest alcohol companies, an airline and other assets totaling about $1.4 billion making up his estate. And first in line to inherit his earnings is Sid Mallya - part-time television personality and full-time hottie.

Educated in business from the University of London and other prestigious schools, Sid was originally being groomed to take over his father’s business but always had more interest in pursuing his own career in the entertainment industry. Rather than fit the mold of a traditional heir, he detached his father’s name from his, moved to Los Angeles and began pursuing his dream of working in television.

Appearing on numerous talk shows as a guest throughout the years, he finally launched his own online chat show in 2012. He’s also served as a celebrity judge on some British TV shows and even explored a career in modeling during Lakme Fashion week in 2012.

4 Ivanka Trump

Ivanka inherited her father’s (Donald Trump’s) knack for business negotiations and finance, and fortunately, inherited most of her looks from her mother, formal model Ivana Trump. According to The New York Times, she also inherited “her father’s prodigious flair for self-promotion” – can you blame her? She’s got the smarts, the money and the looks, and it’s serving her very well so far.

In addition to stepping up as a vice president of real estate development and acquisitions for her father’s company not long after graduating college, Ivanka quickly rose to fame by appearing on his  hit television show, The Apprentice, and launched her own line of jewelry. In line to inherit a third of Trump’s $3.6 billion estate, and with a net worth of her own topping $150 million, Ivanka’s certainly on track to follow in her father’s footsteps.

3 Andrew Lauren

Every film producer has to have the deep pockets to fund their pet projects and take them all the way from script to the screen. Not every film producer got his start in the film industry by working as the projectionist in their billionaire father’s home theater, though.

Andrew Lauren, in line to inherit Ralph Lauren’s $5.8 billion estate, runs his own independent film production studio in New York City, producing indie favorites such as the Oscar-nominated The Squid and The Whale and, most recently, The Spectacular Now. After a failed attempt at an acting career, he’s carved out a pretty cushy reputation as one of the few producers in Hollywood not afraid to take a chance on backing “less commercial” films. Needless to say, it’s served him well so far.

2 Aerin Lauder

Her grandparents, Estee and Joseph Lauder, founded a small New York cosmetics company in 1946. Today, the Estee Lauder conglomerate’s sales top $10 billion a year.

Keeping with the trend on this list, the Estee Lauder heiress – Aerin Lauder – isn’t just twiddling her thumbs while she waits for her billions to fall into her lap. On top of being the perfectly glamorous, elegant face for a cosmetics company, often gracing the pages of Vogue and other high-end magazines, Aerin owns her own cosmetics, perfume, fashion and furniture line and already has an estimated net worth of $2.6 billion all her own.

1 Barron Nicholas Hilton II

Paris and Nicky’s little brother may be less famous, but he’s still no stranger to extravagant wealth – and the type of controversy that seems to follow the Hilton name.

In 2008, Barron was arrested in LA for driving under the influence and possessing a fake driver’s license, and he was charged a fine plus three years of probation for the offense. However, that small fine turned into a court settlement of $4.6 million – a sum even the Hiltons don’t take lightly.

OK, so he’s a bit of a bad boy. That doesn’t mean he’s still not bad to look at, and he is in line to inherit a fourth of his (clearly not particularly disciplinarian) father’s $4.5 billion estate – Or is he?

In 2007, Barron Hilton (the first) announced his plans to donate 97% of his fortune to charity – not his numerous children and grandchildren. Whether the decision really is a philanthropic move or just one last way to punish his often publicly misbehaving heirs and heiresses, one thing’s for sure: 3% of the Hilton fortune is still vastly more than most of us (who didn't put a four and a half million dollar fine on our parents' tab) are likely to see in our lifetime.

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