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5 Richest Tech Billionaires Who Dropped Out Of University

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5 Richest Tech Billionaires Who Dropped Out Of University

The popular belief that university education is important for gaining success in the technical and technological field is wrong. Five of the richest tech billionaires have dropped out of university and they still managed to gain success without a degree.

5. Gabe Newell


Gabe Newell has an estimated net worth is $1.15 billion. He was the maker of the software company called Valve that made  games like Counter Strike, Half Life 2, and Portal famous. He initially left university to work for the industry of information technology. Later, after working in Microsoft for 13 years, he left the company to join the video game industry.

4. Steve Jobs


His estimated worth is about $11 billion. Steve Jobs left his university within six months of joining to find ways of making user friendly computers. The iPod, iPhone, iTunes, iPad and all other ‘Apple’ products are the brainchild of this great man.

3. Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg has an estimated worth of about $13 billion. He dropped his studies to form Facebook which valued $100 billion on May 2012 when it went public from its initial name of ‘Facemash’.

2. Michael Dell


Michael Dell‘s estimated worth is about $15.9 billion. The largest PC makers of the world, Dell, dropped out after attending university for two years.

1. Bill Gates


Bill Gates had an estimated worth of about $72 billion and he is the founder of Microsoft. He dropped out in the third year of Harvard because he had to give more time to Microsoft, which today is the largest software producer of the world.

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