2013's Newest Billionaires


3 Ronald Joyce - 1.2 Billion Dollars

Ron Joyce started out in the franchise business. He owned a franchise of Dairy Queens in Canada, and he was out looking for new opportunities. He ran across a doughnut shop that was doing very well which was run by a hockey player Tim Horton. Ron eventually took control of the chain of doughnut shops, and eventually Wendy's acquired this doughnut shop. He was payed in Wendy's stock, and just recently sold all of his Wendy's stock and put it into his holdings company Jetport. Jetport has holdings in aviation, real estate, and other commercial interests.

2 Edward Stack - 1.1 Billion Dollars


Edward's father, Richard "Dick" Stack, started Dick's Sporting Goods when he only in his 20s. He started with 300 dollars that his grandmother gave him. Richard Stack only ever had 2 stores, although those 2 stores were very successful. In 1984 Edward Stack took over his dads business and began rapidly expanding the company, opening many new stores. Dicks sporting goods acquired Golf Galaxy in 2007 and continues to grow rapidly, as one of the biggest sporting goods stores in the market.

1 Michael Pieper - 2 Billion Dollars

Michael Pieper owns the Artemis Group, which is the leader in high end kitchen appliances. His products range from sinks, to fridges, to microwaves and ovens. It is estimated that the Artemis Group sales were over 2.4 Billion dollars. The Artemis group also finds a big portion of its wealth through real estate, weather it is in their home country of Switzerland or abroad.


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