15 Times Vladimir Putin Beat The West

The rise of Vladimir Putin is a rather confusing and controversial one. From entering the political arena as Russia's 2nd and 4th president, as well as its 34th and 38th Prime Minister (yes, Russia has both). Vladimir Putin was plucked out of obscurity as a KGB agent and presented with the prestigious job as Advisor of International Affairs to Mayor Sobchak. At the time, Putin was seen as a quiet man who could be easily manipulated and persuaded by certain authorities within the United Russian Party (the largest political party in Russia). But boy were they wrong!

Currently, Vladimir Putin is Russia's 4th President and he's arguably doing a good job at it. Not a great one, but a good one. After the Cold War, Russia can't seem to catch a break from its Western comparison, and with undeniable efforts from the Western media, Russian acceptance is up for debate. Yet, don't be too persuaded by the effort to make Vladimir Putin seem like an "evil" dictator sent to reconstruct the fallen Soviet Empire. To show you what we mean, here's a list of 15 examples when Vladimir Putin seemingly outwitted, out-policied, and plain out-did the Western efforts trying to bring him and Russia down...

15 Banning Of GMO 

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GMO is a Genetically Modified Organism created in a scientific lab which helps genetically engineer plants, animals, and even humans (not that it's used that way). GMO isn't natural and can result in damaging side effects, such as susceptibility to certain diseases, bacteria and sickness. GMO is also extremely harmful to the environment, as it requires more pesticides to be used in production and can lead to the contamination of natural seeds forever.

14 Syrians Showing Appreciation For Russian Support 

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13 Kicks Rothschild Banking Out Of Moscow

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Ever think about the wealthiest family in the world? For some reason not many do, as Rothschild isn't as well known of a family name as, let's say, Trump? Nonetheless the Rothschild Banking System is the largest in the world, owning hundreds of world banks. In fact, if you look up who owns your own country's banking system, it's probably going to be the Rothschilds - which is scary, considering the Rothschilds are an independent company and not in for the interests of every individual country's funds, which it subsequently owns.

12 Not Backing Down 


President Putin's strong deposition that isn't about to bow down to the West is bothersome to certain partisans - one of whom happens to be former U.S. Foreign Service Officer and current United States Ambassador to Russia, John F. Tefft, who made efforts to dismantle Putin's Presidency for a more puppet-like volunteer. John F. Tefft was even quoted as saying he will make efforts to "displace Putin from office and install our own people."

11 Calling Out The Bullsh*t 

While the United States is notorious for spending billions bailing out business tycoons, big time CEOs, and large scale companies with no consequence at all, President Putin has another method. Instead of just handing out $17.4 billion to a company like *cough cough* Bush did for GM, which ultimately cost the country $11.2 billion, in Russia the President actually shows up to the building. Back in 2009, one year after Bush bailed out GM, a company in Russia was facing a similar fate of bankruptcy; which lead to the holding of cheques to workers while CEOs and bosses were still payed a high salary. Instead of simply shelling out billions, Putin arrived at a business meeting with the factory owners demanding answers for their negligence.

10 Dealing With Wildfire Like A Boss Rather Than Cowering


Remember the Fort McMurray fires that were blasted across any North American news channel during the month of May? You know, the fires that Canadian firemen couldn't contain themselves, so they had to accept the assistance of 300 Brazilian forest firefighters? The one which forced evacuation of over 80,000 people, and destroyed 2,400 structures? Well it appears Russia had a similar situation back in 2010, in the Ryazan region, where a wildfire took 50 lives and destroyed many local villages.

9 "Have You Common Sense?"

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While accusing Putin of having plans for another “Cold War” and infiltration of the Ukraine, a BBC reporter asked how Putin would deal with the falling rubble, as he would ultimately need assistance soon, particularly from the West. Putin responded by outwitting the BBC journalist, stating “you mentioned that Russia played its part in the development of tensions that we are seeing in the world, Russia did play its part in understanding that it is standing up for its national interests... the disdain from our Western friends comes from the fact that we are doing just that; standing up for our national interests.” A powerful response to a question fuelled by Western hysteria of Russia.

8 Not Backing NATO


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization - or NATO - is an allegiance of 28 countries who share collective interests and will come to the aid of another NATO member when requested. Some of the countries that make of NATO are; Canada, the United Kingdom, the U.S.A, France, Italy, and Norway to name a few. One of the biggest issues of NATO is its allegiance to members despite any international law that said country may be breaking. One such example is Turkey. Since 2011, links between oil transports into Turkey have been under scrutiny, but it was April of 2016 when links between the corrupt country and a notorious terrorist organization hit a climax. International reporters within Turkey began releasing information about ISIS recruits shuttling themselves between the Turkish and Syrian borders in - get this - UN trucks. If you don't believe me just look up the story of Serena Shim.

7 Higher Literacy Rate 

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6 Staying In Power 

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Putin's long reign has happened for one reason: Putin is a genius. Putin was elected Presidential nominee for the party in 1999, which he won. Thereafter Putin then flopped between Presidency and being Prime Minister - so what's the difference between the two? Well, in short form, the President creates and defines general aspects of policies or laws and the Prime Minister works out the details. Oh, and the Prime Minister is appointed by the President.

5 Not Budging With Crimea


4 The Environment 

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3 Overall Higher Approval Rate 

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2 Health Care 

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1 "To Forgive The Terrorists Is Up To God, But To Send Them To Him Is Up To Me"

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After the attack on Paris in November 2015, the entire World was in an uproar. It was the first attack by the Islamic State on a core country which shocked the world, as it was a very bold move. The French declared war on ISIS two day later, along with the hacking group Anonymous, who helped close down ISIS' Twitter accounts and report any suspects to the FBI. In response to the attack on Paris, many leaders released statements, most of which were the stereotypical "we feel your pain" statements like those of Obama and Trudeau, but President Vladimir Putin had much stricter words - and his sources backed them up too. When asked to make a statement after the viscous attack, Vladimir Putin said this: "To forgive the terrorists is up to God, but to send them to him is up to me." Thereafter, in December, Vladimir Putin sent 150,000 soldiers into Syria to practice what he preached.

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15 Times Vladimir Putin Beat The West