15 Sexiest Wall Street Power Couples

When we think of sexy couples, we think of Hollywood stars. People who live their lives in front of a camera and are often paid a hefty amount of money on the strength of their flawless good looks. Bu

When we think of sexy couples, we think of Hollywood stars. People who live their lives in front of a camera and are often paid a hefty amount of money on the strength of their flawless good looks. But, there is another class of sexy couples that are rarely thought of. They are powerful, privileged, and extremely intelligent people who have managed to find love in their personal lives and success in their professional lives. They are the power couples of Wall Street.

What goes into making a power couple sexy? You could, perhaps, assume that all of their sexiness must come from their looks. But that's not quite the whole story. There are many things that can make a person and a couple sexy. Sex appeal comes from intelligence, confidence, wealth, and - of course - power. And the following fifteen couples have it all, forging their path to success together on Wall Street.

15 Nell Diamond and Teddy Wasserman


Less than six months ago, Nell Diamond married Ted Wasserman in an extravagant three day wedding in France. As the daughter of former Barclays chief Bob Diamond, Nell Diamond was once a Deutsche Bank analyst. She is currently a graduate student at Yale School of Management.

14 Paul Tudor Jones and Sonia Tudor Jones


13 Richard Perry and Lisa Perry


Not only are Richard and Lisa Perry fabulously powerful, they are also very fashionable. Lisa Perry is the famous fashion designer with a signature line of 1960's inspired clothes. She has a store on Madison Avenue and is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology.

12 Louis Bacon and Gabrielle de Heinrich Saccognaghi


Back in 2007, Louis Bacon and Gabrielle de Heinrich Saccognaghi quietly wed in a civil ceremony at their apartment in Manhattan. A few days later the couple traveled to Lyford Cay in the Bahamas where they had another ceremony at the newlyweds' home.

11 Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill


Power is sexy, but royalty and power is even sexier. New York hedge funder Christopher O'Neill, 40, is partner at Noster Capital. He is originally from London, though he attained his bachelor's degree in international relations from Boston University and his MBA from Columbia.

10 Liam Dalton and Meghan Douglas

Meghan Douglas brings nearly all of the sexy to her marriage with Liam Dalton. A semi-retired fashion model, Douglas got her start in television and print advertising campaigns for Finesse Shampoo and Condition in 1995.

9 Maria Bartiromo and Jonathan Steinberg


Maria Bartiromo got her start as a hard hitting anchor on CNBC. During her time with CNBC Bartiromo met and married Jonathan Steinberg. Steinberg worked at Bear Stearns before he became the CEO of WisdomTree Investments.

8 Erin Burnett and David Rubulotta


David Rubulotta was once an employee of Lehman Brothers, before he moved to Citibank where he works as a managing director in high-yield sales. Recently, Rubulotta wed CNN anchor Erin Burnett. Formerly a member of the CNBC team, Burnett is affectionately known as "Street Sweetie". The anchor is known for her witty humor as well as her hard hitting journalism.

7 Howard Lutnick and Allison (Lambert) Lutnick


This Wall Street power couple is heavily involved in the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, which was created by Lutnick after his company lost 658 employees in the 9/11 terror attacks.

6 Meredith Whitney and John Charles Layfield


Meredith Whitney became known as the "women who called Wall Street's meltdown" in 2007. Prior to her famous financial forecast, Whitney worked at Oppenheimer Holdings as a Director and as part of the company's Specialty Finance Group. She later resigned to established the Meredith Whitney Advisory Group.

5 Katie Couric and John Molner

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Katie Couric became a household name during her time as a co-host on the Today show. From there she began her career with CBS News before moving to ABC News.

She has been a daytime talk show host on Katie as well as the anchor of the CBS Evening News. She is, in her own right, a powerful woman with an annual salary of over $6 million. Factor in a husband who is a partner at Brown Brother Harriman, and Couric isn't just a highly successful woman - she is one half of a very sexy power couple.

4 Leandra Medine and Abie Cohen


When you run a fashion blog entitled Man Repeller, it may seem as though you're not interested in dating or marrying anytime soon.  However, Leandra Medine, who blogs on eccentric high fashion styles, announced in December of 2011 that she was engaged to UBS financier Abie Cohen.

3 Devon Aoki and James Bailey


Devon Aoki was signed by Storm model management at the young age of 14. She went on to become the face of Versace. She has posed for Chanel and Fendi, and has starred in movies such as 2 Fast 2 Furious and Sin City. And, on the personal side of her life, Aoki is married to American financier James Bailey.

2 Pippa Middelton and Nico Jackson


Pippa Middleton, 31, has been making headlines since her sister Kate Middleton wed Prince William and became the Duchess of Cambridge. Known in many circles as a socialite and the love interest of several wealthy businessmen, Pippa seems to have settled into a relationship with Nico Jackson.

1 Paul Arrouet and Dylan Lauren


The only daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren wed themanaging partner of Marblegate Asset Management in June of 2011, forming the sexiest power couple on Wall Street. Dylan Lauren, 40, is the owner of Dylan's Candy Bar and is a graduate of Duke University.

Her husband, Paul Arrouet, 43, is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and was previously a senior managing director at Bear Stearns for nearly 12 years. The couple was married in Bedford at the Lauren estate. The ceremony featured s'mores, strawberry cheesecake and banana splits.

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15 Sexiest Wall Street Power Couples