10 Highest-Paying Jobs You Can Do From Home

As the international job market and world wide web continue to expand, it only makes sense that individuals looking for meaningful and lucrative work have more job options outside the classic nine to five schedule. Working at home has become increasingly popular, since it allows people to design their own schedule in the midst of their busy lives. Working parents and freelancers especially have benefited from the online option.

Michael Haaren and Christine Durst wrote Work at Home Now: The No-nonsense Guide to Finding Your Perfect Home-based Job, which unveils a community of ‘teleworkers’ and guides potential distance workers towards legitimate options. Durst has appeared in multiple media outlets as “America’s ultimate work-at-home expert.” Her wide success is a tribute to a recent spike in interest in work-at-home career paths.

There are a host of famous people who work from home. Richard Branson, the billionaire chairman of Virgin Group, has publicly stated that he has never worked out of an office, and he never plans to. He recently wrote in his blog, “we like to give people the freedom to work where they want, safe in the knowledge that they have the drive and expertise to perform excellently, whether they are at their desk or in their kitchen.” Other notable successful people who work from home are Craigslist’s Craig Newmark, The Oatmeal’s Matt Inman, and Amazon’s star engineer James Hamilton; the latter works from a boat and is in charge of Amazon’s 4.5 billion dollar tech infrastructure business!

Clearly, then, it is possible to gain success and earn money working outside the office. The world of work is changing, and so are the methods by which people earn a living. The following list highlights a few interesting and lucrative jobs, ranked by Forbes as the best-paying work at home jobs.

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10 Graphic Designers (median salary: $42,000)

Graphic designers understand what's appealing to consumers, are aware of upcoming trends, and can convert their ideas into visually alluring images. They can work virtually in marketing, technology and commercial industries. Working at home, a graphic designer can, for example, establish usability and design guidelines, conduct user research, identify ways to improve design or even create their own web-based applications. As a multi-media course director, a designer can create instructional materials like videos, student notes, or lab instructions for computer security professionals.

9 Tax Preparers (median salary: $31,000)

Working as a tax preparer is an ideal from-home job since it’s seasonal, running from January to the end of April, and one can avoid the typical 9-5 business hours. Preparers are usually asked to work weekends, workdays or evenings but can also choose times that work for their schedules. In addition to long hours during tax season,  these workers should also be able to deal with different types of people in the process. Luckily, to have this job you don't have to memorize the entire tax code, as there are computer programs that can cover that (gotta love technology). If interested in entrepreneurial pursuits, you can launch your own career as a professional tax preparer by setting up an internet site.

8 Public Relations Specialists (median salary: $51,000)

Public relations specialists come in all forms, but their main job is always to generate positive publicity for the client and enhance their public reputation. Public relations specialists also create and maintain close and productive relationships with journalists, bloggers, and opinion leaders in the public eye. From home, anyone in this field can work to create web-based communications materials like story pitches, press releases or online interviews. With the onset and rapid expansion of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, social media outreach has become especially important for PR workers.

7 Writers and Authors (median salary: $55,000)

Writing from home is another job that can be potentially lucrative. The beauty of having a background in writing is that the possibilities are virtually endless. Freelance writing ranges from writing novels to web-based articles to medical, technical, or résumé writing. In fact, as the internet continues to expand, writing for websites provides both established and aspiring writers a chance to write with purpose while still designing their own schedule and maintaining the ability to write from almost anywhere in the world. English majors, have faith! 

6 Postsecondary Teachers (median salary: $59,000)

Online teaching involves a student and tutor who meet through the internet and give/receive instruction. The internet has opened doors for global teaching and learning; online education is expanding, as it is now possible to communicate with people all over the world. An online teacher needs to have excellent online communication skills to ensure that their lessons are comprehensible and effective. Teaching usually takes place over a video conference, phone call, or email. Many work from home, while others choose to operate from an educational institute like a university or college.

5 Market and Survey Researchers (median salary: $61,000)

Market research analysts study market conditions to examine potential sales of a service or product. They help companies figure out which products are most appealing to the general public, who will buy them, and at what cost. It is likely that this job will become more popular over time, since companies are always looking to improve the effectiveness of their marketing and business strategies. Most industries use market research, so these analysts are employed throughout the economy and usually work full business hours, often having to work under the pressure of a strict schedule or tight deadlines. Market analysts commonly must have a master’s degree with strong analytical and mathematical skills.

4 Registered Nurses (median salary: $62,000)

While it seems as if a job like nursing would require an in-person presence, there are a number of nursing jobs that are possible to complete from home. Nurses working at home can work in a medical call center doing telephone triage. Also, nurses often telecommute as case managers in insurance company jobs, helping coordinate cost effective care plans and providing care assessment. Other available opportunities include recruiting to help fill open positions in nursing care and healthcare facilities.

3 Computer Software Engineers (median salary: $85,000)

Computer software engineers are commonly trained in a range of technologies and are well compensated for these efforts. Those who telecommute or work from home typically report back to a team or management structure of some sort. Popular certification programs to become a software engineer include Cisco and Microsoft-based training. Software engineers commonly use computer programs to create packaged software and customized applications. Even if you work from home, this is not an easy mark; the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 17% of computer software engineers work over 50 hours a week!

2 Financial Managers (median salary: $99,000)

In many cases financial management includes overseeing finances of major companies or agencies, as well as providing financial reports, cash-flow statements, profit projects and other analysis related work. In order to comply with regulations, all of this work must be completed in an efficient and timely manner. In addition to number-crunching, financial managers must also help other members of the organization for which they work understand their reports. Financial managers usually start by earning a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics, or business administration.

1 Physicians and Radiologists (median salary: $186,000)

Many physicians can work from home performing file reviews; this type of work is varied and often includes completing peer reviews , underwriting reports, and writing disability opinions and pre-authorizations. Many physicians will supplement their clinical income by doing this sort of work from home, helping them stay current on the latest medical developments. Imaging on Call and Permedion rely on home-based medical workers to evaluate patient cases. “Telemedicine” is most common among retired doctors or doctors who work part time.

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