10 of the Richest Actors Who Never Won An Oscar

The dust has well and truly settled on the 86th Academy Awards and the Oscars have likely found their places in their respective luxury cabinets across the world. During the fall out from the awards, the internet practically imploded with a hardcore of dedicated Leonardo DiCaprio fans outraged that, once again, Leo was left high and dry when the golden statuettes were distributed. Poor Leo! This year, he was beaten by Matthew McConaughey. To be fair, the latter did lose 47 pounds to play an AIDS sufferer in Dallas Buyers Club - that’s dedication.

But Leo, like so many others, was left with a void in his trophy cabinet. A void that he, and indeed the world, hopes will one day be filled. He’s not the only one though. Many of the most prolific actors of our time have, surprisingly, never managed to bag the award. It must be frustrating for them to watch young whippersnappers like the Hollywood darling Jennifer Lawrence coming in and swiping the awards in the infancy of their careers.

Sure, there’s always the Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. They’re pretty snazzy but they’re no Oscar. Unfortunately for the actors that feature on this list, despite critical and commercial acclaim - and full bank accounts - they have yet to be the ones to trip up before accepting their Oscar or to bore everybody with a ten minute acceptance speech. Still, there’s always hope…


10 Glenn Close: $20 million

Glenn Close is an actress who has been widely acclaimed, both critically and commercially. She has been praised for her versatility, taking on an amazing array of roles in her 40 year career to date. Close is memorable for many roles; from the evil Cruella de Vil in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians and its sequel to her mesmerising portrayal of a woman living as a man in 2010’s Albert Nobbs.

Frustratingly (we imagine) Glenn has received six Oscar nominations – but has yet to bag her first one. Despite her lack of success on the Oscars’ red carpet, Glenn’s work has netted her a cool $20 million. She turned 67 this year but the longevity of her career thus far suggest that she still has years of acting ahead of her to finally land a well-deserved Oscar.

9 Ewan McGregor: $35 million


This Scottish actor has enthralled audiences since he made his acting debut back in the early 1990s. He has received multiple awards but, sadly, has yet to manage to nab an Oscar. In fact, many may be surprised to learn he has yet to even be nominated for one! Yes, at 42 - having spent half of his life in the acting business - Mr McGregor has never personally come close to an Oscar.

He rose to prominence in Moulin Rouge! and the Star Wars trilogy before taking on critically acclaimed roles in the likes of Angels and Demons and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. He even lent his vocals to a duet with Nicole Kidman (who was the first Australian actress to win the Academy Award for Best Actress) on the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack. Maybe he’ll nab a Grammy before he gets his coveted Oscar? Regardless, Ewan has a $35 million nest egg so the lack of an Oscar doesn't seem to have slowed down his career.

8 Julianne Moore: $40 million

Flame haired screen siren Julianne has been one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood. Throughout the course of her career Moore has landed roles that were both critically and commercially successful. To some, she will always be Dr Sarah Harding from Jurassic Park. To others, she is remembered for her roles in Boogie Nights and Hannibal.

Julianne is a bit of an “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” case – she has been nominated for an Academy Award four times but has yet to manage to take one home. She has several upcoming projects though, so watch this space. Moore also writes books which have no doubt helped her build up the comfortable $40 million bank balance.

7 Ian McKellen: $55 million


English actor Sir Ian McKellen may have tackled a wide variety of roles in his career, both on stage and screen, but he has yet to receive the number one prize. Okay, let’s be fair; he does have six Laurence Olivier Awards, a Tony Award, a Golden Globe and lots more prestigious trophies to fill up his no-doubt cavernous home. He has been nominated twice for an Oscar but that one great accolade has proved elusive.

McKellen's roles as Magneto in the X-Men films and Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings films (both of which he is currently reprising in upcoming reboots) have helped him earn a nice retirement fund of $55 million – but have left him Oscar-less, so far.

6 Michelle Pfeiffer: $80 million

Michelle Pfeiffer is 55, but incredibly looks about half her age. Her youthful looks have undoubtedly helped with the longevity of her career – she has been active in the industry since the late 1970s, despite missing out on the Oscar.

Pfeiffer is known for many roles over the past five decades. Some of her best known roles include Dangerous Liaisons, What Lies Beneath and Scarface. She's currently working on a film, Moana, not set for release for another four years. Perhaps all that time in perfecting this movie will finally land the elusive Academy Award? She has had three Oscar nominations to date – 1988, 1989 and 1992.

5 Bill Murray: $120 million


American comedian and actor, and a Hollywood icon, Bill Murray opens the top five. Bill has enjoyed continued success across many genres, despite being stereotyped as a comedy actor. His one and only Oscar nod came in 2003, for his role in Lost in Translation.

Apparently, Bill was pretty sure he was going to win the Oscar the night he was nominated. So sure, that when he didn’t win, he showed his displeasure by declining to clap for the actual winner (Sean Penn). Talk about sour grapes! Still, we can understand his frustration; Bill’s long career surely makes him deserving of one of those little golden delights by now.

4 Brad Pitt: $170 million

Brad has enjoyed women fawning over his looks for years and is married to one of the most beautiful women in the world. He has starred in massively successful movies. He has $170 million in his personal bank account. But he doesn't have an Oscar. Nobody can have it all, eh?

He has been half of two of Hollywood’s biggest ever couples between his marriage with Jennifer Aniston and his current fiancee, Angelina Jolie. This level of publicity did undoubtedly, naturally enough, help his career along a bit. Some of his most critically acclaimed performances have been in the Ocean’s Eleven films, Troy and Inglorious Basterds.

He has been nominated for Academy Awards three times but so far hasn't managed to bring one home. His beautiful fiancee has though, so there’s bound to be some friendly rivalry there.


3 Leonardo DiCaprio: $200 million


The man of the moment, Leonardo DiCaprio has been the subject of many memes, sympathy articles and blogs from fans devastated on his behalf since he missed out on yet another Oscar this year.

Leo has been lucky enough to star in a great many Hollywood blockbusters. He took the male lead in Titanic, the second most successful film in history. The world couldn't get enough of this formidable actor, and he went on to take on challenging roles in Gangs of New York, The Departed and more recently The Wolf of Wall Street. These films, and many more of his credits, have brought in millions to his own account, as well as to Hollywood generally.

Despite five nominations, he has yet to win the 'best actor' Oscar. Poor Leo! His $200 million most be some consolation, though.

2 Johnny Depp: $350 million

No need for introductions here. Johnny is one of the most successful actors of all time with his films having grossed over $7.6 billion worldwide.

Johnny is well known for his roles as Captain Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean series, Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. His portrayals are often described as a bit quirky and different but it clearly works – a personal wealth of $350 million doesn’t come easy.

Johnny has had three nominations for Oscars but, sadly, he has yet to reel one in.

1 Tom Cruise: $500 million


Before he became known for jumping on a couch proclaiming his love for his now ex-wife Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise had plenty of credibility in the acting world. He has starred in a vast range of films that have grossed millions upon millions of dollars worldwide, earning him the number one spot on our list. Yes, Tom Cruise is the richest actor not to have won an Oscar.

Cruise began his career aged just 19 and hasn't looked back since. He starred in the massively successful Mission Impossible franchise which established him as a Hollywood A-lister, as well as taking on more serious roles in the likes of Vanilla Sky and playing the rom-com love interest in movies like Jerry Maguire.

Despite the financial and critical success of his films, poor Tom has been pipped to the post with Oscar wins three times now.

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