Top 10 Richest Nightclubs In America

Whether you like clubbing or hate it, love dancing or have two left feet, you're bound to be impressed by the extortionate earnings of 2013’s Top Ten nightclubs in the United States. As Hollywood, the

Whether you like clubbing or hate it, love dancing or have two left feet, you're bound to be impressed by the extortionate earnings of 2013’s Top Ten nightclubs in the United States. As Hollywood, the media and the stars themselves never tire of demonstrating, the wealthy Americans know how to party - and people come from all over the world to get a slice of the American party pie. There are some surprises on this list, and some predictable results. Surprisingly, L.A. doesn't feature on our list: Not a single Hollywood club makes the grade. Maybe the stars in Tinsel Town are too worried about their reputation to really let their hair down in L.A.'s top night clubs! Even New York, with its international reputation as a hub of activity, features minimally on the list.

Most of the top grossing nightclubs in America are in fact localised to one small but powerful city: it is, of course, Las Vegas. What makes this city's night life such a roaring success? Let's start with the huge amount of money floating around the Nevada desert city. Throw in high-stakes gambling - and likely small fish who like to play at being high-stakes movers and shakers. Add the quickie wedding scene, the bachelor and bridal party trips, the group outings among friends or marathon conferences… and stir. Add alcohol, late hours, fast driving and the Cirque de Soleil, some of the world’s top performers and chefs—anything you want flown in for the right price. Shaken over ice.

People say that in Las Vegas, it's always night time - so it's no wonder the night clubs there rake in millions. If you're intrigued by America's after-dark scene, or simply want to baulk at the sheer volume of cash being dropped in clubs the world over, we've rounded up the ten nightclubs in America where people spent the most money between 2012 and 2013, according to's annual report.

10 Mango’s Tropical Café, Miami Beach, FL -  $25-$35 Million 

Moving from 14th place in 2012 to the Top Ten in 2013, Mango's club nights are typically hosted by Latina beauties wearing outlandish, carnival style - revealing! - costumes with brightly coloured sarongs, bikini tops and feathered head wear. With all of the entertainment provided at this Miami Beach club, punters must not notice their wallets gradually - or possibly not so gradually - emptying! This Miami Beach club has recently been taking in up to an astounding $35 million a year - that's approximately $670 k every weekend!

9 LAVO LV: Las Vegas, NV -  $25-$35 Million

LAVO, Las Vegas has also moved up in Top Ten earnings since the 2012 list, leaving 12th position for the current spot at number 9. Like the other clubs LAVO has an exotic menu, and the food served up here has a fantastic reputation. The club's renowned for its terrace on Vegas’s main strip, and has played host to big name celebs like Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian. Club décor includes dim lighting producing romantic sepia tones, with stunning lighting fixtures, and intricate patterns and baubles on the ceilings and hanging in strategic locations - we 'LAVO' it!

8 Tryst Nightclub: Las Vegas, NV - $25-$35 Million

One of the polished Wynn venues, Tryst is decked out in shiny (sexy!) red, with leather-upholstered sofas in cosy, intimate configurations - but not so cosy that the big spenders can't see and be seen. This nightclub boasts a 90-foot indoor waterfall and hosts international performers and DJs. The New-Year’s weekend lineup this year included DJ Spider, rapper Jermaine Dupri, and DJ Lil Jon. Hoping to keep your 'tryst' a secret? With all the buzz around Las Vegas’s Tryst Nightclub, this may not be the place for it...

7 LAVO NY: New York, NY - $25-$35 Million

If you wanted to see in 2014 at LAVO NY, with an open bar, you'd have to pay $200 entry fee - and this for only the 7th top-grossing nightclub in the US! The decor in this NY branch of the popular Las Vegas club is reminiscent of its sister location, though with straighter lines, more wood and less metallic lustre. Similarities can be seen in the curved backs of long booths and in the colouring of some of the lighting. What appears to be intricate metal latticework provides part of the backdrop for the dance floor, which is a highly polished hardwood. Luxurious surroundings, for which party-goers pay up to $35 million annually.

6 PURE Nightclub: Las Vegas, NV - $35-$45 Million

This massive 36,000 square-foot nightclub, which earned the title of the Number 1 club in the US according to E! Entertainment, has three separate venues within its walls. Each venue is independent from the others, with its own sound system and DJ. Get tired of one atmosphere and simply move on to another. A clever strategy which has proven popular, to the tune of $45 million a year. Celebs who have hosted or performed at PURE include JLo, Ke$ha, Miguel and Nicki Minaj, among others. PURE has, in fact, moved from 4th place to 6th in the last year, in terms of gross revenue - maybe all that choice is getting tiring for the regular club attendees.

5 Surrender Nightclub: Las Vegas, NV - $45-$60 Million

Another Wynn-Social nightclub, Surrender has access to 42 resident DJs who are exclusive to Wynn. These include David Guetta, DJ Spider, Lil Jon, Warren Peace and Zeds Dead, among others. Surrender’s Events calendar includes intriguing mysteries, which publish no information aside from “Special Guest” for specific dates, keeping eager clubbers guessing. Playing hard to get works for this club, which takes in up to $60 million annually.

4 LIV: Miami Beach, FL - $45-$60 Million

Holding fourth place for the past two years, Miami Beach’s LIV boasts 18,000 square feet of hot-property clubbing territory, where Miami’s hottest partiers dance to the world's biggest DJs. Inside, LIV looks like a psychedelic playground, blending the primary colours of a preschoolers’ TV show with an ultra-modern lounge. Here, you'll soak up the fun and you might feel like your money isn’t merely vanishing, but is being absorbed by the electric atmosphere. All $60 million of it.

3 TAO LV: Las Vegas, NV - $60-$70 Million

As the name suggests, this club has a decor with a very Asian flavour. Silk-screened Bonsai trees are back-lit in bold panels, which provide the staging for much of the lounge area. A majestic chandelier with almost dragon-like angles glows red above the large dance floor. The overall impression is a fusion of old and new, with modern furniture surrounded by antique-looking pillars and accessories. This #3 club is affiliated with the LAVO group as well as the Marquee club in Las Vegas. Perhaps part of TAO’s cash-amassing ability is due to the savvy way they serve up their three packages: the Dining and Nightlife package, the Bachelorette package and the 21st Birthday package. This is a great spot for a par-tao... Ouch.

2 Marquee LV Las Vegas, NV; $80-$90 Million

The Marquee Nightclub is yet another Las Vegas hotspot, with a gross revenue of between $80 and $90 million in 2013. The Marquee also has venues by the same name in New York and Sydney, Australia. The decor of this Las Vegas club is quite different from the other featured clubs. One space is called “The Library” with the ambience a combination of smoking room and study, complete with wing-back leather armchairs, a billiards table bordered in chrome and an art-deco wall clock. The main floor has a decidedly Arabian Nights’ atmosphere, with ceilings canopied in cloth and a large dance floor, and the third space, called “Boombox,” sports a smaller dance floor.

1 XS Nightclub: Las Vegas, NV - $80-$90 Million

Either the folks at Wynn know how to make a great club, or they charge insane cover charges - or both! This is the third Wynn venue in the top 10 clubs in America, with an annual revenue of up to $90 million. The main dance floor looks like a cave made of gold, with silhouettes of nude women’s bodies draped in the gold surface material. The effect is sensuous and rich - literally as well as figuratively. One can imagine writhing figures on the dance floor, echoed by the serpentine female figures on the walls. The lounge and bar area feature gold throughout, with huge shining columns and retro standing lamps, their shades threaded with veins of gold. As the name suggests, the decor of this club portrays excess luxury-  and, certainly, the people who patronize the nightclub must party and spend to excess to make this club so popular and so stunningly profitable.

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Top 10 Richest Nightclubs In America