Top 12 U.S. Presidents Who Didn't Give A Sh*t

American presidents—the pride of their nation. The United States was founded on July 4, 1776 and 43 different men have served as president. The U.S has witnessed World War I and was the military and economic powerhouse for World War II. They are the nation who landed on the moon and, somehow, had a considerable portion of their country deny that it ever happened. It suffered yet stood strong in the face of adversity, never giving up their freedom of speech and of religion.

Today, the star-spangled nation is the world's leader of everything from war budgets to the imperial system. If the U.S. gets a medal for something, it's for not caring about what others think of them. It seems that every day a new controversy rears its ugly head at America, and who's there to try and settle a right? The Presidents!

In light of the coming elections and hopes that a true leader will come out of it—everything from swearing parrots to skinny dipping presidents, here's 12 U.S. presidents who did not give a s***!

12 Ulysses S. Grant: Horsing Around

What is not widely known about Ulysses S. Grant is that he would frequently race down the streets on a horse, during his presidency In fact, he did it so much that he ended up getting a ticket, some say, for $20—worth around $305 today! He was going so fast that it took the officer nearly a block to bring the president and his horse to a full stop. 

This president's speeding ticket may have cost him a little, but what this next president did is unbelievable.

11 Warren G. Harding: Gambler

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Warren G. Harding was a gambler; poker was his favorite way to lose. So it may not come as a surprise that Harding gambled away an entire White House china set in a single game.

And if gambling every week wasn't enough, he was also gambling with his presidency! He took risks by offering high political positions to his friends and as favors to the people he owed. His scandals cost him his second term.

10 Abraham Lincoln: Wrestler


Abraham Lincoln liked to wrestle, said to be only defeated once every 300 matches. Not only was he a very competitive wrestler but he was known to talk a little smack every now and again, one time after beating an opponent he turned to the crowd and challenged them to a match, no one took the invite. Lincoln was no WWE champion but was quite talented at wrestling, so much so that there's even a shrine dedicated to him in the Wrestling Hall of Fame. 

9 John Adams: Pet Names 

The most odd thing about John Adams—a devout Christian—is that he supposedly named one of his dogs Satan. Speaks for itself, really. Not only is the name odd for a Christian but it may have been a tad inappropriate. He is not alone as many other presidents have given their furry friends names that are rather peculiar, such as Sweetlips and King Tut.

If you think this president had a strange name for his pet, read on.

8 Andrew Jackson: Bad Polly

What isn't that wildly known about former president, Andrew Jackson is that he had a parrot which he taught to swear. In fact, the bird would swear so much that it had to be taken out of the room on several occasions during important affairs. Question is: what was the parrot saying? The exact words haven't been documented but we do know that the parrot cursed so often that he had to be removed from Andrew Jackson's own funeral, for screaming obscenities.

7 John Calvin Coolidge, Jr.: President Who Cried Wolf

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John Calvin Coolidge was a real prankster. He would press panic buttons and sound alarms throughout the White House and would then hide under his desk while the guards came running to get him.

Coolidge was also a man who supposedly said little, but when he did speak, he was direct and on point. On several occasions, it was said he ended entire arguments in very few words. This gave him the nick name "Silent Cal".

Although Coolidge was known to deliver sick burns in very few words, this next president surprised us all by roasting many people in one evening.

6 Barack Obama: Presidential Burn

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At the annual White House Correspondents dinner in 2011, Barak Obama, decided to completely humiliate Fox News and Donald Trump by showing a clip of Disney's The Lion King, and calling it the video of his birth. This was days after the president released his birth certificate, proving to Trump and others that he was in fact born in the United States. People were expecting to see a video of a young Barack but instead were shown a young Simba. Not only did he show the video as a way to showcase Trump's focus on unimportant matters but he went on to insult him and others, few were spared.

Now, if you think Obama stood strong in the face of opposition, you can't imagine what this next president did.

5 Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. : Bulletproof

After his presidency in 1912, a saloon keeper shot Roosevelt while he was campaigning in Milwaukee. The shooter was aiming for the heart, but the bullet was slowed down by a pair of glasses and the written speech. Instead of calling it quits, he stayed and delivered his 1 hour speech, he even pulled out the bloody manuscript from his pocket and said “You see, it takes more than one bullet to kill a Bull Moose.” As soon as the speech was over, the president was rushed to the hospital.

4 Herbert C. Hoover: A Pair Of Crocs

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Funny thing about Herbert C. Hoover is that, while in office, he was known to have two alligators which would roam the White House and its lawn freely, scaring some of the workers there and he didn't seem to care. He was also the first president to have a telephone on his desk in the White House, a feature that seemed to make sense for future presidents. He was a president that really skipped to the beat of his own drum, and he liked it that way.

3 Andrew Johnson: Party Too Hard

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Ever had that one friend who would go to work or do a test while they were drunk? Well imagine Andrew Johnson going to his vice-presidential inauguration drunk from drinking that morning, yes morning. That morning he woke up and drank three glasses of whiskey before the inauguration. What good he thought would come from that, no one knows. He went on to deliver a slurred speech and finally gave up being to drunk to continue.

The president as the time was Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated in 1865, and when Andrew Johnson then became president, he was the first commander-in-chief of the United States to be impeached due to his reckless behavior.

2 John Q. Adams: Skinny Dipping

As strange as this sounds, president John Quincy Adams loved to swim naked in the Potomac river at 5 am every morning. This was his way of dealing with the stress of being president. Maybe he swam naked because he had no sense of style or care for clothing, it is said that he wore the same hat for nearly 10 years!  

Fun fact: Adams also had a pet alligator, a truly unique individual indeed. 

1 Lyndon B. Johnson: Showed Off His Johnson

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Lyndon B. Johnson wasn't ever afraid to talk about his package. He would often show it to people in bathrooms, asking inappropriate questions about it and he even called it by the name "Jumbo". There are even recordings of a conversation he had with his tailor about making more room for his presidential junk since it often got chafed. Another funny fact, Johnson was a very sexual being, often bragging about his sexual escapades, wanting to be as popular as Kennedy was during his time as president. 

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