10 Of The Top Reasons Why Women Cheat

We have all heard the saying "once a cheater, always a cheater." It is a generalization that isn't exactly 100% true, but when you are cheated on it is hard to trust that person again. Men especially have a reputation for being more willing to cheat on their significant others. But obviously, men aren't the only one who stray outside of their relationship every once in awhile. Women do it too.

Cheaters always have a million justifications for why they cheated, and most of the time the person they cheated on doesn't want to hear it. The reason doesn't really matter. All that matters is the trust is broken, and going back is impossible. A lot of couples try to go to counseling to work on saving their relationship, but forgiveness can be hard to come by. The affect cheating has on a relationship varies from couple to couple, and you never know how much damage you could do by cheating.

Some might call these excuses, but here are 10 possible reasons women in particular might have for cheating on their significant other.

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10 Her partner cheated first

Revenge is a huge reason for anyone to cheat. For women, feeling like they were played for a fool, lied to, and treated like they weren't good enough are bound to cause anger and resentment. She might be at the point where she doesn't care about her cheating partner's feeling anymore. She doesn't care about saving the relationship. All she wants is that sweet, sweet satisfaction of telling her partner that if he can cheat, so can she. It may not be mature, or productive, but sometimes getting even seems way more important.

9 Her partner works too much

Even the most independent woman in the world still likes to feel like she is a priority in her partner's life. Business trips, working late, and bringing work home happens for everyone sometimes, but it shouldn't take over completely. If a woman feels neglected, it isn't too far fetched to think she might look elsewhere for a little attention. Again, it isn't mature, or the healthy, but it still happens. Both people have to make time for each other and their relationship, or their connection isn't going to survive, and there is always someone else just around the corner more than willing to pick up the pieces.

8 Libido 

Sex drive can be unpredictable. Libido levels can vary based on age, personality, and stress levels, and it can be hard for two people to stay on the same page about what they need in the bedroom. Communication is key here if a couple is going to have any chance at consistently pleasing each other sexually. It can be hard for some people to express their needs, especially if they are ashamed of a fantasy, or just aren't as open as they could be. Sexual chemistry can be hard to come by, and if a woman finds it happens naturally with someone other than her current partner, she might not be able to hold back.

7 She is emotionally unfulfilled

Cheating doesn't always have to a physical thing. Women especially tend to crave an emotional connection with a man, and it could have nothing to do with sex at all. She may be getting all the physical attention she needs in her relationship, but she has another guy she can connect with on an emotional level. If it is something that is distracting her from nurturing her primary relationship, then it could be considered cheating too. A couple should be able to tell each other anything, and if a woman feels like she has to go to someone other than her significant other to have someone to talk to, it could lead to more in the long run.

6 She wants the attention

Some women will never be satisfied with only one man. They love to be the center of attention, and be the woman that every guy wants. These woman will never be able to settle for one because the grass will always be greener on the other side. Women who cheat on their partners for the attention are like children who act out to get their parents attention. She may feel like her partner has lost interest, and she wants to show him that she is still desirable. This tactic rarely works, but it happens anyway.

5 She has low self-esteem

Just like the woman who cheats for attention, a woman with low self esteem will cheat in order to prove to other people (and herself) that she is good enough. She is the type of woman who will fall for any guy that gives her a little attention. Her low self esteem will cause her to think she isn't really good enough for the relationship she is in, so she better cling on to the first guy that comes along, so she isn't alone when her current partner inevitably leaves her.

4 She feels trapped in her relationship

There are a lot of factors that could contribute to a woman feeling like she can't get out of her current relationship. There could be children involved, she could be financially dependent, or her partner could be ill. These women might still love their partner, but feel unfulfilled in a variety of ways. To ease the stress of her home life, a lot of woman will go out looking for a no strings attached affair that will help her come to the realization that she can and should get out of her toxic relationship.

3 She has one foot out the door already

If a woman has already resigned herself to the relationship ending, there isn't much stopping her from pursuing other romantic options. A lot of women agree to try couple's counseling, even though they know it isn't going to change their minds about leaving. The obligation to exhaust every option in saving a serious relationship is often something people feel they need to do before they can leave with a clear conscious. A lot of women know long before they actually break up with someone that it is over. Breaking up is hard, and sometimes people erroneously think they can do things backwards and find someone new before they are even officially single.

2 Her partner has stopped caring

It is pretty hard not to notice when your partner has lost interest in you. Women are sensitive and pretty intuitive when it comes to the moods of the person they are in a relationship with. If a woman can tell her partner has checked out of the relationship, she is going to protect herself by doing the same. People often stay in relationships way past their expiry date because of the supposed ease of complacency. These relationships usually lead to both partners cheating, and the inevitable break up will come when one person is finally ready to cut all ties and move on.

1 She just flat out doesn't care

Men aren't the only ones that can be serial cheaters and never stop to think about the damage it is doing. There are women out there that will cheat every chance they get, and never think twice. It could be a combination of a bunch of factors that have led her to no longer care about her relationship, but that still doesn't make it okay. The bottom line is, if you don't care about the person you are with, and don't want to be in a relationship with them, then don't be. Man or woman, if you want to sleep around, that is your prerogative, but don't drag someone along with you just because you don't want to be "single".

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