The Richest Neighborhoods to do Trick or Treating

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to make the most out of the season than by trick-or-treating. If you look for great ideas on the best places to go trick-or-treating this Hallo

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to make the most out of the season than by trick-or-treating. If you look for great ideas on the best places to go trick-or-treating this Halloween, then this list of the top 10 richest neighborhoods may be great options to choose from. These warm and affluent neighborhoods are just waiting to welcome your adorable kids and hand them the finest treats that they will truly love.

10 Cherry Creek (Denver, CO)

Not only is Cherry Creek one of the richest neighborhoods in Denver, but it is also among the safest places to walk around for a trick or treat. Here, you will find several beautiful homes and amazing spots for trick-or-treating since there are always exciting events going on at Cherry Creek this time of the year. The neighborhood is located between Colorado Boulevard, University Boulevard, Seventh and First Avenue. With an array of treats and fancy places that you can find along the way, it makes perfect sense to make this neighborhood a part of your itinerary this Halloween.

9 Westwing and Eastwing (Aliso Viejo, CA)

Aliso Viejo is an excellent spot to take a leisurely stroll on Halloween. What's great about this place is the abundance of lush gardens and parks surrounding the Westwing and Eastwing neighborhoods. Hence, kids will enjoy bonding with their friends after an exciting trick-or-treat adventure. Moreover, there are affluent homes in the neighborhood, so make sure you bring at least two bags to stuff tons of treats.

8 Trabuco Road (Irvine, CA)

Aside from being among the wealthiest portions of Irvine, this neighborhood is the finest location for a safe walk on a spooky night. In fact, Trabuco Road remains as one of America's safest cities, which adds to its appeal among parents who search for great places to bring their kids for trick-or-treating. After an exciting time of trick-or-treating, make sure you stop by the Balloon Park to count your goodies and enjoy munching them with your friends.

7 Cow Hollow (San Francisco, CA)

Popularly known as one of San Francisco's most affluent areas, Cow Hollow is situated between the Presidio Heights and Russian Hill, which are two of the other wealthy neighborhoods in the city. Union Street extends along Cow Hollow's center, so you can spend some time shopping and dining with your kids after hours of trick-or-treating.

6 West Katella Avenue (Anaheim, CA)

West Katella Avenue has a lot to offer kids who are planning to go trick-or-treating this year. Aside from being a short distance from Disneyland, Katella is home to rich neighborhoods and generous local businesses who are willing to hand out loads of treats to kids. In addition, there are spectacular events in store for kids such as a haunted house and maze built for scares, costume parties, and impressive sites that will sure send chills to your spine this Halloween.

5 Country Club (Denver, CO)

Looking for a great place to trick-or-treat in? Then, make sure you swing by the Country Club, one of Denver's smallest and richest neighborhoods. There are only about 380 homes in the area, but you can expect to receive lots of goodies from Country Club's homeowners. The neighborhood is located nearby other wealthy areas at First Avenue, Third Avenue, Downing Street and University Avenue, so it's easy to walk around nearby places to go trick-or-treating. After an enjoyable night, you may want to head off to Washington Park or Congress Park for a relaxing stroll with the whole family.

4 Brentwood Glen (Los Angeles, CA)

Situated at the southern part of Sunset Boulevard, this fancy neighborhood has only about 600 homes. You can come across plenty of homes that are decorated with kid-friendly designs and fascinating attractions that will appeal to kids of all ages. There are also some homeowners who hand out books and toys aside from sweets to trick-or-treaters. Give your kids a pleasant memory from Halloween, and make sure you drop by this friendly neighborhood this season.

3 Beacon Hill (Boston, MA)

Beacon Hill is another neighborhood in Boston that is indeed over-the-top. All families dress up and get ready for the season by decorating their homes and adding impressive props such as fog machines and fake bats. As for the treats, most homeowners prepare hundreds of candies and even king-size chocolate bars for kids. So, prepare to bring home a hefty bag of goodies after visiting this inviting and warm neighborhood with your friends.

2 Noe Valley (San Francisco, CA)

Noe Valley is a cozy and friendly neighborhood in San Francisco where you can find tons of sidewalks that are perfect for trick-or-treaters. The neighborhood also boasts of its low crime rate and high home values, so it is not surprising to find this area at the top of the list of great places to go trick-or-treating this season. According to researchers, homes in this glamorous neighborhood are worth over $1 million, on average. This means, you will not only find yourself gawking at the ritzy mansions in Noe Valley, but you can expect to receive tons of treats as you knock on each door in this neighborhood.

1 Presidio Heights (San Francisco, CA)

Topping the list of the richest neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating this Halloween is Presidio Heights, a well-off area in San Francisco. A walk around the neighborhood will surely leave you breathless as you admire luxurious homes and fancy parks at Presidio Heights. Make the most out of this season, and have the time of your life collecting bags of sweets from affluent homeowners in this top-rated neighborhood in San Francisco.

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The Richest Neighborhoods to do Trick or Treating