Worlds Largest Gold Coin

Gold has always been a great investment for people to have. When the market isn't doing well, gold does well. Gold has hit record highs lately, and buying gold coins is a great way to own gold. It is a simple way to have a tangible investment that you can also liquidate easily at many gold trading shops, or coin shops.

Australia has been one of the main manufacturers of gold bullion for the last 30 years. Their official mint has been ahead of the game for some time with many beautiful limited print mint rounds.  This time they decided to go big!

Australia has produced the biggest gold coin ever made. This gold coin is one metric ton. That is over 2,000 pounds of gold! The cash value of this coin is $1,000,000, but the gold value is so much more. The Queen Elizabeth and an Australian Kangaroo were printed on this gold coin.  This gold coin is worth over 53 million dollars in raw gold material.

Australia's Perth Mint CEO Ed Harbuz had this to say about this world record gold coin.

"To cast and handicraft a coin of this size and weight was an incredible challenge – one which few other mints would even consider,"

Australia is confident that this monster of a gold coin is going to hold the record for a long time to come! This coin was an answer to Canada breaking the previous record with a 100kg coin. Not only did Australia come back to beat the record, they smashed it! A one ton gold coin is a pure monster!


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Worlds Largest Gold Coin