World Biggest Skateboard

Rob found a big source of success through his reality TV shows. He started with his friend on a show called, Rob and Big. This show found tons of success bringing tons of viewers and big ratings. After a few seasons Big, Robs former bodyguard, left the show to focus on his family. This left Rob as the main star, writer, and even producer for his new show, Fantasy Factory.

Rob Dyrdek  got onto a kick for a while on his reality TV show, Fantasy Factory. He loved to break world records. Being a pro skateboarder, this record looked like it would be one that he would break. Worlds Biggest Skateboard.

This huge skateboard was made by Rob Dyrdek and his friend Joe C., an architectural designer. The skateboard was made with the exact same design as a real skateboard, just much much bigger. 12 times bigger to be exact.

It has real griptape, adjustable trucks, ball bearings, and truck tires for the wheels.  The board is 34 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 4 feet tall. This thing is a monster. It weighs over 3,5000 pounds.

This is an amazing skateboard, and another notch in the belt for superstar Rob Dyrdek. This epic skateboard can be rented on , and there is plenty more information the the board there.

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World Biggest Skateboard