Top 20 Most Powerful Countries In The World Right Now

There are many ways to tell where the countries of the world stand on a global scale. Usually the main measure is the money and budget the countries have available, while it is also good to look at their education system and their healthcare quality. As the old adage says, a country can be judged by how well it cares for its poor, ill and disadvantaged. Then there is also the measuring of imports and exports, the GDP and of course, the military might of the nation.

In the past, countries have been labelled first, second and third-world, but now the proper terms are either developed or underdeveloped. What does it truly mean to be developed? Most of these countries seem to have it all, and due to their recent power and financial success, immigration and trade is only growing stronger. Everyone wants to live in a stable and peaceful country-- but does power always mean stability and peace?

20 France

19 Japan

18 Israel

17 Saudi Arabia

16 South Korea

15 Canada

14 Iran

13 Australia

12 India

11 Italy

10 Pakistan

9 Turkey

8 Sweden

7 Netherlands

6 Spain

5 United Kingdom

4 Germany

3 China

2 Russia


Is this entry even a surprise? Considered the country with the most military might, it is also worth considering that while this is a basis for power, it is not quite economically stable due to recessions, and is barely affordable to comfortably live in for many indebted citizens. It is a wonderful place for entrepreneurs to flourish though, as there is a very large population and capital, with a lot of connections internationally

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Top 20 Most Powerful Countries In The World Right Now