Top 15 Countries With The Most Billionaires

Economics is a difficult subject for many people to wrap their heads around because of how complicated it sometimes becomes. The global economy as a whole can be even more complicated, as the entire world can suffer through a major economic downturn because of what happens in one of the world’s major economic powers (like with what happened during the Great Depression and the Recession in 2008). Luckily, the purpose of this article is not to explain economics, its purpose is to show that many individuals exist, who have been able to overcome all, and earn an unbelievable amount of wealth.

There are a large number of people in the world who are in the millionaire category, and these people have been really successful in whatever business field they are in, but there is an even smaller group of individuals who have managed to obtain an even higher tier of wealth, and those individuals are known as billionaires. According to a research poll, there are roughly 2,188 billionaires in the entire world, and many of them live in some of the world’s wealthiest countries. Here is a list of 15 countries that have the most billionaires.

15 South Korea - 31 Billionaires

14 Singapore - 32 Billionaires

13 Turkey - 34 Billionaires

12 Canada - 35 Billionaires

11 Italy - 37 Billionaires

10 Japan - 42 Billionaires

9 Brazil - 49 Billionaires

8 France - 51 Billionaires

7 Switzerland - 66 Billionaires

6 Russia - 80 Billionaires

5 United Kingdom - 82 Billionaires

4 Germany - 82 Billionaires

3 India - 111 Billionaires

2 United States - 535 Billionaires

1 China - 568 Billionaires

Rounding up the list of countries with the most billionaires is China, with a grand total of 568, of which 90 just joined the billionaire club this past year alone. China has a long history associated with it spanning over 2000 years, and now in 2016, it is the 4th largest country in the world and contains the largest population with over 1.3 billion people. Despite being a socialist one-party state with aspects of communism, China has been one of the fastest growing economies since the late 1970s, and now has a GDP of 11.3 trillion dollars, making it the world’s second largest economy. China is the world’s largest manufacturing economy, and exporter, as the country produces large quantities of agricultural goods, clothing, toys, machine parts, electronics, and basically most of the things you can buy in Walmart or Target. The economy of China also relies on things like telecommunications, luxury goods and tourism; and there is also a large amount of foreign investment done in China.

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Top 15 Countries With The Most Billionaires