Top 15 Celebrities Who Are Good Friends With "Mary Jane"

The word “stoner” has always had a negative connotation around it. The stigma that follows marijuana has been slowly fading in the past years. Although people are still very much against weed, more and more powerful people are coming out saying that they are users of the “drug”. With the legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes in states like Washington and Colorado, people have begun to educate themselves about what marijuana really is.

Stoners have been stereotyped for years as lacking motivation or having no work ethic, however this is slowly evolving. As weed smokers become more and more acceptable in society, the benefits and good behind the “drug” is being exposed.

The reason I am using the term “drug” is because many people still consider marijuana a drug. With alcohol proven to be more harmful to humans with more personality-altering effects the stigma, which once surrounded weed, is slowly fading, as it should.

The modern day stoners are coming out and standing up to those who do not believe weed should be legalized. Celebrities have a lot of pull on what society believes (sadly) and the following 15 celebrities are all advocates for the legalization of marijuana. People’s marijuana use should not define them nor should society judge them for it. Society needs to educate themselves on marijuana instead of judging those who have a special bond with good old Mary Jane.

The following is a list of fifteen celebrities who would smoke a joint with you any day of the week!


15 Cameron Diaz 

Cameron Diaz is one of Hollywood’s most cherished treasures. This adorably sexy actress won over the hearts of America a long time ago and has managed to stay in the good graces of fans ever since. Diaz is known as many things; an actress, a model a producer and a stoner. Cameron Diaz loves smoking weed and she always has - her and Snoop Dogg actually went to high school together and she used to buy her weed off of him. Who would have known they would be running in the same elite circles years later? I am sure they have smoked a joint together since high school... how could they not?

14 Miley Cyrus 


Miley Cyrus became a household name when she became the star of Disney’s hit show Hannah Montana. Well, what her fans didn’t know then was that she would turn into one of the most notorious stoners in Hollywood. Cyrus is extremely open about the drugs she enjoys using and marijuana is at the top of her list. She has posted countless pictures on her Instagram that clearly show that she is smoking weed and has no shame about it (why should she?). Cyrus seems like she would be an awesome person to smoke a joint with and something tells me she would be willing to get high with pretty much anybody.

13 Drew Barrymore 

Drew Barrymore has been in the limelight since she could remember. The child actress turned into adult superstar has had quite the interesting life. Although she has had earning power pretty much her entire life, she has lacked a lot of other things including parents. Barrymore has said many times “I really don’t have parents.” Barrymore, who has been around drugs her entire life, tends to stick to weed. She is another proud pothead to add to the list and she is a great example of the fact that potheads aren’t lazy. Barrymore is one of Hollywood's hardest working actresses and she likes to smoke weed -not so hard to believe is it?

12 Lil Wayne 


Lil Wayne is just one of those people that everyone would love to smoke a joint with. I am not sure what it is about him that gives off that aura, but it is almost like the world knows he would have the best weed. Weezy has been open about his weed smoking and has no shame in admitting he loves to smoke. A lot of rappers are known for toking on joints, however there is something about Lil Wayne's attitude that tells us that he would love smoking a joint with any of his fans. He is cool and collected and is sure to know exactly where to find that potent green.

11 Tommy Chong 

Tommy Chong to many is known as the godfather of pot. Chong has been open about smoking weed for the last fifty years. Tommy Chong is a comedian who made a name for himself as a stoner years ago. This notorious ganja user has smoked joints with some of the coolest people to ever live, including The Beatles. Chong claims “marijuana is the perfect medicine.” A few years back, Chong spent 9 months in jail after mailing a bong to a friend. The Canadian native claims that when he arrived in jail he got “a hero's welcome.”

10 Woody Harrelson 


Woody Harrelson is a well known and well respected actor in Hollywood. The Academy Award nominated actor became an unofficial spokesman for weed in the mid '90s when he wore hemp clothes to shed light into marijuana prohibition. Harrelson made himself a household name as the bartender on the hit television series Cheers - yes, where everybody knows your name. Harrelson has always been an advocate for marijuana and has appeared in many films where pot is a topic of discussion. This talented actor now lives with his wife and children in a Maui estate. Surfs up, stoner!

9 Zach Galifianakis 

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This man is a legend when it comes to celebrity stoners. The funny man mad a bold statement when he lit up a joint the HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher. Galifianakis pissed off a lot of conservative viewers but he gained the respect of stoners around the globe. Although he is known for never being serious, he is serious about being a stoner. Galifianakis stands for what he believes in and marches to the beat of his own drum. He is cool because he isn’t trying to be cool, he just is.


8 Bill Maher 


So maybe it was okay for Galifianakis to light up a joint on his show because he is a pothead, or maybe it's just because Maher is one of the coolest men alive. Maher is a hard working and respected man in his industry; he has had an incredible career and has made a name for himself. Maher got himself into a bit of trouble recently because he lit a joint on live television to prove a point in regards to marijuana legalization. Apparently he must pay a $1.7 million fine for his actions. I’m sure he needed to smoke a big joint after that news!

7 Snoop Dogg 

Snoop Dogg is one of the ultimate celebrity stoners, hands down. The rapper has been around for years and one thing has always remained the same, his love for weed. Cannabis and Snoop Dogg in a weird way go hand in hand. Where Snoop goes, you will be sure to find some green. In high school, he was the go to dealer and he even sold to Cameron Diaz back in the day. Snoop has been caught with weed on him on numerous occasions but that hasn’t tempted him to stop, he loves it too much. If you don’t believe me, just take a browse on his Instagram page, his love for smoking weed is pretty obvious.

6 Susan Sarandon 


Susan Sarandon is part of Hollywood’s elite. She is talented, outspoken and beautiful and has been open about her feelings towards marijuana. She has stated how people should smoke weed instead of drinking alcohol. Sarandon also tweeted one of the most epic tweets ever when she told ASAP Rocky and Action Bronson to “blaze one.” We aren’t sure if that smoke session ever went down but we are sure that Sarandon loves weed and believes it to not only be medically rewarding but a great way to socialize with people and be yourself.

5 Amy Poehler 

Amy Poehler is a riot, plain and simple. She is known as one of the funniest women in Hollywood and is in no way a stranger to marijuana. Pot and Poehler are old friends and although being a mom made her cut down on her weed intake, she still participates in the activity. Poehler loves weed so much she was a judge at the High Times Cannabis Cup. What is that, you ask? Well it's pretty much what it sounds like, Poehler got to smoke different weed from different people and places and judge them.

4 Rihanna 


Bad Gal Riri is by far one of the baddest B*tches in show business. She is stunning, talented, outspoken and has always marches to the beat of her own drum. This singer has a business mind set and believes in the cannabis industry. Not only is she a user of the product, she is also planning on launching her own brand of weed which she is going to call MaRihanna. Clever, I know! This island girl really has a laid back mentality and believes weed to not only be therapeutic but also something that should be socially acceptable.

3 Seth Rogen 

Seth Rogen is another one of those people that so many of us would kill to smoke a joint with. The comedian has been open about smoking weed and has also included the recreational drug in numerous of his movies. His incredible humor and undeniable talent has never been over shadowed by his marijuana use, if anything it gained him an even bigger following. Seth Rogan is also a proud Canadian, and for those of you who don’t know, Canada is pretty lax when it comes to marijuana laws, making it a place some of the most epic stoners travel to smoke some weed.

2 Chelsea Handler 


Chelsea Handler is one of the funniest and most real women in Hollywood. The comedian is known for having very few boundaries and has been extremely open about the numerous drugs she has tried. In her recent docu-series on Netflix, Handler has an episode which is all about different drugs and their industries. In the episode, not only did she host a cannabis dinner party, she also smoked a few joints with the legendary Willie Nelson. Handler is one of those people that just looks like she would be fun to smoke a joint with. Her laid back disposition and non judgmental attitude are qualities that make her a chilled out stoner.

1 Willie Nelson 

Willlie Nelson is an American singer and songwriter who has been a pot advocate for quite some time now. The 82 year old has been smoking pot since his youth and is still hitting that bong. Nelson who appeared in Chelsea Handler’s docu-series on Netflix speaks about his new marijuana brand. Nelson is trying to create a weed empire, which is no surprise seeing how he is known as Americas most famous stoner. Nelson is someone who every stoner around the world would kill to smoke with. He is sure to always have good weed and wisdom filled stories which makes up for the perfect conversation.

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