Top 10 Worst Cities For Car Accidents In The U.S.

For 10 years running, Allstate Insurance Company has been publishing their annual "Allstate America's Best Drivers Report" to the public. This report takes Allstate's claims data from America's 200 largest cities involved in car collisions, to rank which cities have the best drivers. It also happens to highlight which cities have the worst drivers by default.

Allstate's 2014 report listed Fort Collins, Colorado as America's Safest Driving City. They received the honor based on data which revealed that the average Fort Collins motorist experiences an auto collision every 13.9 years. The national average for drivers to be involved in an auto collision is every 10 years. This is the fourth time Fort Collins has topped the report in its history, more than any other city.

But what about the bad drivers? With commute times increasing and a lack of adequate infrastructure to accommodate the increased number of motorists on the road, most people can, and would probably argue against the bad drivers in their own city. But here are the 10 cities with the worst drivers, based on the frequency of car collisions according to Allstate's data. See if yours made the list. Spoiler alert: Massachusetts doesn't fare well.

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10 New Haven, CT

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New Haven might be the only Connecticut city to crack the top 10 for cities with the most vehicle accidents, but they're also the city to make the biggest jump, moving eight places from 18th worst city in 2013, to the 10th in 2014. That's because the people in New Haven report accident claims an average of once every 6.3 years, in comparison to the national average of 10 percent.

9 Philadelphia, PA

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The City of Brotherly Love must be saving all of that love up for everywhere but on the roads, as they have landed a spot in the worst 10 cities for collisions for multiple years over the course of the report. The 2014 data shows that Philadelphians gets into vehicle accidents every 6.2 years on average.

8 Alexandria, VA

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Alexandria climbed five spots as a city with the worst collisions from 2013, going from thirteenth place to eighth in just one year. The average motorist in this D.C. suburb gets into an accident once every 5.9 years.

7 Glendale, CA

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Glendale makes the only California city to make the top 10 worst drivers list in seventh place, with drivers 72.6 percent more likely to crash their ride, thanks to their records of getting into accidents every 5.8 years.

6 Baltimore, MD

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According to Allstate's data, drivers in Baltimore are 84.9 percent more likely to get into an accident than the average driver across the country. That's because they seem to get into a car collision every 5.4 years.

5 Providence, RI

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Although Providence is a compact capital city in Rhode Island, it doesn't mean they are less prone to getting into car accidents. Last report, the people in Providence scored the 9th worst city for bad drivers. This year, they're the fifth worst, averaging an accident every 5.4 years.

4 Springfield, MA

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Every 5.4 years, a driver in Springfield gets into an accident. That's how they earned the fourth of ten worst place spots on this list. This is the same average as Providence and Baltimore received, but other factors such as commutes and insurance claims topped Springfield in fourth place on the list.

3 Washington, DC

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The capital of the nation has also ranked among the top places in the country for car collisions. According to Allstate, drivers in Washington, DC are nearly twice as likely to get into a car accident than the rest of the country, with an average of reported accidents per driver every 5.1 years, rising four spots from 194th in 2013.

2 Boston, MA

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The capital of Massachusetts just misses the crown for number one this year, even though it managed to completely avoid making the list at all in 2013. Drivers in Boston reportedly get into car accidents every 4.4 years or so.

1 Worcester, MA

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With the worst conditions reported in the country, including congestion, commutes, collision frequency, and insurance claims, Worcester came out of nowhere to steal the top spot for 2014. Worcester drivers average a vehicle accident once every 4.8 years. Coupled with the other failing conditions, Allstate reports that drivers here are 134.8 percent more likely to get into an accident than the rest of the drivers in the country on average. Keep your eyes on the road, Worcestor drivers.

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