Top 10 Biggest Tattoo Fails

One of the sure-fire ways to get out of a relationship is to get your significant other's name tattooed on your body. Judging from past history they'll be saying 'it's not me, it's you' before the ink even dries. Luckily a past lover tattoo fail isn't that big of a deal, you can just date people with that same name. Some other ink jobs aren't that easy to cover up and they represent the biggest tattoo fails in history.

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9 “Live Without Regets”

Off the top of your head, it would seem that one of the 'regrets' was not having a tattoo artist who could utilize spell check. Hayden Panettiere has a version of this slogan down the side of her body in Italian as “Vivere senza rimipianti” in which the word ‘rimipianti’ is actually supposed to be spelled ‘rimpianti.’ Still it's not as bad as the famous picture circling the Internet with literally “Live Without Regets” on a person's back. It’s not known what ‘regets’ even are but it’s apparently important to live without them.

8 “I’m Awsome”

The font is cool, the placement on the back seems remotely centered, but the only problem is that awesome is missing an ‘e’. This tattoo fail is very popular on the Internet and it’s not sure if it was the inspiration for WWE Wrestler The Miz’s catchphrase. Maybe the tattoo artist took claim with the guy's level of awesome and set out to prove that he was more ‘awesome’...or maybe he was just a really bad speller.

7 “Exreme”

The dude with this tattoo was just trying to get into the spirit of tattooing the front of your body with a word or design that describes you. Famous rocker Tommy Lee has Mayhem over his belly button and singer Harry Styles has a giant butterfly. Unfortunately not many people know what ‘Exreme’ means and it could lead to many an awkward conversation at the pool. The worst part about this tattoo fail is that it was on the front of the person's body and you know the guy was looking down the whole time thinking to himself ‘I wonder when he's going to go back and throw the T in there.’

6 “Only God Will Juge Me”

Nobody knows for certain what will happen when we meet our maker but one youngster is seemingly ready for ‘Juge-ment’ day. The ‘Only God Will Judge Me’ tattoo design is actually pretty popular but eve the one for restricting conformity the guy preferred to state that God is the only person that will "juge" him. What’s really ironic is that there’s a picture of the Grim Reaper accompanying the tattoo which seems to be a direct correlation between the main thesis of the tattoo. Is the ink mocking the Grim Reaper in saying that he won’t be able to ‘juge’ him?

5 “Why Not Everyone Elese Does”


The $100 dollar tattoo was supposed to say ‘Why not? Everyone else does’ and was accompanied by a picture of a knife going through the skin. The person receiving the tattoo actually sued the parlor to help pay for his laser removal but a good lawyer could’ve just said the tattoo was spelled correctly and it’s a rant on a troublemaker named Elese. Like a town crier standing up on an overturned soap box and shouting out, “Why Not Everyone? Elese does!” As of press time it wasn't exactly clear just what Elese does but oh, she does it.

4 “It’s Get Better”

In trying times it’s good to have a motto to stay strong. In life many people find out that things usually do get better. Unfortunately the message of this mis-inked tattoo is that ‘It Is Get Better.’ Little did the owner of this tattoo know was that the artist was just trying to give the person motivation to start their own health care company and adopt the nickname of Bit and the ‘Bit’s Get Better Cream’ tattoo is just suave marketing.

4. “Mr Cool Ice”

Mr. Cool Ice never got lost growing up in Germany because he had his name tattooed all over his body. On his chest, below his belly button, on his back, on both of his hands and arms is the Mr. Cool Ice moniker. Apparently when he got that nickname in the early 90's it really resonated with him enough to file a patent on the name...cause you have to file that patent quickly or it will get snatched up.

3 “Patrick Swayze Centaur”

The world lost a good one when Patrick Swayze passed away but his memory will live on forever in at least one person's tattoo. In choosing the best way to remember the icon one might go with a tattoo of Swayze as Bodhi in Point Break, Dalton in Road House, or even Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing but those would be too easy apparently. One fan chose to immortalize the legend with an image from his Saturday Night Live stripping skit. One important detail should be noted that Swayze also appears in front of a double rainbow...oh and as a centaur.

2 “Never Don't Give Up”

If you don’t have a tattoo yet, never don’t give up on that dream because it might become a reality some day. At least that's what one guy's message was when he got the awkward sounding motivational phrase on his bicep. Although if this was being pronounced as a double negative it would mean ‘give up.’ Maybe that’s what his motivation was for putting it on his bicep – some guy with bad intent comes near him so he just takes off his shirt and flexes telling the other dude they just better give up and walk away.

1 “Love is Forever Internal”

The message is solid – instead of searching for love from external sources one must first learn to love from within. Before making others happy, it’s first important to find internal healing...or it was supposed to read ‘love is forever eternal.’

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