Top 10 Biggest Casinos In Las Vegas

Arguably, Las Vegas is what it is today thanks to the beautiful hotels and their thriving casinos, because the hotel industry and especially casinos in this city are very good business. People from all over the world visit this section of Nevada to have an exciting and unforgettable time, although they also do some things in Las Vegas that they would not normally do in their hometown, hence the saying "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

When you drive along the Las Vegas strip or anywhere else in Las Vegas, you will come across numerous casinos that all look spectacular. However, do not be tempted to think that all the casinos will provide you with the same experiences, games, or even chances of winning - because all of them are different. It is possible to find some casinos not offering your favourite game, and others having slightly different ways of playing some games, so you need to know which casino will suit your preferences.

Also, most people think that all the big and amazing casinos are only located along the Las Vegas strip, which is not necessarily the case, as there are some amazing casinos even miles from the strip. Some of the most famous and most profitable casinos started operating many decades back, though some new casinos are also giving them a run for their money.

Here is a list of some of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas, both in size and magnificence. Which casino do you think deserves to be on this list and is conspicuously missing?

10 Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa


The Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa is one of the most amazing casinos in Las Vegas, despite being 11 miles from the famous Las Vegas Strip. Both locals and tourists enjoy going to this Casino not only because it is one of the best places to make some money gambling, but because it is just two miles from the spectacular beauty of the Red Rock Mountains.

9 The D Las Vegas


The D Las Vegas is amazingly two levels of casino and it will give you - and anyone else who loves to win - the experience of a lifetime. People who love classic themed casinos will love the D Las Vegas since this casino is the recently rebranded Downtown Casino giving it a modern and a classic feel.

8 Encore at Wynn Las Vegas


The elegance and the intimate environment of the Encore Las Vegas are what make this casino such a wonderful place to splash the cash. With 72,000 sq. feet of space to have fun and to gamble, players at this casino can take part in exciting games of blackjack and roulette, or bet on their favourite horse or team and watch the sports live on any of the twenty-three 56-inch HD TVs.

7 Caesars Palace Casino


Although Caesars Palace may be famous for a wide variety of things, the casino is definitely one of the main attractions. Located on the western side of the Las Vegas strip, this classic Roman themed casino has long been one of the main attractions for tourists and casino lovers from all over the world.

6 Gold Coast Hotel and Casino Las Vegas ­

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The Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas was built in 1986, although in 2002 it underwent a major upgrade to make it the modern casino it is today. This incredible 86,000 sq. foot casino with over 1900 slot and video poker machines is one of the main attractions in Las Vegas, despite being one mile west of the famous Las Vegas strip.

5 The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is one of the newest hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, but it is fast becoming the most popular casino owing partly to the floor-to-ceiling glass structure and, of course, the amazing gaming experience. This 100,000 sq. foot casino makes the games that people love so much, even better through the use of the latest technology.

4 Aria Resort & Casino

Anything that you would love in a casino, you will find in Aria Resort & Casino. Can you imagine a casino with gaming space that is not less than 150,000 sq. feet, one that has 145 table games, a magnificent 24-table poker room, and over 1900 slot machines? Your imagination just came true in the form of Aria Resort & Casino.

3 The Venetian


When you set foot into The Venetian along the Las Vegas strip, you will immediately feel as if you have set foot in Venice, thanks to its amazing architecture, size, and beauty. This casino is one of the best casinos in Las Vegas, and it provides gamblers with numerous options to make money as well as have some fun.

2 The Bellagio

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The Bellagio has become one of the best places to gamble in Las Vegas in the recent past, especially owing to the 155,000 sq. feet of exciting and most dynamic slots and games that people can find here.

1 MGM Grand Hotel & Casino


The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is without a doubt one of the biggest and most famous casinos, not only in Las Vegas, but in the whole world. These 170,000 sq. feet of gamblers paradise has literally everything a gambler needs under one roof, including 2500 slot machines and poker machines and the MGM Grand Poker Room, which most people refer to as the Las Vegas strip's hotspot.

People from far and wide come to the MGM to experience the casino's exciting atmosphere and to play the table games, 23 of which are in a non-smoking room. The 60 HD TVs are the main attraction for people who know how to bet on races and sports because these TVs stream sports action from all major races, sports and events.


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Top 10 Biggest Casinos In Las Vegas