Top 10 Best Tasting Condoms Currently on the Market

By now everyone knows the benefits of wearing condoms. They promote safe sex, unwanted pregnancies and safe sex! Did you know they can taste good too? It’s true. Here are the top condoms that taste the best!

Given a condom can end up in a mouth, it actually makes a lot of sense that it should taste good as well. When flavored condoms were first introduced they weren’t much to taste or talk about, but now a lot of manufacturers have perfected the yummy taste many enjoy. In fact, you might be surprised by the number of flavors available: mango, green tea and even marijuana! That doesn’t mean these are all big hits, but many have become staples in our sex lives.

A big surprise was how good Latex could taste. Not so much of a surprise: people really like strawberry flavor. Everyone has their own taste and style so I suggest you check out a plethora of flavors before settling on one. If you are a person that enjoys sampler packs you are in luck because many condom manufacturers offer several different flavors in fun packaging.

Not one condom maker has the market (although Durex seems to excel) so you will also need to decide where taste figures in versus size and fit. Maybe you are just looking to mix it up or maybe you really need flavored condoms in your life. Regardless, we’ve got the top 10 flavored condoms right here!

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10 Trojan Supra BareSkin Lubricated

Via amazon.com

For many oral sex is a precursor, for others it’s the most fun part of intimacy. For those that really enjoy the natural taste, look no further than Trojan Supra BareSkin Lubricated condoms. It’s as close to skin as you get without that “rubber” taste that can be a real turn off. Some would say this breaks the “flavored” rules, but taste is in the eye (or mouth) of the beholder. This is really a win-win for both parties; the giver doesn’t get their taste buds shot by artificial flavoring and the person receiving, well yeah, that’s always a win.

9 Durex Strawberry

Via 3htip.com

This is the first of a few times Durex condoms appear on this list. This strawberry flavored condom has its fans, with many swearing by this one while others felt it lacked in the taste department. For those that enjoy it, the comparison has ranged from strawberry to bubble gum to raspberries. If you believe presentation is everything, then maybe this one is for you. The packaging is a shocking red that lets you know this isn’t your average rubber. This is definitely the type of condom you can pull out and say, “let’s try something a little different tonight.”

8 J&D’s Bacon

Via huffingtonpost.com

If you are the type of person that likes to combine vices and enjoy both bacon and sex, you should check out J&D’s bacon flavored condoms. The company isn’t in the condom business, but rather it's a company that does all things bacon. Looking for the perfect gift? You may consider packaging a few of their bacon condoms with bacon lube and bacon lip balm. Their tagline is “let’s get weird” which is clearly an understatement. As far as appearance, you won’t be disappointed, given they have “bacon stripes.” Nothing like mixing it up between the sheets and feeling not satisfied because you didn’t have an omelet as well.

7 Durex Chocolate

Like many flavored condoms, this one has its share of lovers and haters. The taste is really sweet; think cheap chocolate candy with a hint of coffee. Of course, there are a lot of chocolate lovers in the world, so this one could be a big hit for anyone with a sweet tooth. The haters mostly point out the sweetness which isn’t really fair, given the fact that you are buying a chocolate flavored condom. Some slam the presentation - apparently this condom is very brown in color. Given the flavor is chocolate I guess this is what I would expect. To me, this one is pretty simple: take your date to a martini bar, if she orders a chocolate martini make sure you stop off for Durex chocolate flavored condoms. If your date has several, spring for the 12-pack!

6 Duo Strawberry

Strawberries have long been a favorite food item in the bedroom (often chocolate covered) and second only to champagne (yes, I consider this a food, don’t judge) so it makes sense that the Duo strawberry flavored condom is one of the most popular. Who doesn’t like a good berry? A few people have compared it to Strawberry Quik, but I think it’s all about the fantasy. A little proper role playing and the two of you are stripping down in the middle of a field after an exhausting day of strawberry picking. Also, the packaging is pink which just, well, you know…

5 Faire Blueberry

For the health conscious, you can always sell the Faire blueberry flavored condom as the condom full of antioxidants. Okay, that’s not true, but this condom does have a very berry taste. Of course with condoms it’s hard to differentiate between strawberry, blueberry and raspberry, but you can still promote this as “berry fun” to your partner. Remember, the most important part of introducing flavored condoms into the bedroom (or bathroom, living room, etc…) is fun. In addition to its berry goodness what really makes this one great is the cool coloring and slick appearance that screams “let’s have some blueberry fun!”

4 Durex Select Banana

Via amazon.co.uk

So if you like bananas then go bananas over the Durex Select banana flavored condoms. The taste is definitely banana, although some felt it wasn’t strong enough. Where the banana condom excels over other flavored condoms is the category of fun. First off, because it is yellow it’s easy to see in dim lighting and almost glows in the dark. That’s good times, and if you are well (or at least average) endowed there are several light saber role playing games to be had. Also don’t underestimate the comedy of “there’s a banana in your ear” or better yet, “banana in your tailpipe.” Clearly, Durex banana flavored condoms are fun for the whole family.

3 Trustex Mint Flavored Condoms

Via ebay.com

Typically mint is associated with good breath, so make your own joke with the Trustex Mint Flavored Condoms, but the fact is people really like them. Trustex has been making flavored condoms for a while now and this is their best seller and best reviewed product. The flavor is adequate without being overpowering and the packaging has a mint leaf making it look purely medicinal. For the flavored condom skeptics this could be a good pick to get started. In the case of a condom breaking, which is usually filled with anxiety, a bit of levity can be had with a well said “it tastes like mint.”

2 Cannadom Cannabis

Via rollit.gr

This is clearly for a very specific audience, but for that audience this condom nails it (pun very much intended). The Cannadom cannabis flavored condom has the look (it's green), taste (like chronic bud) and even smell of a Snoop Dogg concert. For those keeping track, that’s the trifecta! The packaging is simply a marijuana leaf that also states “premium” so you know it’s the good stuff. You know how some people are so into getting high it trumps everything including sex? Well, here’s the answer. The best part is that these are legal outside of Colorado, no need to call a dealer during foreplay.

1 Durex Select Orange

Via aliexpress.com

The best of the best is Durex Select orange flavored condoms. The packaging isn’t anything fancy, it’s orange and says Durex, that’s the extent of the presentation. What makes this one best is the actual taste of oranges. Compared to Tic Tacs and Tang, this condom is both sweet and sour. The feel is smooth and the orange isn’t overpowering. Let’s face it, the last thing you want in your condom is the feeling that you are ready to go hunting in the North woods. Unless that’s a euphemism for sex, then by all means, go hunting in the North woods with your yummy tasting Durex orange condom.

Sources: mensjournal.com, bustle.com

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