The Biggest Non Profit Organizations in the World

While companies and multinational corporations are earning from their marketing strategies and from creating demand from their respective markets, non-profit organizations are always perceived to b









While companies and multinational corporations are earning from their marketing strategies and from creating demand from their respective markets, non-profit organizations are always perceived to be struggling with their finances and their funds. People who work in non-profit organizations do not receive the same amount of salary similar to what company executives would usually get, however, there have been emerging non-profit organizations that have proven their success in the industry, making them the most successful non-profit organizations in the world. You can go through the list of the top 10 biggest non-profit organizations in the world and see how these groups have made their cause and advocacy be noticed by the whole world.


10 Mayo Clinic/Foundation

The Mayo Foundation is American’s biggest non-profit organization that is solely focused on medical research. It has been inspiring people and contributing to people’s health and well-being for over 100 years. Mayo foundation’s mission is to give patients the best care that they need by integrating research, educated and clinical practice. All the earnings of Mayo Foundation are being utilized to improve their services, while people’s support to the foundation helps them raise more funds for improving methods in patient care, such as in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and research. The funds can also be used in training the next generation of scientists who can provide medical breakthrough and of physicians who can improve total patient care.

 The Mayo Foundation aims to transform medicinal care and give the best patient experience to people.


9 Feeding America

Feeding America is formerly known as America’s Second Harvest. It is a non-profit organization that leads hunger-relief charity in the country. Feeding America aims to engage the whole of the country to share the same advocacy of putting an end to hunger. It works with a nationwide network of member food banks to give out food. Feeding America’s mission, actions, and vision are anchored on these statement of values: Respect, Stewardship and Accountability, Collaboration, Urgency, Service, Integrity, and Diversity.


8 Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities is one of the largest charities in America. It aims to “provide service "to provide service to people in need, to advocate for justice in social structures, and to call the entire church and other people of good will to do the same." More than 1,700 agencies, organizations, and institutions have joined the Catholic Charities network. In 2008, Catholic Charities has already served more than 8 million people. This non-profit organization is dedicated to reducing poverty situation and cases in the country.


7 The Red Cross

Red Cross has always been true to its commitment of serving the people with its disaster relief operations, which is done worldwide. The organization aims to prevent or lessen people’s suffering during cases of emergency. Red Cross works by asking for the help of their volunteers and for the generosity of their donors. Having an extensive and big network of partners, donors, and volunteers, the organization has always been one of the best non-profit groups known worldwide. Banking in turning compassion into action, Red Cross has always been a lifesaving group that people are most thankful for.



YMCA is one of the most popular non-profit organizations in the world. It has been helping and responding to communities for almost 160 years. It has already built networks and partnerships across 10,000 neighborhoods across America. The Y is anchored on its advocacy of strengthening communities and in giving them opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive through its education and other programs that are designed to build stronger and united communities.


5 Americares

Americares is popular for its goal of providing emergency response and providing healthcare and restoration. In a bigger picture, Americares also aims to save lives in times if disasters of daily struggles. The organization provides humanitarian and medical aid to people across the world. Americares is the organization you will see reaching out to people during disaster like flood, storms, or earthquakes from all over the world.


4 Gifts in Kind

Gifts in Kind is considered to be one of the most unique non-profit organizations in the world. They do not directly give cash but they partner with companies who are generous in donating products. Gifts in Kind then gives the products and goods to people who need them so they can already be used right away. There have been arguments in the advantages and disadvantages of giving cash or goods. Nevertheless, the organization is still more concerned in helping people.


3 Feed the Children

With the vision “No child or family goes to bed hungry”, Feed the Children organization has been trying to address a person’s basic needs: food and nutrition, water and sanitation, education and health, and community development. The organization has been helping communities and families learn how to sustain themselves and on how they can support their families. Generally, Feed the Children’s mission is to provide hope and resources to people who do not have these essentials. It also helps in times of disasters by providing emergency supplies to victims and to affected families.


2 Salvation Army

Salvation Army is an evangelical part of the Christian church. This ministry works by preaching the gospel of Jesus and in helping provide people with their needs such as food and clothing. Founded on the love of God for his church, members of Salvation Army would want to spread the same love and preach the word of God and inspire people to do the same to their communities.


1 United Way

United way is one of the biggest non-profit organization that operates worldwide. It helps people in achieving their potential and in making them believe in their abilities by giving them means and programs for education, health, and income stability. United Way also aims to improve lives by encouraging communities to participate in caring for one another. With its high regards for families and individuals, it encourages people from all over the world to give, share the same advocacy, and volunteer.

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The Biggest Non Profit Organizations in the World