The Biggest Airplane In The World

The largest airplane in the world is no easy feat to accomplish. Finding the room alone to build such a massive aircraft can be an undertaking in it self. The Russians are the ones who hold this record for the worlds largest airplane.

The largest airplane in the world is the Antonov An-255 Mriya. This aircraft weighs over 600 tonnes and can still fly! It has been used to carry space shuttles and is NATOs most chosen aircraft for large air drop missions. This airplane can be used to carry almost 500,000 pounds of cargo.

The first mission of the Antonov An-255 was to carry the Energia space shuttle and its rocket boosters from their original place of manufacturing to the launch site. The Antonov's first flight was transporting the space shuttle, but it took a side trip to the Pairs Air Show to boast it's amazing size and capabilities.

This machine is both beautiful and extremely powerful. With 3 large jet turbines on both wings, these 6 massive jet engines can get this big boy flying. The Jet has 2 back landing gear sets with 14 wheels each to cushion the massive impact of the plane on landing. All in total with the front landing gear, there are 32 wheels to help this plane land. The Antonov has a wingspan just under 300 ft and a length of 275 ft. It's maximum speed is 528 MPH with its cruising speed at just under 500 MPH. This plane can fly for almost 10,000 miles with a full fuel load. This plane is longer than Howard Huges "Spruce Goose", although the Spruce Goose had just a slightly longer wing span. The Spruce Goose also only ever flew once, making the Antonov the largest plane to fly multiple times.

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The Biggest Airplane In The World