10 Terrible Bachelor Party Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

After battling through a sea of Tinder dates and being ghosted, you’ve finally found your soul mate, the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Feels great, doesn’t it? So, you buy a ring, plan a proposal and your future wife says yes. Life cannot be any better.

After months of planning, a couple nights forced to look through Pinterest posts and several thousand dollars in deposits paid, it's finally time for a bachelor party - a weekend full of male bonding and debauchery before you tie the knot. The bachelor party can be a great weekend full of memories, but if you make a mistake too big, it could be a weekend that you pay for in the worst way.

Considering the fact that bachelor parties are basically a weekend of partying with your guy friends and typically feature a stripper, there are many, many landmines. There's nothing wrong with letting loose, especially after all the planning and wedding stress, but there is such a thing as letting too loose. On your bachelor party, you don't want to do anything that could potentially jeopardize the wedding that you are there celebrating in the first place. Here are the 10 worst mistakes to avoid at all costs during your bachelor party:

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10 Spending Too Much Money

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Bachelor parties usually take place in the weeks leading up to the wedding and if you haven't heard, weddings are pretty expensive. This may be crunch time for saving money between you and your spouse and spending too much money at your bachelor party could result in a very unhappy fiancé. Since bachelor parties have become another major event leading up to the wedding, they usually take place at a destination vacation spot. Whether it be Nashville, New York City, Las Vegas or New Orleans, these tourist spots are built to help you spend money. As the guest of honor, you may not spend too much, but if you’re buying your band of bros rounds of shots, the tabs can add up and spending thousands of dollars on a bachelor party can lead to a big fight with the soon to be Mrs.

The best course of action to avoid this is to set yourself a spending limit and budget your money.

9 Getting A Stripper

Strippers and bachelors parties go together like moon bounces and children’s parties. They just do. Traditionally, a stripper crashes the bachelor party at one point or another. If your fiancé is down with a stripper then you have nothing to worry about in this situation. Knowing where your fiancé stands on the subject beforehand could get your out of a lot of trouble. If she’s not into the idea of you looking at another women’s naked body mere weeks before you get married, getting a stripper may not be the best idea.

Since you may be unaware of the weekend plans, it is best to let your groomsmen know if your soon-to-be wife is anti-stripper.

8 Drunk Dialing An Ex

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This may be the last time you are out on the town as an unmarried man. This last-hurray feeling can bring back memories of old lovers. Drunk dialing an ex might seem like a good idea while you’re drunk, but it is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Even if you're just texting them to say hello and see how they’re doing, making amends, or getting some sort of closure, texting them can open up a can of worms. Plus, if your fiancé finds out that you texted your ex while you were at your bachelor party, she will probably just assume the worst.

7 Blacking Out

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Getting drunk with your guy friends while you're at your bachelor party is understandable, expected even. Blacking out is another story. Your black out can lead to all sorts of trouble for which you may have to atone. While blacked out, you may rack up a serious bar tab or think it’s a smart idea to tip the bartender $500. You could even black out and sleep with someone. That would be the worst possible situation. In another situation, one of your groomsmen could be a real dumbass and think it's funny to shave off your eyebrows while you're blacked out. In some shape or form, you'll definitely pay for blacking out.

6 Hugs, Not Drugs

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Dabbling with drugs during a bachelor party may lead to quite a few unexpected consequences. If you don’t normally do drugs, trying cocaine for the first time during your bachelor party may not be the best idea. If you don't know how you'll react or behave while a drug is in your system, a few weeks before your wedding is not the ideal time to find out. Even if you’ve dabbled with drugs before, doing drugs at your bachelor party can get out of hand very quickly.

5 Losing The Wedding Band

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It’s not always the case, but if your best man is holding on to your fiancé’s gorgeous wedding band, make sure your knucklehead friend doesn’t lose it. With a weekend full of drinking and partying with strippers, jewelry can easily go missing. Whether it is misplaced or disappears after one of your friends hooks up with a random girl, the ring will be gone forever and you'll have to explain to your fiancé that you lost her wedding band.

4 Dropping A Bomb In Front Of Her Family Members

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If you've asked one of her family members to be in the wedding party, chances are that they are at the bachelor party. Saying something in front of them that you shouldn't have can make things a little messy. You shouldn't assume that her family members know details about her personal life, no matter how close she is to them. Talking about how difficult it was to repair your relationship after you cheated on your fiancé that one time years ago may not be the best line of conversation with her overprotective brother. This close to the wedding is not the time to start pissing off important family members.

3 Closing Out A Bill On A Joint Account

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If you’re doing something that you shouldn’t be doing, like getting a lap dance at a strip club, it is best to not close the bill out on a shared credit card because, well, monthly statements. She will most likely see what you've charged that week and your little secret will no longer be a secret. If you must spend money on something that might get you in trouble, your best bet is to withdraw the money and pay for whatever it is with cash.

2 Sleeping With Someone

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Obviously under no circumstance should you sleep with someone during your bachelor party. This might be your last big night out as a single man but it should be a time spent with your guy friends, not sleeping with someone other than the woman you’re about to marry. Sure, you may be receiving extra attention from the ladies, but that's most likely because your friends told them that it's your bachelor party. Sleeping with someone during your bachelor party is something that could end the marriage.

1 Lying To Your Fiancé

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Lying to your fiancé about any of the festivities can be a deadly move. If you lie to your fiancé about going to a strip club because you fear how she’ll react, she might find out about it. The risk here isn’t that she’ll be mad about the strip club but rather that she’ll question if you told the truth about the rest of the weekend. How is she to know that you didn’t sleep with a stripper? You lied about going to the strip club, after all. The best course of action is to be 100% up front with your fiancé about all the festivities at your bachelor party because it is always better for your fiancé to be mad about something rather than question her trust in you.

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