11T10. Colombia (5 Titles)

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Title Winners: Luz Marina Zuluaga (1958 Ms. Universe), Stella Márquez (1960 Ms. International), Paulina Gálvez (1999 Ms. International), Jeymmy Vargas (2004 Ms. International), Paulina Vega (2014 Ms. Universe)

Colombia has won five Big Four titles, including the most recent edition of the Miss Universe pageant. The victory by Paulina Vega in 2014 was considered an

important one in Colombia, as it was the first in a decade, and the country is known to take its beauty pageants very seriously. In fact, local Colombian pageants have been described as being cut-throat. The approach seems to be effective, however, as apart from the five crowns Colombia has won, it has also amassed twenty-one runner-up finishes.

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