The 10 Services With the Most *%^! Cursing Customers

Think your job is tough?  No doubt we've all had (or currently have!) a job where we talk to customers on a regular basis.  With websites such as “Not Always Right” allowing customer service workers to share their stories - and frustrations - we're aware now more than ever that working in any kind of service industry can be a tough break.  But believe it or not, there are some industries that take more heat from customers than others.  And by heat, we mean serious cursing.  Of course, friends and family have no doubt cursed us all at some point and this can on occasion spill over into the impersonal, professional realm - but what if being cursed at happens so often that it may as well be part of your job description?

It’s certainly true that working with customers can be no picnic.  Think about the most frustrating thing you've ever experienced with a service or a product when you called the customer service line or help desk.  Of course, our concerns are important, but maybe it’s time to spare a thought for the poor schmuck on the other line who's forced to take our flack for a living.  Being on the receiving end of angry customers is no walk in the park, and most of the time, you’re being yelled at for something you didn’t even do.  But if the money is decent and it pays the bills, there are many who will happily take being cursed at.  Hey, better than no job at all right?

According to Marchex research from Marchex Call Analytics, which studied millions of calls to U.S. business over a number of years, there are ten jobs that trigger the most cursing from their customers.  The list isn't entirely surprising this time around but no doubt the jobs on this list will evoke numerous - often familiar - highly-charged scenarios.  Let's have a little sympathy for the American workers in these 10 oft' targeted industries...

10 Lawn Care – 1 in 271

Yep, you read that right.  Lawn care is more than just watering and getting out the old lawn mower once a week.  There are people out there in landscaping and lawn care who will be more than happy to trim, water, fertilize, and do whatever needs to be done to make the aesthetics of your yard looking beautiful.  But of course, if mistakes should ever be made like wrong pH levels, poor watering, or cutting off the prize flower by accident, there may be some repercussions in the form of strong words. Other concerns that can result in some cursing could be scheduling and billing issues. Whatever these lawn care providers are up to, they're making the top ten list for their frustrated customers' swearing.

9 House Cleaning – 1 in 218

Let’s face it, there are many of us who don’t really enjoy cleaning our own houses and would gladly write a check to have someone else do the dirty work for us. While people can make a decent living out of cleaning houses, it certainly can be a stressful job cleaning someone else’s personal property. House cleaners are number nine on this list when it comes to being cursed.  The numbers aren't awful - 1 in over 200 customers typically curse at their housekeepers - so housekeepers probably won’t have to deal with being cursed at on a daily basis, but the beast is still lurking around the corner.

8 Heating and Cooling/Pest Control – 1 in 215

There's almost nothing cozier than the heater running on a cold night, or the air conditioning on a hot summer’s day, in a nice home free of bugs and critters. And should you lose any of these things, there's discomfort guaranteed.  Likely, the heating and cooling industries get cursed at while the customer calls to make the appointment, or the pest control industries get a tongue lashing from during the first desperate initial call for help.  These industries are definitely some of the dirtier jobs out there (especially pest control), as well as being one of the most necessary industries. So while you may become frustrated about lack of heating - and who wouldn't swear about an infestations? - keep in mind these workers have a hard enough time of it without further abuse from customers.

7 Storage – 1 in 214

Working in the world of storage units may seem like an uneventful job.  Because when you think about it, it’s all about helping people store their stuff that they can’t keep at their house anymore...or so we think.  Thanks to the show, “Storage Wars”, people now have their eyes on the storage industry and the crazy shenanigans that go on in this industry:  From people trying to live in their storage unit, to contacting customers about billing and back pay, it’s not a big surprise that people in the storage industry probably get cursed at a few times in their career.

6 Locksmith – 1 in 192

We’ve all been there once or twice in our lives.  Whether it’s getting locked out of the house or car, or worse, being locked in somewhere, a locksmith is a very valuable industry.  But they are also some of the pricier industries that also happen to be in very high demand; meaning that if you need a locksmith, you’ll probably have to wait a decent amount of time until they have room for you in their schedule.  Which is probably why locksmiths made it to number six on the list.  Love them or hate them, they really do help us all get out of positions and they only hold the “key” to that freedom, unless we break down the doors and windows instead.

5 Tow Truck – 1 in 159

When you see a tow truck, it is never for a good reason.  Whether your car broke down, you parked in a no parking zone, or your car is getting repossessed, it’s never a good sign to see your car being dragged behind a tow truck.  This author was actually surprised that this category wasn’t higher on the list considering the newest trend of YouTube videos being posted of tow trucks repossessing people’s cars while being cursed at and even assaulted.  But sometimes, a tow truck can be the sign of salvation should you ever be stranded with no gas or a dead battery, so perhaps the job isn’t all too bad.

4 Auto Repair – 1 in 144

The auto repair industry is ever so thriving, with billions of people driving and on the roads everyday.  Cars are very expensive investments and costly to the point that many hope that the car will just take care of itself.  But inevitably, we all one day must face the music and take our car to the auto repair shop.  Whether it’s surveying the damage or delivering the bad news of cost, auto repairmen get a decent earful of cursing on occasion.  Now granted, some people believe that they may deserve it since the auto repair industry is known to have a few scammers sprinkled about...but perhaps we should leave the cursing to the confirmed cons.

3 Cable Providers – 1 in 123

Ah cable providers...they can cover so many areas of our technology needs from phone, television, and Internet.  But with the ability to cover so many needs in everyday life comes with great responsibility and a thick skin.  Many cable providers have now started utilizing online chat to conduct customer service or even automated voices to get the job done.  Can you blame them?  Getting cursed at is never fun, even if it’s your 1000th time getting the good old lash of the tongue.  Considering that many still heavily depend on their phone and Internet services for either work or communication, you can bet when the phones are answered that customers are a bit heated.

2 Contractors – 1 in 90

“Contractor” is a generally broad term but contractors can vary from providing materials for a job, or providing the labor to complete the service or job.  Given that they can cover everything from construction to design, there’s no surprise that they can be on the receiving end of a good cursing.  Whether it’s telling the client that a design or structure just won’t be realistic or (heaven forbid) completing a job incorrectly, there are many more reasons to why they may get cursed out on an average of 1 in 90 times.  That's a lot of contractor cursing.

1 Satellite TV Providers – 1 in 82

This one is perhaps the least surprising result.  We love entertainment and the idea of sitting on the couch and enjoying a good television show, sports game, or movie, just makes it all a great concept for a past time.  But heaven forbid there’s a shutdown on services or worse, a delay in programming: You can bet that the customers will make sure the poor person on the phone, or the poor serviceman out to repair the job, will hear about the inconvenience that has been bestowed upon the customer’s life.  It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and the satellite television industry gets the unfortunate brunt of the force.

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