10Los Rastrojos (Established 2004)

First formed in 2004, the Colombian-based Rastrojos military group started as part of the Norte Del Valle cartel following armed conflicts in rural Colombia. Believed to have more than 1500 members, the Rastrojos group is primarily funded through drug trafficking and the rebel group funding tactic du jour

– illegal gold mining. Their operations spread from Ecuador and Venezuela, all the way up through Central America to Mexico, and eventually to the United States. In 2012, the Rastrojos were found responsible for the massacre of 10 people outside the Colombian city of Bogota. Officials can find no motive for the attacks as the individuals who were attacked had no immediate connection to any paramilitary group in the region. Despite the strength of the group, many of the Rastrojos leaders were caught following the attack and Colombian military officials are confident that they will soon neutralize the cartel.

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