The 10 Biggest Movie Disappointments in 2014

It's hard to imagine a world without movies, or even a weekend without watching our favorite stars taking on entertainment challenges that leave us asking for more. One thing that we can all agree is that without the movie industry the world would be a lot more boring than it is, and people would have a lot less to look forward to. The hard work, creativity, energy, and sacrifices that go towards coming up with any movie is hard to describe with words, and the people who are involved in big-budget films are a special breed that the world is so lucky to have.

The many breathtaking movies that flood the cinemas give us so much expectation of bigger and better things to come, expectations that are often crushed by the production of a horrible film. However, it is important to state that different people like different things, and a disappointing movie for one person can be a wonderful movie for the next.

Regardless of the diverse tastes, there are movies that truly fall below societal expectations, and end up disappointing the majority of viewers. Such movies have people asking when they will end, and a glance at the theater reveals people busy on their phones or even dozing off even before the movie is halfway through.

The following is a list of movies that were disappointing in 2014. Some got to this list because of the great expectations that people had of them, while others were just an epic fail. Here are our top 10 losers of 2014. We expected so much more...

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10 Transformers: Age of Extinction

Via news.softpedia.com

Transformers movies have always managed to keep audiences glued to the screen from start to finish, and made good revenue in the process. This entry in the series is about a derelict Earth trying to survive after a destructive battle that leaves cities in ruin. Some people and a team of Autobots led by Optimus Prime have to rise up and fight against the evil, and hopefully protect what remains. The only reason why this movie is on this list is because it offers no form of entertainment satisfaction to anyone who cannot stand loud shooting and mechanics from beginning to end. If you're not big on plot or acting but like explosions, you may have enjoyed this.

9 The Pyramid

Via beyondhollywood.com

If you watch the movie trailer you are sure to love the advertising, but the real thing will leave you with a lot of disappointment. The Pyramid is a horror movie about a team of archaeologists from the US, who uncover secrets about an ancient pyramid that no one had witnessed before. The horror in the movie revolves around the fact that the archaeologists get trapped and haunted while in the pyramid. The movie falls short in its attempts to scare its viewers, and the level of suspense and believability of the characters is wanting.

8 I Frankenstein

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The story of Frankenstein has been told numerous times in the past. Though I Frankenstein is a bit different from all others, it falls short of amazing its audiences. The story is about the creation of Dr. Frankenstein (Adam) and his involvement in a battle between evil demons and the protectors of humankind. Both sides want Adam to fight with them, since each has its own agenda. The movie did not have any sort of humor in it, it is predictable, and was an overall disappointment. We can only hope that there will not be a sequel.

7 Winter's Tale

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Winter's Tale is a movie based on a great 1983 novel by Mark Helprin, a book that goes by the same name. This movie is set in New York City in the early 1900s and is a classic battle of good versus evil. The movie features miracles, drama, and crossed destinies, which could (and should) have come out better. The story line is about a burglar who falls in love with a publishing magnate's daughter, who is very sick and finally dies in the burglar's arms. The burglar thereafter learns that he has reincarnation powers, and tries to save her. The movie lacks emotion, depth, visual splendor, magic, and scope; in short, it is just a 2014 loser.

6 Ride Along

Via solarmovie.is

With Kelvin Hart and Ice Cube in the lineup, there is no way a movie can fail...or so we thought. The movie is about a guy who wants to prove to his girlfriend's brother that he is good enough for her, and ends up spending 24 hours with him patrolling the streets of Atlanta. Those 24 hours prove to be the worst that he has ever had his entire life, but he has to overcome them and win the brother's blessing. Apart from some very funny moments between the two stars, the story line is weak and predictable, lacks suspense and it is full of tired police movie clichés.

5 Ouija

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Ouija is a horror film that is as cliché as most horror films come. The death of Debbie's best friend leads her to finding a Ouija board in her room, which she can apparently use to bid farewell to her best friend. Instead, Debbie contacts an evil spirit called DZ. She gets her friends to help determine what DZ wants and what it really is. The most annoying thing about this movie is how none of the characters behave in a way that a real human being would. The fact that Debbie and her friends are willing to go so far and end up risking their lives is just ridiculous.

4 Dracula Untold

Via thelowdownunder.com

Dracula Untold is a movie set in Transylvania depicting the life and transformation of a 15th Century prince who makes a deal that he has to pay with his humanity. Sultan Mehmed II's demand for 1,000 boys from Prince Vlad III's country, including his son, to join the Sultan's army makes him angry. Prince Vlad III is forced to strike a deal with a monster to help him defeat his enemy. Dracula has no special powers here except the ability to turn into a bat, and there is nothing special about the movie. There is nothing scary about this film and sadly nothing to look forward to.

3 Annie

Via tlkabtmovies.com

A glimpse of the movie poster is sure to fill you with excitement and expectation as to how great the movie will be, but a few minutes into the film is enough to give the viewer a serious case of depression. The story is about a foster kid who is left by her parents to fend for herself in New York with the promise that they would be back for her. Her foster parents mistreat her but her life begins to change when the mayoral candidate decides to take her in. What shocks audiences is the less than great singing in the movie, especially from Cameron Diaz. In addition, this adaptation of the classic Annie story does not quite translate as well as one might have hoped.

2 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Via thelowdownunder.com

This movie had a lot of potential to become a massive hit, but it fell a long way off. Jack Ryan is a covert agent of the CIA, who uncovers a plot by the Russians to destroy the US economy through a vicious terrorist attack. Any talk of banking regulations was stale and boring, and yet the movie could have focused more on becoming either funny or smart. The plot revolving around international finance did not quite cut it and a bit more James Bond-like action would have been welcome. There is not much to change with regard to the directing or script of the movie, but the storyline needs life.

1 Tusk

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Tusk is supposed to be a horror movie about an American podcaster who wanders into the Canadian wilderness and interviews a man who has a dark past with walruses. The man goes missing in the woods, and as is the cliché of all horror films, his friends set out in search for him. This movie does not quite match up to its hype, owing to its plain, overstretched, and thin storyline. The worst thing is that the viewer would be sure to squirm in his or her seat from the sheer awkwardness, even if all the bloody and demented scenes were removed from the movie.

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