The Top 10 Celeb Booties of 2014

Being told you have a big butt is no longer even close to an insult. That’s partly in thanks to a group of “bootylicious” and curvy celebrities who have well and truly brought the butt back into fashion in recent years. Nearly every music video, TV show, movie or catwalk has at least one big booty center stage.

As mentioned in Time magazine by Alicia Nakamoto (the vice president of RealSelf, an online community that discuss cosmetic surgery) the Brazilian butt lift is now one of the most highly sought-after and talked about procedures. She said that users “have a very specific look in mind” and that they idolize big-butted beauties such as Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian.

In fact, Kardashian is the number one celebrity referenced by users so far in 2014 when asking about cosmetic procedures at RealSelf. Butt augmentations (or implants) are growing in popularity although they aren’t quite as popular as Botox or boob jobs yet, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

So which celebrities have the biggest booties at the moment? There is a distinct group of women in 2014 which is renowned for getting the attention of male and female fans all around the world. We’ve narrowed down these famous, apple-bottomed celebs to a top 10 list for your reading pleasure. Check it out and discover the 10 biggest booties that everyone’s talking about in Hollywood.

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10 Jennifer Lopez - 44 But Still Rocking It 

The oldest entrant on this year's list of big booties, JLo has been rocking the curves throughout her long career in entertainment. Now she’s 44 and has had two children but she’s still in tip-top shape. Her big booty has made a huge comeback in the March 2014 release of her music video for hit single I Luh Ya Papi. In a recent interview with Big Boy TV, she said she was aware from a very young age that she was “endowed” in that area. She said she became aware because family members told her.

9 Iggy Azalea - Upcoming Rapper With Big Booty 

This 23-year-old rapper from Australia has not only been making headlines for her fresh songs – she’s also become super popular for her fine behind. She’s admitted that a lot of her fans like to give her booty a lot of attention and she’s even gone as far as to list some of the major gripes that women with big butts face. Some of the gripes on include having to walking down the bus aisle sideways, the fact that big butts come with cellulite, and the fact that she can’t wear full-bottom briefs (it’s always g-strings for Azalea). She also says that going to the pool requires effort – you have to have a “sash” to cover up.

8 Jen Selter -  Self-Made Booty Celeb

New Yorker Jen Selter is the only celeb on our list famous entirely thanks to her butt. She is a self-made Instagram celebrity with about three million followers, who even managed to get Barbara Walters squatting on TV earlier in 2014. The fit and pretty 20-year-old posts photos of herself working out. She’s always wearing yoga pants or tight-fitting gym gear, and her booty is always the biggest focus of the photo. Whether she’s getting out of the pool, doing some strenuous yoga poses, or in the middle of a weights session, she’s got a perky booty (that she says takes a lot of hard work) and her followers love it.

7 Beyonce - Always Bootylicious

Curvy pop queen Beyonce coined the term “Bootylicious” back in her Destiny’s Child days and it’s been synonymous with her ever since. All D-Child fans will remember the line “’Cos my body’s too bootylicious for ya babe” and they’ll also remember how well the girls could shake it. This 32-year-old mother of one has made sure her assets are on display in her latest music videos – and she even lets her hubby Jay-Z go in for a quick grab during their duet, Drunk in Love.

6 Sofia Vergara - Still Wearing Thong Bikinis 

This Modern Family star may be 41 years old but she’s not afraid to bare her butt for the cameras; she’s always confident on the red carpet. Earlier this year Sofia's son snapped a shot of her in a bikini on vacation, which clearly showed her big booty. Speaking to On Air With Ryan Seacrest, she mentioned that when she saw the picture she thought “Damn I still look good!” She says you don’t take a great pic like that for granted at her age. In 2012 she famously tweeted a picture of a dress she was wearing at the Emmys, which split down the seam right across her butt (20 minutes before she accepted her Emmy).

5 Jennifer Love Hewitt - Loves Her Curves

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt knows how to show off her big booty.  This 35-year-old is a new mom to baby girl Autumn and has been spotted out and about recently with baby in tow. Last year she told Women’s Running magazine that her secret to being confident with few clothes on (as is the case in her TV show The Client List) is that she’s simply comfortable in her own skin. She said she’s always been curvy but she observes that in Hollywood you’ll get talked about if you’re skinny and if you’re not skinny. She also said that running “definitely helps your butt” and that she doesn't want to lose her curves.

4 Coco Austin - Loves the Attention 

This 35-year-old actress/model/entertainer (she’s really a jack of all trades) has one of the biggest booties you'll see on camera. Coco Austin is the wife of actor and rapper Ice-T (who’s on CSI at the moment). The pair had a reality TV show called Ice Loves Coco but it was cancelled after just two years. These days, she’s based in New York and posts many photos of herself online, none of which leave a lot to the imagination. She also has a range of “Coco Licious” sex toys, which include something called booty beads, and she works in burlesque shows.

3 Christina Hendricks - The Curviest Celeb 

Everyone’s favorite voluptuous celebrity, Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks is a head turner to say the least. The 38-year-old is from Knoxville, Tennessee, and has been previously voted as the most beautiful woman in the world by the likes of Esquire magazine. She is full figured and shows off her assets every step of the way (both on set or off). Although we know her as a red head, she is a natural blonde. In case you were wondering, she’s been asked many times and the answer is yes, her assets are all real – including the booty and the breasts. However, it’s been reported by the Daily Telegraph in the United Kingdom that her figure sparked a “rush” toward breast implants among British fans.

2 Kim Kardashian - Always Center of Attention 

'Reality' TV star Kim Kardashian is one celebrity who has absolutely no qualms with showing off her big booty. Her famous butt was most recently on display in some bikini shots taken in Thailand. She was seen rolling around on the beach for photographers in a skimpy thong bikini, showing off her post-baby body. Her boyfriend Kanye West even raps about her booty in his song I Won, saying that he wants to “dip that ass in gold”. Kardashian is also known for taking booty selfies and sharing them with fans on Twitter and Instagram.

1 Nicki Minaj - Loves Booty Selfies 

Like all the celebs on our list of top 10 biggest booties in Hollywood, this 31-year-old rapper isn’t shy about the size of her derriere and she knows how to move it when she’s on stage. Nicki Minaj has been recently posting selfies on Twitter, showing her followers her trimmed down figure. On top of that, she’s recently added a zoomed in pic of her butt with the caption “cuz it’s finally famous”. In fact, she’s been adding so many jaw-dropping booty selfies that she’s getting more attention than Kim Kardashian, making her deserving of the top spot on our list.

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