Summerfest, The worlds biggest music festival

Summerfest, which is held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is hailed as the worlds biggest music festival. This massive festival lasts for 11 days and has 11 stages, held on over 70 acres of land.

Summerfest has held the record for biggest music festival, drawing 800,000-1,000,000 concert goers every year. This music festival pretty much turns into a city for a little over a week.

Summerfest has been running strong since 1968 and has continued to grow every decade since it has started. So many large acts have headlined this festival as the main act over the years. Here are just some to name a few.

1972 The Doors, 1974 Johnny Cash, 1983 Eric Clapton, 1988 Sting, 1992 Metallica, 2000 Britney Spears, 2004 Prince, 2011 Peter Gabriel.

The massive amounts of fans who flock to this festival are able to be thrilled by all different genres of music. It is almost a theme park array off different stages. Corporate sponsors have hopped onto the opportunity of getting their names onto these massive stages. Harley Davidson, US cellular, and Miller Lite are some of the stages that concert goers can flock to and see their favorite acts.

Summerfest tried to do an offshoot of their successful festival and call it Winterfest. They focused more on comedy and interactive booths rather than large stages and acts. It was never as successful as Summerfest, and after one year of running it in 1997, they shut down operations.

Summerfest continues to be the largest running music festival. With numbers topping over 1,000,000 it is going to be hard for another music festival to break this record anytime soon.

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Summerfest, The worlds biggest music festival