Skibo Castle, Andrew Carnegies Amazing Mansion

Anyone who has taken a look back into American History can remember Andrew Carnegie. Along with Carnegie, John D. Rockafeller, and James Pierpont Morgan, and other American business moguls, Americans were able to see a new level of wealth that truly painted a grandiose picture for the American Dream.

Andrew Carnegie came from humble beginning is Scotland. He moved to America as a young adult and started working in the textile industry, quickly being promoted. He found his real success when he joined the growing railroad industry, and began making wise investments that proved to be extremely helpful in building his career.

Before long, Carnegie took his growing wealth and entered into the steel industry. He created Carnegie Steel which was later bought out by James Pierpont Morgan and turned into U.S. Steel.

When Andrew Carnegie was bought out of his Carnegie Steel, he had made hundred of millions of dollars. The world was his oyster. He decided to go back to his homeland of Scotland and acquire his luxury manor, Skibo Castle. Skibo Castle was built in the 1100s by the Bishop of Caithness. When Andrew Carnegie acquired the castle in 1897, he put 2 million pounds into renovations and advancements, with one of those advancements being an 18 hole golf course.

This magnificent castle is maintained today with all of the original pristine beauty. The architecture on this magnificent castle is a feat to behold.

In March 2008 Skibo Castle became a members only club. This meant that only members and guest are able to stay at this once famous Mansion Castle.

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Skibo Castle, Andrew Carnegies Amazing Mansion