Say Yes! 5 of The Biggest Celebrity Marriage Proposals

Every little girl has the big wedding dream, whether playing pretend with her favourite Barbie and Ken dolls or filling her 'hope chest' with everything wedding related, you - or your daughter, sister

Every little girl has the big wedding dream, whether playing pretend with her favourite Barbie and Ken dolls or filling her 'hope chest' with everything wedding related, you - or your daughter, sister or girlfriend - has at some time dreamed of a fairytale wedding. Fantasizing for years about a handsome knight in shining armour riding in on his glamorous white steed to rescue the damsel in distress, riding off into the sunset, arms draped around waists and falling deeply in love; or some version of that cliché! Of course, as those same little girls get older they put away their hope chests and wedding day Barbies, and tuck away the knight fantasy deep into their subconscious. However, we girls never really fully relinquished the desire for a lavish wedding proposal or a glamorous day of walking down the aisle in a dress fit for a princess, towards the man of our dreams who would love us unconditionally for the rest of our lives. In fact, for most of, every time we see wedding magazines sitting on the shelf we can't help but sneak a peek and feel that familiar flutter in our hearts as butterflies taking flight in our stomachs. Even after reality set in, and hearts have been broken numerous times, romance novels and movies are there to remind us - between the sniffles and spoonfuls of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate ice cream - that true love exists, waiting for us out there.

Authors like Nicholas Sparks have made a fortune by playing into female fantasies for true love and a fairytale wedding. His books and the movies modelled after typically show two people who will overcome any and all odds because of their love for one another. For some celebrities, finding true love and having all of their dreams come true is more than just a fantasy or cleverly written and marketed book: it's real life. Lately, it seems as if celebrities are trying to outdo each other with the biggest wedding proposals. Engagement rings have turned into a competition and a symbol of “who has the biggest bank account” rather than a declaration of love (we're sure that love does have something to do with it too)! These proposals often make headlines, and more often make water cooler gossip fodder. And although most celebrities will subtly showcase that rock on their finger and many make their proposal a public spectacle, there are a few couples who outdo the rest. We've rounded up five of the biggest, highest-profile proposals the modern world of celebrity has ever seen.

5 Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic

Although Bill Rancic opted to avoid drawing too much attention to him and his bride to be, his wedding proposal was still nothing short of spectacular and had us turning several shades of green with envy. During Christmas, Bill - who has a love for aviation -flew Giuliana in a helicopter above Chicago to see the Christmas lights on Michigan Avenue. Giuliana assumed that they were just taking a romantic ride to see lights when Bill popped the question, completely catching her off guard. Of course, she had no choice but to say yes. She later told the press that she had no idea that Bill was going to propose and that it was one of the most outrageous things that he has ever done. This makes our list not for its public scale, but for the largesse of the helicopter ride!

4 Heidi Klum and Seal

Definitely known for his romantic streak, Seal made sure to pull out all of the stops when he proposed to supermodel Heidi Klum. Like some of the others on our list, he choose to keep the occasion private rather than loudly boasting his undying love and affection for Heidi. He flew her out to a private igloo that he had constructed especially for the occasion. Inside was a bed with fur blankets, rose petals, and candles. Once Heidi stepped inside the winter wonderland, Seal proposed. The awestruck Heidi, unsurprisingly, said yes. Incredibly romantic and hard to turn down, sure, but the romance has since fizzled and this marriage has sadly run its course.

3 Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

Matthew McConaughey is known not only known for his acting, but for his wit. This funny guy decided that humour and wit should definitely play a role in his proposal to Camila Alves - and we have to give him props for risking something a little outside of the box. McConaughey told Jay Leno that he proposed while the two were opening Christmas gifts. He handed Camila all of her Christmas gifts, allowing her to open each and every one before finally giving her the ultimate gift. As she opened the ring, Matthew got down on one knee and proposed. Although her first response was apparently not “yes” (that had to sting), she eventually came around and the two are now happily married with an adorable kid.

2 Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey got to say “yes” not once but twice to Nick Cannon who decided one proposal was not enough. The first proposal was low key and reportedly took place inside the couple’s apartment in New York while the Empire State Building served as a romantic backdrop, lit up in Mariah's favourite colours. Later, he asked for her hand in marriage again while they took a helicopter ride around the building to get a better view at Nick’s handiwork. The ring? A neat $2.5 million, encrusted with a reported 59 diamonds. The two are now apparently happily married with cute twins.

1 Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

If anything can be said for this couple, it's that they adore the limelight and they're experts at attracting attention - as well a, it seems, going overboard with almost everything that they do. So it should come as no surprise to see them on our list. Kanye West decided that the best way to pop the question to his bride-to-be was at the huge AT&T Park in front of Kim’s family and friends. He presented Kim with a 15 carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring, rumoured to be worth a staggering $8 million, and hired an orchestra to perform “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey accompanied by a Jumbotron message that read “please marry me!” A bit over the top, but it obviously worked because - as we all know - she said yes.

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Say Yes! 5 of The Biggest Celebrity Marriage Proposals