Creature Comforts: The Biggest Pet Inheritances

There's no denying that the trademarks of the celebrity lifestyle are finery, luxury and lots and lots of disposable money to play with. Private jets, exotic vacations, designer brand clothing, multi-million dollar bracelets, and the finest dining are just some of the luxuries we normally associate with the rich and famous - and now, their pets!

The superstars and moguls, constantly in the public eye, know it's incredibly important to maintain a certain lifestyle and to keep up with appearances. When the A Listers, heirs and business tycoons aren't basking in the limelight or hopping aboard their personal jet to visit another exciting new location, many of the world's richest can be found at home spending quality time with their family - or their four-legged furry friends. Dogs seem to be the most popular celebrity pet but many keep cats, birds or even (remember that scene in The Hangover?) tigers.  These pets are so loved that their wealthy owners lavish seemingly endless money and time on their well-being, leaving the richest pets in the world much better off than the average upper middle class citizens. These designer pets don't think twice about being flown first class aboard a private jet. They travel in comfort - sometimes tucked in the latest Louis Vuitton bag - for a vacation in the tropics or a shopping trip on Rodeo Boulevard. Typically, wherever their master goes their adorable little creature follows. Besides dining on the best kibble and wearing the latest and trendiest designer brands, the richest pets in the world stand to inherit a significant sum of money once their doting owner passes away. The net worth of these animals of leisure is, in many cases. truly startling. When these wealthy pets are left orphaned, a hefty inheritance means they're well taken care of, with their every desire and whim catered to. We've investigated the very richest of the rich pets in the world, and have selected the five critters with the most eye-watering wealth in the world.

5 Conchita - $3 million

Although this chihuahua might be small in size, her bank account certainly makes up for her diminutive proportions. After her 'mommy' Gail Posner passed away, this little girl inherited a staggering $3 million - as well as her owner’s $8.3 mansion in sunny Miami Beach, Florida. During Gail Posner’s life, she enjoyed decking her dog out in the latest designer trends and it's rumoured that the chihuahua's favourite piece of jewellery is a sparkly Cartier necklace that is worth $15,000. The dog enjoys 24/7 pampering from a team of professionals that caters to her every canine desire and she has her own bedroom, wardrobe, and even stylist. Conchita's most iconic wardrobe item has to be her beloved designer wig, custom made for her by Ruth Regina - a high-profile stylist famed for her work with the Beatles and Marilyn Monroe. Conchita's teeny tiny legs won't get her very far, so she has her own chauffeured Range Rover so she travels with ease and in style. And of course, she's allowed her favourite yummy chicken dinner every single night.

4 Pontiac - $5 million

This beautiful Golden Retriever is owned by Hollywood legend, actress and comedienne Betty White. As it stands, this cute pooch is set to inherit $5 million from Ms. White. According to one media source, the celebrity has set up a trust fund for Pontiac and her other pets to insure that after her death, they will continue to live comfortably and securely. Betty White is famous for her devotion to her beloved pets and almost anywhere that her name is mentioned, you can find Pontiac’s; she and her golden-haired canine evidently share a special relationship. For Betty's 90th birthday, she celebrated the event with her beloved Pontiac in tow and on her cake there was a teeny tiny replica of the Golden Retriever. How sweet!

3 Tommaso-$13 million

This cutie went from rags to riches, starting life as a stray cat eating from garbage cans and feasting on scraps. He was rescued by the late Maria Assunta, a real estate millionaire. After his rescue this lucky cat went from back-alley leftovers to gourmet meals and every possible pet luxury. No more sleeping in cardboard boxes for this little guy! He now has his pick of furniture and custom cat beds. Sadly his mistress passed away, but not before making sure that Tommaso would be provided for. After her death, Tommaso was left with an astonishing $13 million, her estate, and several properties. In fact, the cat has inherited the bulk of Maria Assunta’s money and properties. That aside, he is taken care of by a trustee and is living more than comfortably in the Italian capital, Rome. By all credible estimations, he's unsurprisingly the world’s richest cat.

2 The Oprah Dog Family -$30 million

Oprah Winfrey's golden touch means that anything associated with this media mogul tends to feature near the top of any 'rich list'. This wealthy talk show host has a huge heart and is incredibly passionate, as she demonstrated for years as America's favourite talk show host. She seems to genuinely care about people and their well-being, but it is not just her fellow men that she wants to take care of; Oprah also cares deeply about animals, none more so than her beloved dogs. She currently has a trust fund established for her pooches and after she passes, they'll receive a generous $30 million shared. Yep, it certainly is a dog's life.

1 Gunther IV- $373 million

This lucky Alsatian tops our list with an inheritance of $373 million. The money was handed down by Gunther’s father who lived with animal lover Karlotta Liebenstein. When the German countess passed away, she left her fortune to Gunther IV’s father. Gunther IV was the heir who inherited his father's fortune after his death. He now lives lavishly thanks to some very wise investments that continue to pay off. In fact, he has a more luxurious lifestyle than most celebrities. This pampered pooch recently purchased a villa in Miami from Madonna herself and also participated in a raffle which netted him a rare white truffle. Gunther IV  has a trust fund set up and despite his spending habits, continues to rake in large sums of money. We're as confused as you on this one; we can only guess his minder is having fun...

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