America's 5 Drunkest Cities

Even though all the States in America may be different and unique in their own way, there are some unifying factors that can bring them all together - and one of those, of course, is alcohol. As soon as Americans hit the age of 21, they're able to legally purchase and consume alcohol. The practice of drinking alcohol is one which can bring people together, help resolve differences, and can even help us understand each other a little more. Of course, it can cause problems, fights and even destroy lives if abused.

It should be said that the United States is by no means the drunkest country in the word (Luxembourg currently holds that title at 15.3 liters per capita). The “land of the free” and “home of the brave” currently sits as number 23 for the most alcohol consumed per capita at 8 liters. Perhaps surprisingly, the United States consumes more wine than the country famously renowned for its wine oenophilia, France.

Here, we've taken a look at the cities in the United States that consume the most alcohol. Many factors affect this list; the age demographic of the cities, whether the city is in a dry county, if there are breweries nearby, the traditions and the social activities that are centred around alcohol. The cities are ranked by average drinks per month per adult. Clearly, there are many variables that have put these five cities in their respective positions - below, we're elucidating the contributing factors to these five city populations consuming greater numbers of alcoholic drinks per month.

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5 Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 15.2 drinks per month

Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin. When residents aren’t enjoying some of their fine local cheese, they're relaxing and unwinding with some alcohol. The adult residents of Milwaukee enjoy an average of 15.2 drinks per month. Of the total population, 18.9% are binge drinkers and 6.7% of heavy drinkers. The state of Wisconsin is mainly farmland, so you can bet that there are weekend guests visiting the “big city” and enjoying some of the city’s alcoholic beverages.

4 Charleston, South Carolina – 15.3 drinks per month


Recently, Charleston has become a tourist hot spot, especially for pirate history and paranormal enthusiasts. Charleston also has a rich history that Civil War enthusiasts love, and the city is also considered beautiful by the many tourists that come through. Along with a beautiful city, there are some pretty tasty drinks available while you enjoy your surroundings. The average adult consumes about 15.3 drinks per month, the percentage of binge drinkers is at 17.3%, and heavy drinkers represent a whopping 8.7% of the population.

3 San Francisco, California – 15.3 drinks per month


Considering that San Francisco, otherwise known as the “city by the bay”, is a diverse city packed with different cultures and a booming tech industry, it's no surprise that the average adult consumes about 15.3 drinks per month. The variety of speciality drinks that are available, combined with high powered working environments, contribute to the city's drinking culture. San Francisco is considered to be one of America's most charming cities with a rich history. With a population growing every year, 14% of the population are binge drinkers and 6.1% are considered to be heavy drinkers.

2 Washington, DC – 15.6 drinks per month


In DC, the nation’s capital, the average adult has about 15.6 drinks per month. Of the entire population of DC, 14.5% consider themselves to be binge drinkers and 5% consider themselves to be heavy drinkers. There's a lot of stress in Washington, DC since some of the most important decisions ever made are argued out and debated there every day. With that in mind, there are probably a lot of stressed out politicians who need something to help them unwind after the stresses of their job.

1 Boston, Massachusetts – 15.6 drinks per month


This is definitely not the Boston Tea Party. Instead of a brewed tea, many residents typically enjoy a cold lager from the local brewery. About 20.1% of Boston’s population consider themselves to be binge drinkers and 7.4% are noted to be heavy drinkers. In total, the average adult drinks about 15.6 drinks per month. Not only is Boston rich in American history, which helps in terms of tourism, but it's also a hub for business and corporations to thrive. The bigger the job, the bigger the responsibilities. And the bigger the responsibilities, the bigger the glass might be at the end of day when it’s time to unwind. Boston has a large Irish and Irish American population, too, so it's likely that quite a bit of whisky and Guinness features among those 16 monthly drinks.

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