9 Traits That Make Women Scientifically More Attractive

There may be something to good first impressions luring men in, but it seems like attraction has more to do with science then the new way you styled your hair. For years, women have dressed in certain

There may be something to good first impressions luring men in, but it seems like attraction has more to do with science then the new way you styled your hair. For years, women have dressed in certain styles and adapted their make-up techniques in hopes of appearing more attractive - but something as permanent as proportions could be significantly more important in terms of attractiveness than how good your nails look. That's because attraction boils down to primitive, evolutionary queues about fertility and health.

Attraction dates back to the dawn of human origins where cave-people were lured to one another solely for reproductive means. Men wanted a woman who looked fertile and women wanted a man who was strong enough to protect her and her child. While, mentally, we've evolved way past these early times, we still carry some of these primitive instincts with us and they play a larger role than you may think when we decide if someone is attractive.

Of course, personal preferences vary and if a woman doesn't tick all the evolutionary boxes it doesn't mean she's unattractive. But some subtle things that subconsciously appeal to the reproductive instinct in men can combine to make the female physical attractiveness  "ideal". Still, science can't tell you if blondes are better than brunettes; you'll have to decide that for yourself.

9 High pitched voice

Could this explain why some couples talk in those annoying baby voices? Studies have found that men prefer women who have quite high pitched voice because it tends to signify youth and a more petite body. Youth is attractive because, simply, younger women are most fertile. So  cues that indicate youth are more attractive. Maybe women should stop getting Botox and just talk in a high pitch voice because it's proven to be attractive.

8 Smiling

This is another easily controllable action, but seems to have a high pay-off in the attractiveness stakes. You know how it brightens your day when a stranger smiles at you in passing? It works the same way with the opposite sex. Men are attracted to a smiling woman because it conveys positive messages like confidence and stability; traits that are preferable in a mate.

Studies from the University of British Columbia show that in addition to smiling, men are attracted to women with white teeth (because it conveys health). However, men didn't detect a difference between a normal, healthy white and a super blindingly white smile - so just press on those Crest white strips. Interestingly enough, the same study found that women prefer men who maintain a straight face — so guys, don't overdo the smiling.

7 Less makeup

You've likely seen those videos on YouTube where makeup artists turn themselves into hundreds of celebrities through the brilliant use of contouring? Well, studies show that men don't think that looks too hot. Ditch your OTT makeup because the fresh-faced trend is rapidly catching on; even celebrities have been posting "no makeup" selfies recently.

It's a good thing, too, because science now proves that men prefer women who wear less makeup - 40% less to be exact. The subtle eyeliner and mascara aren't enough to turn a man away, but when one can visibly see makeup it becomes a turn-off.

6 Red

Ok, so this is a color, not a trait, but science has found it to be attractive. While you're ditching your makeup because the previous point said to, don't throw away your red lipstick - because men think it's hot. The color red is alluring to men, both human and animal; studies that determined this didn't just stop after realizing human men liked it, they then tested primates who also responded favorable to the color.

5 Large hip-to-waist ratio

Big butts and tiny waists have always been a popular attribute, and there's a scientific explanation for that. The hip-to-waist ratio is the measurement of a woman's waist size (often in inches) in comparison to the size of her hips. Bigger hips to smaller waists indicate a woman is well formed for carrying and birthing a child, hence the attraction factor.

Scientific studies have determined the perfect waist-hip ratio is 7:10. Although in the past being super slim was in, society has recently been returning to this traditional, evolutionary aesthetic. How can women take this into their own hands? Simply squatting will increase the butt size, giving the illusion of a greater waist-hip ratio.

4 Big eyes

Some stars like Emma Stone and Mila Kunis are known for those huge, innocent looking eyes and according to science they're pretty lucky since that's what men want to see. This is another trait that goes back to our evolutionary impulses. Big eyes have always been reminiscent of children and innocence and that appeals to the instinct to protect. As such, men are fundamentally attracted to doe-eyes.

3 Long, healthy hair

Long and healthy hair isn't just nice to flip around like you're in an Herbal Essence commercial; it could help attract the man of your dreams. Length and health are correlated when it comes to your hair — healthy hair is able to grow longer and more lustrous. When hair is able to grow long and looks nice and shiny, it indicates that your body is also healthy and fertile.

2 Laughing 

This is another factor that suggests happiness equals attractiveness. This one has a little more to do with ego than with a long biological history. Men make a lot of stupid jokes. And they don't like to feel stupid. Therefore, laughing at their jokes makes them feel better and like you more.

1 Long arms

This one is unusual, but it actually plays a huge part in how attractive men find women. The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia conducted a study determining attractiveness in women and found long arms to be the most influential factor. The study concluded that "arm length was the single most significant determinator of beauty among subjects questioned".

Long arms were rated even more attractive than long legs, facial symmetry and hair. Too bad this is genetically determined. If you aren't blessed with super-model long and lean arms, you should probably wear a lot of red.


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