6Switzerland, 38.14 liters per head / year

Wine is the most popular alcoholic drink for the Swiss, so it's no wonder that its citizens get through so much every year. Ever since the country was part of the Roman Empire, there have been vineyards in Switzerland (although there is speculation that cultivated wine-growing has been common

practice in the country even before then). Of the over 1 million hectolitres of Swiss wine produced, almost all is drunk within the country’s borders (with only 2% exported, predominantly to Germany). Perhaps explaining the large consumption, the drinking starts young here. It is legal to buy wine from the age of 16 and many families encourage socialization with alcohol (most children will have their first taste at just 14). Following an anti-abuse campaign, last year it was reported that sales of alcoholic beverages were at their lowest level in 60 years. However, it has been estimated 20% of citizens consume 70% of the alcohol in Switzerland (skewing the averages, and proving that drinking remains an issue in the country).

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