5 Longest Orgasms Ever Recorded

When it comes to the topic of sex, a few of us might feel a little awkward. Let's get the giggles out of the way now, though, because we're about to launch into a pretty frank discussion about the mysterious orgasm. Upon researching this topic of the longest orgasm ever recorded, you're likely to learn many odd facts and baffling statistics about human sexuality that have the potential to intrigue and even frighten.

On average, women only achieve climax about 25% of the time during intercourse, as opposed to men who are closer to over 90%. That's because women usually get there through external stimulation, which isn't always given attention during the act. Sexual behaviourists and psychologists also generally believe that for women, the process has a significantly psychological aspect and so the body and mind have to work simultaneously towards the moment of climax. Of course, most men might believe their partners have always been among the luck 25% - that's because, according to varying studies and surveys, between 70% and 80% of women have admitted to 'faking it'.

With dismal statistics such as this, you'd be forgiven for thinking that for women achieving an orgasm should be cause for celebration, and as such, surely it's a case of the longer the better, right? Not quite. A condition known as “persistent genital arousal disorder” is, in fact, actively debilitating for sufferers. Experiencing symptoms of arousal and climax while trying to conduct normal life is, in fact, almost impossible. While it's a diagnosed disorder, it's difficult to declare an accurate statistic for PGAD because many women don’t seek treatment due to the taboo and potential embarrassment factor of the disorder.

While some may envy the myth of the 30-minute orgasms reportedly experienced by some species in the animal world, the reality really can actually be painful and psychologically disturbing. Outside of the anomalous PGAD disorder, the average orgasm lasts only 6-20 seconds. So how long did the longest recorded orgasm last? The following are the five most intensely enduring moments of sexual pleasure ever recorded.


4 43 Seconds

In 1966, William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson were the leading research team in sexual and reproductive studies. From the youngest person to give birth to the fastest orgasms to the longest, Masters and Johnson were there and ready to record.

The controversial studies took place from 1957 until the mid-sixties. One of the studies included extensive research on bodily responses to the nature of the orgasm, and recorded a female having a 43-second long orgasm. The woman was hooked up to machines that recorded her brain waves and the 25 contractions that happened during this long orgasm. Climaxing aside, Masters and Johnson were pioneers in the field of human sexuality and helped debunk many myths around female sexuality and bodily responses to sexual stimulation, including groundbreaking proof that women could have multiple orgasms during a single sexual encounter. Through their research, Masters and Johnson also contributed to our current knowledge of sexual disorders and helped pioneer treatment.

3 83 Minutes

British woman Elle Anne has an orgasm about every 5 minutes, which averages about 250 a day. Elle Anne shared with the media that any little vibration such as riding in the car or the telephone ringing could set her off into an orgasm. After finally seeing her doctor, she was diagnosed with Permanent Sexual Arousal Disorder (another name for PGAD), and she was prescribed medication to help managed the disorder. Women who suffer like this have had to undergo physical therapy to help relieve symptoms and are typically compelled to abstain from sex. Elle Anne's longest recorded orgasm was an earth-shattering and surely painful 83 minutes.

3. 2 Hours

This poor bride had a video of herself on YouTube twitching uncontrollably while in the hospital, which was recorded by her husband (who was probably feeling a bit proud of himself). After having sex with her husband, this anonymous bride found that she was still enjoying the benefits of the intercourse, until she realized that it wasn’t going away after ten minutes.

The young couple began to panic and went to the nearest hospital. Doctors and medical personnel were baffled at what exactly was going on with her, and started giving her valium to calm down her orgasm. After two hours, the treatment eventually worked. The video shows that the bride can’t even get a sentence out while talking with the nurse without spasming. The identity of the bride and her husband remain concealed.

2 3 Hours

This story recently took the media by storm after it was featured on the TLC show, “Sex Sent Me to the E.R.” The Seattle-based couple only known as Liz and Eric were getting a little frisky before starting their day and going to work, but an hour after the encounter was over, Liz found that she was still having an orgasm.

She tried different ways to relieve the sensation from jumping up and down to drinking wine. After two hours, the couple had no choice but to make the embarrassing trip to the emergency room. Liz and Eric recalled experiencing judgmental looks and nosy comments from others in the waiting room. When Liz finally got a room, she was treated with an antihistamine, but still continued to experience roughly 12 orgasms a day. So what exactly caused this episode? Turns out Liz's antidepressant medication triggered a bout of PGAD.

1 8 Hours

An Atlanta, Georgia native by the name of Rachel experiences an orgasm every 30 seconds in her daily life. Her story was featured in the documentary “100 Orgasms a Day”, where she explains that her condition started after she gave birth to her first child. Her husband John has expressed that having a wife with PGAD isn’t as fun as you'd assume. In fact, the disorder has created problems for the couple.

Rachel has had to learn how to control her orgasms and to constantly be aware of her surroundings. She can’t go near her washing machine while it’s on the spin cycle, or it will set her off. Rachel admitted that if she didn't have strict control over her body, she could experience over 100 orgasms a day which can add up to over 8 hours. Rachel and John also learned that sex doesn't always relieve the symptoms but instead, can intensify and aggravate the symptoms.

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