20 Hottest Female Celebs Who Are Blessed In The Chest

Research and order are important parts of any society, and sometimes it's necessary to explore the range of human beauty out there. When it comes to beauty and big boobs, we know that the Hollywood ladies certainly have a whole lot of both features going on. Whether they are real or fake, we don’t care, and we don’t discriminate on that basis. All we know is what we see and what other people have shown love for in the past, so that is all that matters when it comes to deciding who is the hottest and bustiest. You guessed it; we went on a search to find the absolute sexiest of the well-endowed women of Hollywood so that you could marvel at their beauty, profile, and talent (of course).

Although it can be hard to pin down the absolute sexiest people since we all have different body types and kinds of people that we think are attractive, we did our best to wrangle up the top picks that have either been winners in the public eye over time or even just recently began gaining popularity. We are an equal opportunity appreciation society after all. So here you are, get ready for some smoking hot females in our following list of the 20 sexiest female celebrities with big boobs.

20 Jessica Simpson

19 Carmen Electra

18 Christina Hendricks


17 Kate Winslet

16 Kelly Brook

15 Kat Dennings

14 Scarlett Johansson

13 Mariah Carey

12 Katy Perry

11 Jennifer Love Hewitt

10 Christina Aguilera 

9 Salma Hayek

8 Nicki Minaj

7 Halle Berry

6 Amber Rose

5 Tyra Banks

4 Kim Kardashian


3 Jessie James Decker

2 Meagan Good

1 Jennifer Lopez

Although J. Lo may not win the biggest bazongas award, she definitely is the perfect storm of a hot female. Jennifer Lopez is known for having and maintaining her bangin’ bod and rocking her curves confidently for years. If sexy were a kingdom, we are convinced she would be the Queen. Lopez was raised in the Bronx, New York and is best known for her dancing and singing career as a Latin pop artist but she is also well known for her acting career and her parts in The Wedding Planner and Selena. She is also a successful fashion designer that has fragrances, clothing and shoes.


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20 Hottest Female Celebs Who Are Blessed In The Chest