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20 Absolutely Incredible Facts About Boobs

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20 Absolutely Incredible Facts About Boobs

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Over the years, there have been so many controversies and stories surrounding breasts. In the recent years, copious studies have been conducted to reach the bottom of these controversies. This list will look at many of the questions that have crossed your mind about boobs. Do poor men prefer large breasts or small breasts? Is squeezing your breasts beneficial? Which breast size do hungry men tend to prefer? How about men who wish to be childless?

Women’s bodies have always been the objects of much adoration; we see it in Hollywood and all over the internet. While other female body parts gain fair amounts of attention, legs and butts being two of the more popular ones, breasts are the most universally admired part of the female anatomy. But it might also be one of the most misunderstood. From implants to breastfeeding there are a lot of unanswered questions about boobs that many are shy to ask.

Here are 20 absolutely incredible facts about boobs you do not want to miss:

20. Poor Men Love Large Breasts

shutterstock_Large Breasts

The size of a man’s bank account has a lot to do with the size of boobs he prefers. Studies from Psychology Today suggest that men who are not financially secure are attracted to large breasts. They also point out that those men who are financially secure prefer a smaller chest. The study was conducted on 266 men from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. The men were asked to point out their preferred boob size on animated female figures. It concluded that poor men viewed large breasts as ‘access to resources’ given their fat deposits.

19. The Largest Natural Breasts Measure 177.8 cm



Annie Hawkins-Turner, also known as Norma Stitz, is the bearer of the largest natural breasts in the world. Annie has an around the chest and over the nipple measurement of 177.8 cm with her under breast measuring 109.22 cm. As such, she wears the largest bra ever made – the 52I bra. Her breasts started developing at the age of nine and she never wore a training bra. The Guinness World Records awarded her the title in 2000. She said it made her feel like a million bucks.

18. Men Can Get Breast Cancer Too

shutterstock_Breast Cancer

Women aren’t the only ones who can contract breast cancer. Men can too. This is because men also have breast tissue (lobules, ducts, stroma and the like). Luckily, this condition is very rare, only accounting for 1% of all breast cancer cases. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry, men. If you ever feel a lump beneath your nipple, get it checked fast.

17. Hungry Men Love a Big Chest


How does food security effect a man’s breast choice? Researchers set out to discover breast preferences of both hungry and full men. During one dinner, they sampled 66 hungry men and 58 full men. Only British men participated in the study since ethnicity also influences breast choices. They found that hungry men preferred large boobs. On the other hand, full men were more attracted to smaller breasts.

16. A Woman Can Reach Orgasm through Nipple Stimulation


Orgasm through nipple stimulation is a thing, apparently. In fact, it is the second most common orgasm among women. In one study, Dr. Herbert Otto found that three out of every 10 women studied experienced a breast orgasm. Some of them also reported that they achieved an orgasm with no genital stimulation whatsoever. MRI studies also show that there is a biological basis to nipple stimulation orgasms. The best way to achieve an orgasm by nipple stimulation is through oral stimulation, suctions and nibbling.

15. Men Who Wish to Remain Childless Do Not Like Large Breasts

shutterstock_Small Breasts (2)

Christopher Burris and Armand Munteanu asked 69 college men if they planned to become fathers later in life. The researchers then measured their answers on a scale. They then asked these college men the breast proportions for their ideal sexual partner. They found that men who wished to remain childless had a preference for small breasts. Those who planned to become fathers liked large boobs. The study concluded that there is a strong link between large breasts and a woman’s capability to bear children.

14. Breast Size Does Not Have an Effect on the Amount of Milk Produced

shutterstock_Small Breasts (3)

If you thought small breasts affected the amount of breast milk produced during breastfeeding, you are wrong. Women with small breasts may worry about doing a lousy job when it comes to breastfeeding. However, in actuality, it is women with large breasts that have a problem. This is because they have huge positioning inflexibilities. In addition, these women feel too self-conscious while breastfeeding in public. Bottom line, breast size is irrelevant when it comes to the amount of milk a mother produces.

13. Squeezing Your Breasts May Help Prevent Cancer

shutterstock_Fit WOman

Calling all women, men are actually doing you a huge favor by actively fondling your bosoms. UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory reports that squeezing your breasts lessens the risk of contracting breast cancer. This stops the multiplication of cancerous cells. It also prevents cells that have multiplied from becoming malignant. Researchers at the lab found that malignant cells, when compressed over time, grew into more organized, healthy-looking cells.

12. There is an American NGO that Fights for Women to be Topless in Public



You know how men go bare-chested all over the beach and in public? Well, an American NGO by the name advocates for such rights for women. The organization, founded in 2007, believes that women also have a constitutional right to walk bare-chested in public. They even have a Go Topless Day which falls on Sunday August 23 this year. Also called Women’s Equality Day, the  Go Topless Day is scheduled for the Sunday nearest August 26 every year. It was started by Claude Vorilhon, popularly known as Rael.

11. The Left Breast Tends to be Bigger


Approximately 65% of the women in the world have their left breast bigger than their right breast. However, this is completely normal since one breast responds more to surging estrogen levels. To date, no one is able to explain why it’s the left breast that tends to be bigger. However, there are theories. One theory states that it’s because the immune hypersensitivity tends to be higher on the left side of the body. Nipples are also of different sizes.

10. Women with Breast Implants are Three Times More Likely to Commit Suicide

shutterstock_Breast Implants

A study conducted by the Vanderbilt University Medical Center found that women who had undergone a breast implant surgery were three times more likely to kill themselves. Loren Lipworth from the university reported these findings after observing 3,527 Swedish women who had breast implants from 1965 to 1993. 24 women from this sample killed themselves. Although the number is small, it was thrice that of women who didn’t get breast augmentation. The study also considered the possibility of existing psychiatric problems that could have caused the suicides.

9. London has a Champagne Glass Formed from Kate Moss’s Jugs



The 34 restaurant in London has Champagne glasses formed from Kate Moss’s left breast. They were designed by Jane McAdam Freud and feature a long stem with a geometrically decorated bowl. The glass’s base is also authentically inscribed with Kate’s own signature. Kate Moss’s 40th birthday was held at the restaurant. Kate and the restaurant made the coupes to celebrate her 25 years in the fashion business.

8. Sexist Men Tend to Prefer Large Breasts

shutterstock_Man Boobs

A sexist man is basically a man who has prejudice or who discriminates against a woman. So it hit us as a surprise that sexist men actually prefer large breasts. These were the findings of a study done at the University of Westminster that involved 361 men. They were aged between 18 and 68. 19% of them preferred very large breasts, with a majority of these men admitting to having hostile behaviors against women. The study then concluded that sexist men always view large breasts as traditional femininity and weakness.

7. The Largest Bra Size is an L Cup


Bravissimo launched the largest bra size – the L cup and magically brought Christmas early for women with large chests. They are the premier 28-inch back size and fitted shirts specifically for the large woman. Lacey Wildd would tell you the importance of the bra size. She is addicted to breast augmentation and has undergone multiple operations to increase the size of her breasts. Currently, she is an L cup but her 12 children are pleading with her to stop that embarrassing habit. On the other hand, the smallest bra is AAA.

6. Wearing a Bra Accelerates Breast Sagging

Via Bigstock Images

Via Bigstock Images

Wearing a bra could be useless after all. A French study found that bras could be harming you more than they could be doing you good. It found that women who did not wear bras had stronger muscles that provided natural support. The study also found that nipples were a bit elevated on women who never wore a bra. This is because the bra restricts the development of muscle. This in turn makes them more droopy.

5. Breastfeeding can Help Moms Reduce the Risk of Contracting Cancer

Via Bigstock Images

Via Bigstock Images

Studies have found that breastfeeding can help moms reduce the risk of contracting heart disease and cancer. Women who breastfeed for more than a year reduce their risk of getting ovarian and breast cancer by 23%. A review of past studies also reveals that women who breastfeed have a lower risk of postpartum depression. This is because breastfeeding triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin, which makes mothers relax. Additionally, their short-term stress is also kept at bay.

4. Men Think Women With Small Breasts Are More Loyal

Via Bigstock Images

Via Bigstock Images

According to psychologists, men looking for a submissive and loyal woman tend to prefer smaller breasts to bigger ones. This is because they tend to believe that since they are not competing with women with large breasts, they’ll be more loyal. For such men, it is advised to use the palms during foreplay. Also, making her appear longer will make her breasts pop. Try holding her hands over her head.

3. At Least 4 Million Bras are Produced Daily

Via Bigstock Images

Via Bigstock Images

At least 4 million bras have been produced today, and the same number will be produced tomorrow. $16 billion is spent on bras annually. A woman owns an average of nine bras at a time. However, she wears an average of six bras regularly. The average bust size has also increased from 34B to 36C in the past 16 years. Bras also play a crucial role in shopping for clothes. 27% of women avoid buying a specific piece of clothing because they do not have a matching bra.

2. Gazing at Boobs will Extend Your Life by Five Years

Via Bigstock Images

Via Bigstock Images

Dr. Katren Weatherby reckons that staring at breasts for ten minutes every day is equivalent to 30 minutes of aerobic workout. Studies have also reported that gazing at boobs for ten minutes a day will prolong your life by five years. One study involved a team of researchers studying 200 patients in three different hospitals for five years. 100 of them were asked to look at women’s breasts regularly while the others were asked not to. The study found out that men who gazed at boobs had lower blood pressure and a slower pulse rate.

1. Men can Also Lactate

Via Bigstock Images

Via Bigstock Images

Men’s nipples aren’t only for the eyes. They can also breastfeed. As we’ve already seen, men have some of the same breast tissues women have. In addition, they also have oxytocin and prolactin in their bodies. These are the milk producing hormones. Just like in woman, these hormones, particularly prolactin, have been shown to fluctuate in men also.

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