18 Annoying Features All Men Hate About Women

Every man is different when it comes to what they are attracted to in a woman. Some men like tall girls, others like short girls. Some men like fake boobs, other men can't stand them. However there are certain things that most men (although not all) just can't stand about women. These things are usually trends that women get influenced by from their favorite celebrities or their friends. What men need to know about women, is that often times they are overly critical when it comes to who they are and especially how they look. In a society which is consumed by a warped image of perfection, it is understandable that many women fall into these traps that men in reality don’t even find attractive.

There are so many wonderful qualities women possess, however the following are all (mostly) little things that are just big unknowns to men. What women do not realize is that although men like the way you look, that is not the reason they are with you. Women need to stop giving in to social pressures in order to feel beautiful. Not every woman was born with big lips and not every woman was born with flawless skin. Men accept women for their individuality and their flaws, it is women who do not accept each other for their differences.

The following, is a list of things which most women don’t even realize, yet they are some of the biggest turn offs to men. The following list has both physical and mental aspects about women which often times irritate men. Women should stop trying so hard to impress one another and begin to work harder on impressing themselves.


17 Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are another one of those things that men simply can’t stand. There is something stomach turning about touching someone’s head and realizing that half of their hair is not theirs. Women should not go home and take their hair out before getting into bed with a man either. This is yet another one of those things that women do for other women and not to attract men. Although extensions may have been in style in 2007, they are pretty “passé” now. When I think of extensions I think of Paris Hilton during The Simple Life and pretty much every man got over that phase quick, so why are women still trying to look like that?

16 Nail Art


Nail art is all the craze right now, and for women it has turned into a drug. Having your nails painted a pretty color is no longer enough, women search their city for the best nail artist nowadays. When I say nail artists, it is exactly what is sounds like, a nail technician who creates whatever art you want on your nails. However, what men find stupid is that it costs more and lasts the same amount of time. Most men are extremely money conscious, and don’t see the necessity in spending extra money on things that to them are not even nice. Men are simple, they just like when girls' nails are taken care of, she does not need to have full blown art on her nails.

15 Smoker's Breath

Smoker's breath, and bad breath is general, is a big turn off for men when it comes to women. Although many men smoke, a lot of them admit they would not date a girl who smokes (very hypocritical, I know). However, most men who do not smoke would never date a smoker because they would not want to kiss a woman who smokes. There is nothing less desirable then a woman who has stinky breath; you smell it every time they are near you and for many men the odor is just too much. If you are a smoker, or you have the tendency of having bad breath, make sure you always have gum, mints and even a toothbrush on you!

14 Too Much/Cheap Perfume


Here is the thing about perfume, a lot of women love the smell of their perfume and find the need to spray on half the bottle before leaving the house. Although all men love a girl that smells good, they don’t want the smell to be overly potent. Another thing about perfume is that you can smell the difference between cheap perfume and good quality perfume. This does not mean every woman is expected to be wearing Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb, but it does mean you should be spending more than five dollars on your perfume. For many, bad quality perfume can cause a headache, so although you may be fine with the extreme amount of cheap perfume you have sprayed before leaving your house, chances are your man is hating it.

13 Big Sunglasses

Women love this trend, and for good reason. Big sunglasses, to women, are a fashion statement, making us feel like Jackie O. Big sunglasses are also incredible when it comes to masking your face. When women are hungover or simply having a bad face day, there is nothing like a giant pair of glasses to give the world the illusion that you are put together and decent looking (when in reality you look like death). However, due to this deceitfulness, men really despise this trend. They think that big glasses hide a woman’s face and create a barrier between them and women.

12 Too Desperate


Men hate desperate women. If you are a woman and you are constantly (and literally) on top of your man, it is a huge turn off for them. Guys love attention, don’t get me wrong, but they also like to know that you would be able to survive without them; it makes them want you even more. Showing your desperation is often times too much for men. Men tend to like independent women who only ask for help when they really need it. So ladies, give your man space it will make your relationship that much better and make him want to be around you even more.

11 Big Hats

Big hats can be super cool - for women they work well at the beach or while driving shotgun down the coast in a sexy convertible. Other than that, there is really no reason to be wearing a big hat, especially since men hate them. Although there are a certain few who can actually pull off wearing these ginormous hats, most women look ridiculous in them and most men agree. They see these hats as “trying too hard” and there is nothing a man dislikes more than a woman who tries “too hard.” If you are someone who loves wearing hats, stick to the classics: baseball, beanies or fedoras.


10 Liquid Eye Liner


There is something about those black wings that men just can't stand. At first men were intrigued by the skill it took for women to make such thin lines on top of their eyes, however, now that every woman and their mother uses liquid eyeliner, men are now not so into it. I can't emphasize enough how men are into a girl who looks natural and let's be real, there is nothing natural about a black line on your eyelid. It is fine to pull out the liquid eyeliner on fancy occasions but it should not be part of your daily makeup routine.

9 Dirty Hair

Ladies, there is no reason for you to walk around with greasy hair. This is something that actually disgusts men. A man can see the most stunning girl in the world, and if she has dirty, greasy hair, there is no way he will ever think she was attractive. Guys are extremely visual beings, so when they see a girl with dirty hair, it makes them think of how dirty and smelly they must be in other areas. If you really did not have time to take care of your hair, either wear a hat of slick it back with hairspray, giving the illusion that your hair has recently been washed. However, in my honest opinion, just keep your hair clean, no man likes smelly hair.

8 Long/Pointy Nails


Long, pointy nails, also known as claws are all the rage amongst women right now. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Kylie Jenner are big fans of this nail style and have been seen rocking extremely long nails for the last year or so. Although many women have decided to follow this trend, men sincerely can’t stand it. So while you are off thinking that your long nails are extremely attractive, to men it can actually be a big turn off. Guys are generally into a more natural look, so girls, keep your nails an acceptable length, unless your man has said he actually likes your claws.

7 Fake Lips

Yes, many men do love big lips, however like with many other things, they like natural big lips. There is nothing sexy or hot about a girl who has added abnormally big lips to their face. With Kylie Jenner getting so much attention because of her new lips, I can see why many girls feel they would look better with big lips, but don’t do it. Men want to fall in love with you and they really don’t care if you have big lips or not. It is not a determining factor to them, so why do so many women think that it is?

6 Fake Eyelashes


Fake, fake, fake. Do we see a pattern here, people? Men do not like fake women. Another big craze right now is eyelash extensions. Women around the globe are spending a lot of money to get longer eyelashes, which men again don’t care for. Yes having long, dark eyelashes is nice but a man is not impressed when he finds out your eyelashes aren’t even real. These crazes are designed to impress other women and not men, and girls who give into this random trend are not standing away from the crowd, they are diving right into it, making them harder to find by men. If you want a man to think you're beautiful, be natural, that’s all they are looking for in the long run.

5 Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is really hot, however more women think it's nice than men. A lot of men find red lipstick “too much” or “distracting.” Another thing men have against red lipstick is how it stains their face. If a man wants to kiss you, he does not necessarily want to make sure your shade of lipstick is good with his skin tone. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few men that adore red lipstick, but as previously mentioned, most men like a girl who looks natural, and there is nothing natural about red lips. Instead go for a lighter shade of pink or a more neutral lipstick like Kim Kardashian.

4 Big Hands


There is something unattractive about a woman who has bigger hands then her man. A guy wants to feel like a man when he holds his girlfriend's hand, and if your hands are bigger than his, it is a really big turn off to them. Although it is something a woman can’t control about herself, it is still something that deeply turns a man off. If you are a woman with big hands, the least you can do is make sure they do not look man-ish. Keep them manicured always put a colored polish. However, there will be more on hand up-keep next, this is about big hands and how men are just not that into them when it comes to their ladies.

3 Unkept Hands/Feet

Okay so now we will get to the unkept hands and feet. For many men, a woman who keeps her nails and toenails clean and polished is a woman who has her shit together. If a girl can't even take care of the cleanliness of her hands and feet how is she going to ever keep her children and home clean? Hands and feet are something most men notice when it comes to women. There is something extremely unattractive about a women wearing open toes shoes with unkept feet…it is a huge no-no. Ladies, if it is too expensive for you to go to a salon, do it yourself, just make sure your hands and feet are always presentable.

2 Too Much Makeup


Okay, so lipstick is one thing, but having too much makeup on is something guys hate. There is nothing less attractive then giving a guy a hug and having half of your face drip onto his shirt. A lot of the times, girls go overboard with foundation and bronzer and what they don’t realize is that guys can tell when they have put on too much. There is nothing wrong about wearing makeup, in fact I believe women should wear it, however, keep it light and natural, you should just want to brighten up not change your skin tone completely.

1 Lack of Individuality

Have you ever walked into a Starbucks and seen 15 of the same girl? That is because a lot of girls lack individuality. Although many of us ladies love our UGGs and leggings in the winter, that does not mean we have to look exactly the same. It is the same thing when you walk into a club, most girls are wearing tiny black dresses and 5 inch heals. This doesn’t mean you should never wear a sexy LBD but you should always show some originality because men respond to individuality. A man is looking for someone special, not a carbon copy of someone else, so be yourself and men will fall even harder for you.


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